Friday Leftovers for the Week of October 27th, 2019

Posted on November 01, 2019

Kittens, it’s a testament to how much the stars stepped up this week that the red carpet scraps and pickins left over make up for a relatively short list, most of which isn’t too bad. It’s also a list that has Lena Dunham on it, so you probably shouldn’t get your hopes too high. Anyway, we salute you, celebrities of the week! You all did such notable style work that there’s hardly any half-assed attempts left to talk about!



Avril Lavigne

Not sure it makes all that much sense as a Halloween costume, but we’re also not sure it’s a Halloween costume.



Bel Powley in Simone Rocha

We get it. It’s a deconstructed romantic kind of thing. It’s not really to our tastes, but she’s well suited to it. The shoes make no sense, though.



Demi Moore

She’s working that hanging-strap trend that exploded this week, and we’re not sure the shoes really go with it all that well, but the jumpsuit’s kind of great.



Ewan McGregor

Yes. Oh, yes.

Even with the turtleneck.



John Krasinski

Yeah, no. We’re big fans of the “colorful casual suit with white kicks” trend, but he’s not particularly well suited to it and the suit here is too dark and badly fitted to work with the footwear.



Lea Michele

Cute, simple and photogenic. We have nothing bitchy to say.



Lena Dunham


We have many bitchy things to say, but she does this for the attention so it would be counter-productive to say them. You guys do it.




Madelaine Petsch in Ingie Paris

Again: we get it. It’s “Bondage Queen at the Prom” time and she is exactly the right gal for that particular niche. We really like the skirt, but we don’t like the design of the top at all.




Octavia Spencer

Kinda sure this event wasn’t a high-fashion sort of affair and we just can’t rag on an ally for showing up. Maaaaaaybe we’d have told her not to wear the plain white top because it never photographs well.




Renée Elise Goldsberry in Carolina Herrera

Hey, remember how we’ve been bitching all month that practically no one can work the yellow trend because it’s just not suited to most people. Behold the exception that does not prove the rule because that saying never made any damn sense. Anyway, she looks freaking amazing in a gown that would overwhelm 99% of wearers.



Russell Tovey

Ewan got the turtleneck/suit combo correct (and is more suited to it). The proportions, cut and monochromatic effect aren’t working for him at all.



Thomasin Mckenzie in Brock Collection

Not-so-deconstructed romantic. It never really goes out of style. We don’t love the color, but the design is pretty and mostly avoids looking like a nightgown. Even this frock has strappy shit hanging off. Damn, is that trend pervasive.



Viola Davis in Michael Kors Collection

Dazzlingly on point and perfect. One of her best in a long time.


Kittens, some very unforeseen circumstances have prevented us from recording a podcast this week and for that, we are truly sorry. We have to go off and take care of some stuff, but have a fabulous weekend, darlings!




[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Troy Harvey/A.M.P.A.S.]

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