Style File: Cate Blanchett in Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

Posted on October 07, 2019

Good Lady Cate had herself a weekend. And as any kitten knows, when we say Good Lady Cate had herself a weekend, we mean girlfriend dressed the fuck up for it. Prepare yourselves for some lewks, darlings.




Cate Blanchett Attends the “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” Premiere at the Zurich Film Festival

Okay, to be fair, this isn’t exactly stunning and we may have oversold things with that opening paragraph, but it’s still got that soignée quality that she pulls off so well. She also has a talent that allows her to take slightly awkward outfits and make them look chic as hell. We’d say this mostly works, but we don’t love all the textiles in combination. And as much as we tend to support ladies wearing other than the standard 4-inch heel, we don’t think those slippers work all that well. On the other hand, the bangles nearly make the whole look.

In sum, we like this but don’t love it.



Cate Blanchett Receives the Golden Icon Award at the Zurich Film Festival

THIS, on the other hand, inspired pure gay gasps of delight. We haven’t seen Cate fashion so hard in quite some time. Lately, it seems a lot of her style is along the lines of that dressy-casual thing she’s pulling off in that first look above. This is a flex. Miss Lady must have really felt the need to come out strong for this one. This film didn’t actually do very well for her so this feels like a hardcore Good Lady Cate fashion declaration. “I’m still that fabulous acting diva you all love.”

On a lot of other wearers, we would say this is way too much dress. But Good Lady Cate can handle more fashion at one time than most stars can handle in a year of promotional work. We can’t ever remember saying that a dress or an outfit looked like it was overwhelming her. At this point, we’re pretty safe in saying it’s almost impossible for any fashion to truly get the better of Good Lady Cate.

Is it too on-point to accept a Golden Icon award while dripping with gold? We’re asking. We love GLC too much and we’re far too dazzled this look to tell her she’s being extra.



Style Credits:
First Look: Saint Laurent Ensemble from the Spring 2020 Collection
Second Look: Jean Paul Gaultier Dress from the Fall 2019 Couture Collection | IWC Watch

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Nicola Clarke | Makeup by Mary Greenwell

[Photo Credit: Glories Francois/ABACA/,,]

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