Sarah Paulson in Gucci at FX’s American Horror Story 100th Episode Celebration

Posted on October 28, 2019

The various castmembers of American Horror Story came together to celebrate both its 100th anniversary and Halloween. Miss Sarah, who helped make the show what it is (and got quite the career boost out of it in return) came back in full witch style for the event.


Resting Witch Face. Honestly, if you put a pointy hat on her and handed her a broom, it would look completely appropriate.

We love this look not just because it’s fabulously witchy, but because it’s of a piece with Sarah’s preference for big, space-taking fashion. Render this in a more “normal,” demure sort of silhouette and it becomes just another funereal black frock. But give it that major shoulder action and it immediately turns into something more interesting; something that asks you to take it all in instead of dismissing it as it walks by.

Love the silver embellishments (the shoes are especially well chosen), but we don’t love the loose cuffs and the bag feels like an afterthought. Still, it’s one of the most dramatic plain (in the sense that it’s not wildly embellished or overdesigned) black dresses we’ve seen in a long while.





Style Credits:
Gucci Black Embellished Neckline Dress

Styled by Karla Welch

[Photo Credit: Media Punch/, Sara De Boer/]

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