Pop Style Opinionfest: Celebrity Disappointments of the Week

Posted on October 25, 2019

Kittens, we promise we didn’t yell at anyone this time.

Instead, this latest go-round on the Celebrity Betrayal ride is tinged more with disappointment than white-hot rage. Miley Cyrus opened her mouth (at a time when she should seriously considering stepping away from any mics or cameras) and did unimaginable harm to her most vulnerable fans. Nina West and Monet X Change “pulled an Ellen,” although we’re a bit more forgiving of their birthday surprise for Meghan McCain than we were of Ellen’s palsy-walsy former Presidents. But for real: we try and keep things light and give each of these blowups a little more context and nuance. Miley needs to do better at an apology and Drag Race needs to slow its roll on accepting any sort of mainstream attention it can get, regardless of whether it’s good or helpful to the art of drag or the careers of specific drag queens.

But before we get to all that drama, we have exciting news to share which we’re going to spoil for you right now: We’re currently in rehearsal to record the audiobook version of Legendary Children! We’re telling you here so you can go on ahead and make that pre-order right now. After all, if you’re willing to listen to these two bitches stumble over their words for an hour every week, we figure at least some of you might pay cash-money to hear what we sound like reading our own book. We run down how we found out the news, how this audiobook will be playing to our particular strengths, and how INCREDIBLY NERVOUS AND EXCITED we are for the upcoming recording process.





And of course, we had LOTS to say about the Snatch Game episode of Drag Race UK, which aired on the BBC and Wow Presents Plus last night. We’ll be putting up a recap of the Logo episode of Drag Race that airs tonight right after it ends. Confusing, we know!

Anyway, thank you all for listening to us ramble once again, dolls! LUVYAMEANIT.



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