Meghan Markle Attends a Roundtable Discussion on Gender Equality at Windsor Castle

Posted on October 25, 2019

Okay, first time’s an eyebrow-raiser, second time’s a mood, but when the Duchess of Sussex steps out in her THIRD boldly colorful look in little over a week, it’s safe to say a STATEMENT is being made here.


Especially since that week-plus of bold color happens to be the week following the feverish response to her baring her deepest feelings in a documentary and also just a few weeks after she and her princely hubs launched a broadside (and accompanying set of lawsuits) against the British press and ALSO after about two years of timidly refusing any sort of color  – or, to be quite honest, joy – in her public style choices. It was all so much blend-in-the-background utilitarian workwear. Or at least, that’s the way it seemed to us.

She’s struggled with fit, she’s struggled with silhouettes, she’s struggled with the idea of appearing too bold or attention-seeking. And we see a lot of that falling by the wayside in her string of recent looks – some of which, it has to be said, were recycles. She’s always allowed herself the occasional pop of color, but she’s never stepped out in three such distinctly attention-focused and photogenic sorts of looks, one right after another. We realize it’s kind of our job to read too much into the public style choices of the famous, but it’s really difficult to see these suddenly declarative style choices as anything but the Duchess turning a page. The one thing she had going into this marriage (in terms of tools she would need to survive it) was her well-developed sense of image-craft as an actress of a decade-plus. That’s why we always found her Bessette-like blandness to be such a poor fit for her. We imagine a lot of pushback against us expressing this idea, but it’s okay and probably to her benefit for the Duchess to lean just a weensy bit into her glamour. Diana certainly didn’t get everything right, but that was the one thing she understood best about what the public wanted from her and why they supported her. More of this, Megs. You look fantastic.

The one crit we have is that the reds need to be just a bit further apart in order to read as a deliberate tone-on-tone.



Style Credits:
Joseph Garnet Red V Neck Cashair Knit
BOSS ‘Selrita’ Ruby Leather Pencil Skirt</em
Emily Mortimer ‘Hera’ Diamond and Gold Studs
Sarah Flint ‘Perfect Pump 100’ in a Cabernet Suede


[Photo Credit: Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard/Pa Images/, Jeremy Selwyn/Getty Images Europe]

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