Julianne Moore in Givenchy at the “After the Wedding” NY Screening: IN or OUT?

Posted on August 07, 2019

Miss Julianne got a two-for-one on her date for the night. He’s not only her husband, but he’s also the director of this film. And while we hate to subject any frock without a red carpet under it to a vote, we think this look requires a bit of discussion and hashing out.


Okay, so here’s what: This is so utterly Julianne Moore. So very JM that it could be a set of pictures from any time in the last 12 or so years. Miss Lady likes a certain style and it’s usually something goofily shaped, strictly black and white, paired with some spectacularly clunky and sometimes downright ugly footwear. From a certain perspective, you just have to admire the consistency. But we don’t think this dress does a thing for her, which is another sort of consistency in her style: she chooses shape and oddness over wearing something flattering nine times out of ten. Again, after a while (say, a dozen years of writing about her style choices), you just kind of have to accept that the lady loves what she loves; so much so that she seems to be able to effortlessly recreate variations on the look over and over and over again. Should we all accept it and call it good, even if the results don’t always look so good? Should we applaud her firm style resolve or continue to suggest branching out a bit more? Does this ensemble actually work or are we just worn down by her relentlessness? So many questions, darlings! All of which can be boiled down to one simple one:

Julianne Moore, Back on Her Style Bullshit:

IN or OUT? 




Style Credits:
Givenchy Black and White Dress from the Resort 2020 Collection

Styled by Leslie Fremar

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Courtesy of Givenchy]

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