Heidi Klum at the Loubhoutan Express Event in Paris

Posted on July 03, 2019

Because of our Project Runway fanblogger origins, Miss Heidi is the one celebrity whose style choices we have covered the longest. We’d like to say we’re an expert in her style, given how much of it we’ve covered and for how long a time, but the fact of the matter is …


Her style’s not exactly tough to figure out.

If it’s tacky and sparkly, she’ll give it a whirl. If she can add a leopard print to it somewhere, all the better. And if she can pull all this off while sporting a pair of jeans and a basic top, she’s hit the Kluminator Style Trifecta. Comfy/Sexy/Tacky. Now, she didn’t design those hideous boots, but she was obligated to wear something from the brand and we have to laugh at her choice. She went right for these and then made them do all the work for her. Is there a better way to style these boots? We suspect Rihanna could give them a twirl and pair them with something a bit more upscale than this, but like we said, Heidi’s being Heidi. We’ve got to respect that. The lady knows herself.

But we reiterate: the boots are a horror show where taste goes to die. Just in case we weren’t clear on that.





Style Credits:
Christian Louboutin ‘Bolcheva‘ Fringe Red Sole Knee Boots


[Photo Credit: Getty Images For Christian Louboutin, neimamarcus.com]

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