Cast of “Big Little Lies” at the Season 2 Premiere

Posted on May 30, 2019

Your favorite Monterey ladies with extravagant problems are BACK, darlings. And they brought Meryl with them this time! Unfortunately, we don’t think any of them charged their style teams with coordinating the group looks.


Not a high fashion crime in any sense, but a bit of a shame because they’re kind of all over the map here and as we’ve seen many a time, some subtle coordination or repeating of motifs can be really helpful for promotional events and picture-taking. We suppose there might have been an idea about wearing black, since it’s the one commonality among them. But boy, did they all go in wildly different style directions.



Shailene Woodley in Christian Dior

Okay, first: this is ridiculous. Second: are we being weird when our first reaction to this was “Why would you show up like this to promote a project alongside some of the greatest actresses in Hollywood?” Not that she’s being disrespectful to Meryl or anything, but why wear something like this for such a woman-centered project? It just feels tonally off. Nothing wrong with working a sexy look while standing next to your sisters, but this is so over the top and incongruous placed alongside Meryl, Reese and Nicole. It’s not just the nearly imaginary dress. That Fembot hair is just so odd-looking here.



Zoë Kravitz in Saint Laurent

She has such a knack for taking a fairly basic (except for one glaring element) mini and making it look chic as hell. Of course it helps if said minidress is being supplied by Saint Laurent, but still. She’s making us almost forget that goofy whatever-it-is latched onto the skirt.



Laura Dern in Saint Laurent

Button the jacket and you’ll be doing just great, sweetie. We wonder if she wound up undoing her jacket for group pics. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t do this. We speak from experience. If you’re in a jacket and posing with a group of people, keep it buttoned and keep your arms to your side, no matter how much you might want to hug your picture-partners.



Reese Witherspoon in Elie Saab

It’s not shooting off any fashion fireworks or anything, but honestly, this is way more along the lines of what we’d have assumed all six of them would wear for this event. Classic, pretty, lightly chic and unfussy. It’s why we find the preponderance of sheers, miniskirts and big hair to be a little surprising. That necklace looks pretty amazing, but it also looks like it doesn’t go all that well with the dress.



Meryl Streep in Oscar de la Renta

Aunt Meryl’s here. While we’re never going to love this sort of style on the red carpet, it does tend to work well for her. Some quibbles: the print is very bad for pictures, coming off muddy and harsh. We don’t think the open bodice has any real benefit for her. It makes the dress look sloppy and ill-fitted. Close that up, slap a belt on it and lower the hem to the floor and she’d be good to go.



Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors Collection

Okay, the arm-pubes are very silly-looking, but aside from that, this is dead-chic and again, way more along the lines of how the rest of them should’ve shown up. It’s strong, photogenic, looks great on her and (feathers aside), comes off low-key and breezily unfussy.



All that bitchiness and judgment aside, we’re surprised by how much we’re looking forward to spending time with these women again.



Style Credits:
Shailene Woodley: Christian Dior Dress | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Zoë Kravitz: Saint Laurent Dress | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Laura Dern: Saint Laurent Ensemble
Reese Witherspoon: Elie Saab Dress | De Beers Jewelry
Meryl Streep: Oscar de la Renta Dress
Nicole Kidman: Michael Kors Collection Ensemble | Fred Leighton Jewelry | Omega Watch | Moynat Bag | Manolo Blahnik Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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