Pop Style Opinionfest: Silver Screen Queens

Posted on March 01, 2019



Darlings, this one doesn’t even need a preamble or introduction from us. It’s our FINAL THOUGHTS on #Oscars2019, including such topics as who won, who should’ve won, who didn’t win but said, did or wore something notable, why the lack of a host worked so well and other such beaten-to-death topics. What can we say? We’ve got a lot of opinions.

And in that same vein, despite the 1200-word recap of the Drag Race premiere from this morning, we decided to do a followup conversation with all our thoughts on the various queens and why we’re kind of jazzed for the upcoming season, despite the change of the whole franchise being run into the ground.




The usual. Our little kaffeeklatsch of culture and fashion, drag and opinions. Thank you for listening, dolls! Now if you don’t mind, we need to go pass out for a dozen hours.



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[Photo Credit: VH1]


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