The Women in Film Oscar Nominee Party Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 23, 2019

Darlings, it’s Oscars weekend, which means that from here until the wee hours of Monday morning, there will be non-stop, ’round-the-clock back-patting celebrity galas to discuss! And by “discuss,” we mean “assess the lewks.” Women in Film? We salute you. Now please step into the judging circle one by one.



Angela Bassett in Max Mara

Miss Angela’s on a bit of a white suit kick lately and while we’re starting to wonder if this particular garment trend may be getting a little played out, we can’t deny that she is absolutely correct to make the most of it while she can. She looks amazing in them. Having said that, we’re not sure the one-shoulder blouse works and we’re definitely sure the boots don’t.



Glenn Close in Max Mara

We have to admit, there’s something appealing about her preference for these unfussy, practical looks rendered in one (usually impractical) color. It’s dramatic and photogenic, but a lot easier for her to wear than a gown or a dress. She does tend to give the impression she’s just stopping by on the way home, though.



Kiki Layne in Kate Spade New York

Pure fabulousness. We wouldn’t recommend mixing this many shades and patterns at the same time, but girlfriend is a MASTER at it.



Madelaine Petsch

It’s a barely-there confection of a dress and it could not have found a better wearer. We’d probably find this a little goofy on Rita Ora or Chloe Moretz, but she’s got the chops to work it. The styling is perfect and the color  – not an easy one – looks great on her.




Regina King in Arias

Not all that crazy about the cut, the textile or the D rings, but we think if we switched out the denim for a richer fabric and switched out the D rings for a buckle, the cut of it wouldn’t bother as much. Even so, that’s a lot of work to try to like it. We’ll give her this one, since she’s been acing it consistently and she needs a bit of a break before the big night.



Rita Ora in Jaime Lee Major

Y’know, we’ll give Miss Rita serious credit for something most never do: She’s really good at picking out drag queen looks. If the singing thing doesn’t work out, she could make a lot of money styling queens. We’re just saying.




Yalitza Aparicio

The waist situation looks a little awkward, but this is low-key, pretty and extremely well-suited to her. She and her team have studiously avoided putting her in looks that have Mexican or indigenous Latin American cultural undertones to them, since the goal seems to have been to position her and celebrate her as an international movie star. This may be why we haven’t seen her work much lace or embroidery, despite their ubiquity on most red carpets. The result of holding back on their use is that this looks fresh, pretty and a little unexpected. We’d have waved her away from the bridal pumps, though.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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