Oscars 2019 Countdown: Glenn-Close-ology

Posted on February 20, 2019

It’s pre-Oscars week, darlings! For bitchy gay fashion bloggers, it’s the MOST MAGICAL WEEK OF THE YEAR! Why? Because we get no sleep at all for like four straight days and that’s when the MAGIC happens!

It’s become a T Lo tradition to round up all the actress nominees and take a look at their style journey through awards season. Ostensibly, this is so we can make some sort of prediction about what they’ll wear to the Main Event but in all honesty, our prognostications turn out to be correct only about half the time.  Even though many a savvy actress uses fashion to campaign for herself all through awards season, you can’t really look at things like the Independent Spirit Awards or the AARP Movies for Grownups event and compare the dress code or expectations to the Oscars. It’s like comparing someone posing on their way into the Colbert show and someone posing at the Met Gala.

Even so, lining up a lady’s promo looks one right after the other often gives you some idea of where her preferences lie and what she tends to avoid. With Miss Glenn, it couldn’t be more clear. When she’s not wearing some pretty damn fun suits, she tends to opt for tastefully appropriate black gowns – with one really notable exception.



In Zuhair Murad at the Gotham Independent Spirit Awards

Easily our least fave of her looks this season. It’s okay, but it’s just okay. It has none of the drama or fun of some of her other choices. We figure this was early in the game and she hadn’t yet decided to go bold.



At The Golden Globes in Armani Prive

This was when she really stepped out in front of the crowd. While it’s a bit too much like judge’s robes for our tastes, we can’t deny the drama it provides and the space it demands



In Sies Marjan at the BAFTA Tea Party

We’ve really come around on this one. It’s fun and you can clearly tell she’s loving it.



At the AACTA International Awards

One of the best things about her turn on the awards season carousel is how she’s effectively reclaimed the pantsuit for mature women. It’s become such a trendy thing for the young, after years of being derided as too matronly. She’s made it look stylish and full of personality with her choices this season.



In Gabriella Hearst at the Critics Choice Awards

And you can see that she’s toying with the idea of menswear-inspired dresses a lot too. We like the design, but not the textile here.



In Christian Dior at AARP’s Movies for Grownups

Miss Glenn’s pantsuits are loud, bold and let you know she’s here. That’s what makes them fun and stylish.



In Alexander McQueen at The Oscar Nominees Luncheon

You can see how her style got more smoothly confident as the season went on. She went from boldly patterned, loudly colored suits to this cool, chic, formal one.



In Alexander McQueen for the BAFTA Awards

But it’s clear that when she’s got a major event with a lot of fashion expectations attached to it, she’s likely to opt for a gown; usually black and often dramatic in its details. We would LOVELOVELOVE it if she picked up an Oscar for Best Actress while wearing some gorgeous pantsuit or tuxedo, but we suspect that she’s going to want something more traditionally formal. Whatever a Best Actress winner wears goes into the history books, so the pressure for her to wear something breathtaking is greater than it ever was. Still, she’s a lady who doesn’t seem easily talked into wearing things she doesn’t want to, so it’ll be interesting to see where she goes. Of everyone nominated, we’re most interested in what she’s going to wear.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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