Sarah Paulson Takes Vintage Chanel and Makes it Entirely Hers at the 2019 Costume Designers Guild Awards

Posted on February 20, 2019

The Costume Designers Guild Awards aren’t usually the most star-studded events of the awards season, although this year welcomed a surprising number of big names to the red carpet. One thing you can always count on for this event: the fashion’s always just a little off from the norm. Some stars have shown up in pieces made by their fave nominated costume designer and some, caught up in the celebration of eye-popping design, we suppose, simply take the opportunity to wear something louder, showier, weirder than their usual.

For Miss Sarah, it’s yet another venue for her to practice her brand of big, loud, fuck-you fashion.


She looks like the Mother Superior to an order of nuns who serve Darth Vader. If that description can’t sell you on the awesomeness of this look, nothing can.

The sci-fi head styling is what makes this into something weirdly unique. It removes all ’80s undertones from the ensemble and forces you to really reconsider the design. Picture this with Nancy Reagan’s head circa 1984 and it looks entirely different.



Style Credits:
1980s Chanel Red Lurex and Chenille Cord Skirt and Jacket Set from Shrimpton Couture

Styled by Karla Welch | Hair by Bridget Brager | Makeup by Adam Breuchaud

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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