Oscars 2019 Countdown: Amy Adams-ology

Posted on February 22, 2019


Oh, Amy. Amy, Amy, Amy.

Miss Amy.

This concludes our introduction to the Amy portion of our series examining the awards season red carpet choices of the actress nominees. First, because she’s Amy and everyone loves her. Second, because she’s Amy and – bless her heart – she never quite gets there on the fashion front.



Amy Adams in Schiaparelli Couture at the Governors Awards

And yes, we are absolutely aware that her job is that of an actress and she isn’t required to do a thing to please our sensibilities. So noted and affirmed.

We actually really like this look, by the way. It’s got a cute sophistication to it that suits her perfectly. And she can handle all that pink without looking like a Barbie.



Amy Adams in Calvin Klein Collection at the Golden Globe Awards

Anyway, our point is this: Miss Amy is not someone who eschews the fashion poledance in order to promote herself and work. In fact, she indulges in it enthusiastically, tearing through a whole roster of different designers every year. The problem, however, tends to always be the same: she goes for the dullest options from every house.



Amy Adams in Dundas Couture at the Producers Guild Awards

To be fair, we often complain that she wears the same dress over and over, but a scroll-through on this post puts the lie to that one. She varies things more than we give her credit for.



Amy Adams in Zac Posen at the Critics’ Choice Awards

But no matter the silhouette or neckline or color story, the results are all too often underwhelming.




Amy Adams in Celine at the SAG Awards

And occasionally, stale.



Amy Adams in Prada at the BAFTA Awards

But she keeps trying; keeps showing up in a new designer or a different color. We hate to sound so dismissive about her style. We don’t hate it. She’s not making horrible mistakes or walking out in sartorial disasters. She just doesn’t seem to have found the look that really helps her come alive on a red carpet. Think of Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore; two women fairly close to her in looks. As wonky as their choices sometimes get, you can point to – and even recall off the top off your head, if you follow these things – several truly dramatic and jaw-dropping looks they’ve worn over the years. Amy, despite all the same opportunities and largely the same playing field, never quite manages that level of style. And we don’t think she hates or is uncomfortable with fashion. She just hasn’t nailed it – and we can’t help thinking that once she does, she’ll get that damn award she’s been nominated for so many other times.

As for Oscars night dress predictions: Despite everything we’ve said here, we have no doubt she will step out on that red carpet looking beautiful. It’s just that she’s not likely to wear one of the more notable or discussed looks of the night.

We could be wrong, though! Surprise us, Ames!




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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