Awards Circuit Style File: Amy Adams at the BAFTA Tea and the Golden Globes, Striving for Plain

Posted on January 08, 2019

Kittens, we have a massive backlog of red carpetry to tear through this week. As is the way of these things, a bunch of other high-profile celebrity events were clustered around Sunday’s Golden Globes, which means those folks on or adjacent to the awards track wound up making a whirlwind set of red carpet appearances. And that means we gotta start shoving them all together just to give you the frivolous yet exhaustive coverage you so desperately need (we’re presuming) to take you out of your day for five-minute chunks at a time.

Anyway, here’s Miss Amy, hitting the circuit and doing her thing.


Amy Adams at the BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party in Emilia Wickstead

And when we say “Doing her thing,” we mean “Dressing Amishly,” of course.


We sound like a couple of maiden aunties every time we see her like this. “Such a pretty girl,” we sigh. “Such a shame.” Then we tut-tut and get back to our crocheting. We’re not asking her to sex herself up or anything. She certainly doesn’t need to follow the latest trends. We even understand if attention-seeking glamour is not her bag. But she almost always defaults to the plainest-looking fashion she can find. And if minimalism or low-key lewks are what she’s attempting, we think there are perfectly chic and understated ways to do it other than “Find me the plainest dress and shoes available. Make sure they’re free of any color while you’re at it.”

Amy Adams at the Golden Globe Awards in Calvin Klein


The other thing? She opts for these really plain dresses that often have an unflattering detail or a fit issue which stands out all the more because there are literally no other design elements to look at. That waist seam is hitting her several inches higher than it’s supposed to, distorting the shape of her torso and bust. The color’s nice enough. She might have been able to rescue this one with some obnoxious Liz Taylor-style jewels on her neck and ears, but like we said, she’s the Amish Movie Star.




Style Credits:
First Look: Emilia Wickstead Dress | Fernando Jorge ‘Galaxy’ Earrings | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Second Look: Calvin Klein Dress | Cartier Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Shoes

Styled by Petra Flannery | Hair by John D | Makeup by Stephen Sollitto

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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