Danai Gurira Works Her Magic in Fendi at “Good Morning America”

Posted on February 07, 2019

Darlings, we’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that Danai Gurira is a witch. Or maybe she’s a princess with a magic amulet. Or maybe she’s a priestess calling on the goddesses of fashion. Whatever the source of her arcane power, we’re just glad she’s putting it to good use.

Like so:

If magic wasn’t involved in the wearing of this outfit, then we’ve gotta say: the woman’s got a knack. This is fierce as hell, but it’s also a whole lot of look. You might not have noticed that due to her insane ability to make several extremely focus-pulling, possibly even clashing pieces work at the same time. If you doubt us, then please immediately try on a giant bird print and a tiger print at the same time. We’ll wait here.

We trust our point has been made.

The more we look at it the more we think that skirt clashes with the other two items but we wonder if that wasn’t be design. If she’d worn a black skirt, the wildly disparate tone of the two prints would have been all that more noticeable. It’s like that odd terra cotta color gives your eyes some room to roam, if that makes any sense.

EDITED TO ADD: That’s not a tiger print that’s a FENDI print, which makes this even more magical because somehow the tackiness did not come through.





Style Credits:
– Fendi Emsenble from the Spring 2019 Collection [Not exact match]
– Fendi Velvet Logo Slingback Pump

Styled by Thomas Carter Phillips

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com – Video Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube.com]

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