SAG Awards 2019: “A Star Is Born” Star Shangela Has Her Moment, Which We Will Now Ruin

Posted on January 29, 2019

Miss Shangela, all we want to do is “YAAAS QUEEN!!!!” you to death because you told the world years ago you planned on being a star and here you are, dressed to the nines and standing on the honest-to-Ru SAG Awards red carpet in a custom Siriano gown. You did it, girl. Halleloo.

Now let’s have a talk about some things.


Sweetie, your hair and makeup team fell down on the job – BIG TIME. We hate to say this during your moment of triumph, but girl your face has never looked so bad. You don’t even look like you. Even harsher: Woman, this is the SAG Awards. We should not be able to see your wig line from ten feet away.

This is so odd, because you’ve managed to do your own makeup on Drag Race better than this – and you’re not exactly known for your makeup skills. Your folks don’t seem to know how to make up a drag queen’s face. This literally looks like they used pictures of Ru for a reference.

Also: we hate to sound like Michelle Visage (actually, no we don’t), but if you’re not going to wear any sort of shaper, you might want to reconsider what kind of bodices and in what colors you should turn to. Again: the fit here does not seem to have been done in consideration for what a drag queen needs out of a dress. There’s no bust and the top half enthickens you.

We’re saying all this out of love! Nothing would make us happier than to see you stepping out onto the Oscars red carpet and we’re telling you, girl, if that’s in your future, you need a better game plan. This? Not sickening.



Style Credits:
– Christian Siriano Ombré Gown
– Lolli Cox Jewelry

Hair by Ashley Marie Riley | Makeup by Mik

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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