Rachel Brosnahan and the Unexpected Skirt at the Dior Couture Fashion Show: IN or OUT?

Posted on January 22, 2019


A question, kittens.





When you scrolled down, were you expecting a sheer skirt? Were you surprised to find it wasn’t? Was that surprise pleasant for you?

Okay, three questions, then. But you get our point, yes? The sheer skirt trend is well and truly dead, isn’t it? Because in practically any season from the last five or six years, a dress with a bodice like that would almost certainly have a see-through bottom.

Anyway, do we like this? It strikes us as a bit gloomy and funereal in tone, but the subtle beading helps elevate it a little. We kinda wish it wasn’t so subtle, though. Up near the face, we can handle that prim collar or those silly shoulder ruffles, but both at the same time seems a bit too precious to us.

Anyway, final call’s up to you:


Rachel Brosnahan’s Funeral Gown:

IN or OUT? 



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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