Chris Pine Serves up Hot Professor Cosplay at the “I Am The Night” Premiere

Posted on January 25, 2019

For your Friday morning Self-Care Lounge session, we’ve booked Mr. Chris “Pop-Pop” Pine as our special guest to help you ease into your day. His eyes are dreamy, his voice is soothing and he smells like Werther’s Originals.


Aw, we’re teasing. He actually looks pretty great here. And it should be noted that Chris clearly likes fashion and knows how to use it to express himself. Any man comfortable enough to have his love of caftans documented is a man who isn’t afraid to have a little fun with his fashion. As we’ve said many times, we think he tends to dress a couple decades too old for him (not so much in this case, though), but it’s always been clear to us that this is a deliberate choice and not some style mistake he stumbled into.

Anyway, this is all fine, although it looks really itchy and slightly too small on him. We’re all for a colorful pocket square but we’d have rec’d something less jarring than that.



Style Credits:
Frye ‘Grady Chelsea’ Boots in Cognac

Styled by Wendi & Nicole

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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