Claire Foy in Alexander McQueen at the 2018 Evening Standard Theatre Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 19, 2018

A perfect frock to put up to a vote, darlings! It’s boldly declarative, slightly off-brand for the wearer and your two favorite opinion-whores can’t decide what they think of it!

Miss Claire, please step into the judging circle.



We bet you’ve already decided and don’t need to read another word from us, pro or con. Fair enough, but since those are our names up top, we’re gonna act like we own the joint and ramble a bit more. The dress is undeniably dramatic. That’s a good thing for her, because we think she’s someone who needs a little drama or boldness in her style. We don’t think we’d have gone the black-and-white lace route as a recommendation, if anyone had the foresight to ask us. She definitely does better in richer colors and … well, we just hate white lace dresses on the red carpet 95% of the time. But this really does suit her and takes a good picture. It doesn’t have the semi-awkwardness some of her other high-style attempts have had. But as much as we love a good envelope-pushing McQueen, those sleeves are just too goofy for her. And we don’t think her head styling is up to the level of the dress. The makeup looks a little off and the severe hair doesn’t go well with her features.

Those are the discussion points, darlings. Consider them. Ponder them. Debate them. Then come to your decision:


Claire Foy’s Drama Dress:

IN or OUT?


Or you could just skip past all our long-windedness and go with your gut. We won’t judge you either way, kittens. Not much, anyway.


Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Off-the-shoulder Lace Dress from the Spring 2019 Collection

Styled by Nicky Yates

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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