Mad T LOunge

Posted on May 12, 2013

mad tlounge

Darlings, the partners of Sterling Cooper Draper and Whatever The Hell Else They’re Calling Themselves Now kindly request that you order an Old Fashioned (or whatever Mother’s Day cocktail floats your boat), sit back, and let the late ’60s ennui and anxiety wash all over you.


Of course the preview tells us nothing, but for the first time this season, we’re DYING to see what’s going to happen next. Here’s hoping they can sustain the momentum from last week and don’t get caught up in yet another Don Draper “I’m so tortured by my demons” bullshit-fest.

Your Mad Style assignment for tonight is not to look for the blue-and-green motif or the ladies-in-black one, or pajamas-in-the-Draper-apartment one. Instead, if the story is going in the direction it appears to be (i.e., the merger actually goes through) then we should all look for costumes that signal this new status quo. We’re gonna be keeping our eyes on Peggy’s clothes.


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