Revenge: Penance

Posted on November 12, 2012

Okay, is anyone else as confused as we are?

Between the two of us, we don’t have even one head for business, so all this stuff about Grayson Global buying up Nolan’s company is going right over our head. We don’t understand the reasons for it and we don’t understand the implications of it. Normally, we wouldn’t mind, but it’s a major plot point this season.

Now, between the two of us, we definitely have several heads for bitchy revenge, but even we don’t quite understand what Emily did to Mason Treadwell this episode and we’re having a hard time understanding why he’d just accept it. Sure, we get it on paper: he’s supposed to take the fall for a whole lotta bullshit he had nothing to do with (i.e., Gordon Murphy’s death AND David Clarke’s framing) just so he can write the best-seller about Emily Thorne and her revenge against her parents’ killers at some point down the line, but that seems awfully flimsy to us. Although we suppose once you come face to face with Fauxmanda and her favorite tire iron, you’ll agree to just about anything. We were thrilled when Emily came clean with him about her true identity, because we thought it was going to be some sort of radical shift in the status quo, but instead, a loose end got tied up and sent away in a manner that was a bit hard to believe.We were kind of looking forward to him as an ally of hers; a sort of older, bitchier version of Nolan.

We’re also not quite sure what to make of Kara’s exit and again, we found it just a bit too much to believe from this story. She managed to take the Graysons hostage in their own house – in the middle of a press conference, mind you – without anyone seeing it AND Aidan managed to whisk her away from it all without anyone seeing him do it? Just how shitty is the security in that house anyway?

In other news, Jack’s new business partner has a brother who’s even shadier than he is and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Can we just skip ahead to the part where one of them winds up dead at the bottom of the bay please? The story grinds to a halt every time we head over to Jack’s bar.

Not that we’re complaining (okay, maybe a little); this episode was crazy fun with more than a couple “What the HELL is GOING ON?” moments, but it felt like it was veering a little too close to campy Desperate Housewives territory a couple of times. It wasn’t helped by those utterly cringe-worthy Revenge-o-mercials, of which we will speak no more.

Emily breaking off a piece of that Aidan for herself? THAT we can totally get behind.

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