PR: Team Poor Coping Skills

Posted on August 12, 2011

We’re thinking of naming all the teams this week after psychology terms. We’re taking suggestions, but we’ve already established who’s on Team Passive-Aggressive

We really hate it when we come up with a good nickname for someone and then they get sent home.
Watching Fallene dissolve into a puddle of tears while Bryce pretended like he wasn’t in the bottom right alongside her last week and therefore has no business lording anything over her, it struck us:

She is TOTALLY Becky Conner, amirite?

Ah, well. Maybe it’s for the best. There’s already an actual Becky in the cast and if we spent all season calling Fallene “Becky Conner,” there would have been endless confusion.

And speaking of endless confusion…how about that … um… dress?

Yes, it sure was a wonderful idea to have a runway show on stilts, wasn’t it? Smell the elegance, bitches.

Dovima and Suzy Parker are puking in heaven right now.
We aren’t fashion designers or sewers, so we really can’t speak to the Drama of the Bodice. It seems to us that Fallene was being asked to do something relatively simple and couldn’t manage it in the slightest. Was Bryce a bit of a pill for being so testy with her? Sure, but he was fighting to stay in the game after almost getting auf’d and if your partner can’t handle either the technical aspects of the show or the stress of the competition, we can’t really get all that upset with someone for being less-than supportive or understanding in that situation. All things considered, he could have been a lot worse. Bert & Viktor (Team Passive-Aggressive, bien sur) are both talented designers and technicians and they couldn’t even agree on how to finish a sentence, let alone a dress.

Sure, the lack of a decent top really damaged this outfit, but let’s not ignore the other problem: THE BOTTOM WAS JUST AS SHITTY. We couldn’t believe Bryce was insisting on a tutu after his disastrous pee-pad debacle of last week. You’d think running as far away from a skirt like that as possible would have been the first thing on his mind. And who thinks a tutu looks good over a pair of pants? We realize that you pretty much have to make pants for stilts, but that would be your cue to ditch the tutu idea.

To Fallene’s credit, the hat really was kind of cute and it was the only thing of any interest in the look. Maybe she should consider applying for the upcoming Project Runway Accessories. We’re serious. She doesn’t seem to be much of a seamstress, but she’s definitely got some skill and some sense of design.

As for Bryce, we really don’t think he was out of line. Snotty when he complained to the whole room about her lack of schooling, sure. But like we said, the pressure was on him just as much as it was on her. Weepy, useless teammates don’t get the luxury of hand-holding and support in a competition like this.

She’s a sweet girl, that Becky Conner, and she has a quirky style that we’re interested in seeing more of, but this was the right decision, as far as we’re concerned. You gotta spend these early weeks cutting the ones who are obviously not going to make it to the end. You might point at someone you think is more worthy of the auf this week, but at this stage in the game, it’s just arguing over the order of sending home the obvious weak ones. If she hadn’t gone this week, she almost certainly would have gone the next.

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