PR: Bryce & Danielle

Posted on August 01, 2011

Onward, darlings! There are just so many of these famewhores to run down in the beginning! We’re not even half way through the list yet!

Bryce seems capable and nice enough. He was the only one who admitted that the group underestimated Bert and that he had a new found respect for the Queen Mum once she turned out a fabulous dress. His portfolio indicates a modern, exuberant style with some Siriano touches.

And Heidi’s clearly a fan.

There’s a lot about hipster wear that we can accept and even like, but it’s really hard to get behind the return of string tank tops. Trust us, kids. The world saw way too much side moob in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Poor guy didn’t have a lot to work with…

So he gets some major credit from us for turning out this look.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s not exactly head-turning from a design perspective.

And the execution’s only fair. That top shouldn’t have been too difficult to make but it’s awfully wrinkled and sloppy upon close inspection.

But there’s a real sense of style here and we like the way he put this look together. Not exactly up for the win, but he managed that thing that the judges like to see in unconventional materials challenges: he made something that looks like actual clothes instead of something that was pieced together from scraps.

He’s someone to watch.

Danielle is going to get on our nerves. Correction: she already did with that obnoxious “This isn’t good enough; I shouldn’t be in this position” comment made to everyone else who was celebrating that they made it through to the next challenge. You want to give yourself pep talks and “strive harder” speeches? Fine; you do that in your head. Don’t piss all over everyone else’s good mood.

Oh, right. Her portfolio. Well, it seems interesting and her whole “empowering fashion” shtick might get old, but it’s a pretty good shtick to have.

She had a decent amount of material to work with…

And she used it really well.

Y’know, there should be a rule in these challenges against using tops to make tops and pants to make pants. We like that she used her top and pants to make the top and then made the shorts out of the bedsheet material. A good and unexpected use of the materials at hand.

It’s also refreshing that she made something so sporty. Others did as well, but hers may be the best of the sporty casual looks on the runway. Love the shape of the shirt and the way she blocked the fabric and gave the garment some shape so it didn’t just hang off her.

And the shorts are damn impressive considering their beginning as cheap bed sheets. Again, she used the material well and gave the piece some shape and design interest. She’s definitely one to watch – and we suspect she’s going to say so every chance she gets.

More PR bitchery to come later today, darlings.


[Photo Credit: mylifetimecom – Screencaps:]

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