PR: Colorblind & Snowblind

Posted on July 30, 2011

Will the other top and other bottom please step forward for their post-judging judging?
PinAnthony seems nice enough, but we have a very strong feeling that the mentions of his colorblindness and battle with cancer are going to get very old, very quickly. Not that he doesn’t have company in that regard, because the contestants have all clearly been pushed to bring a “story” to the table and literally everyone’s got one. We don’t want to call them sob stories, because they all mostly sound like real problems and struggles, but it was SO heavy-handed this episode. As we responded in text to an early-season designer who was incredulous over all the dramatic storytelling, “They’ve finally Lifetime’d the show up.” Look for Original Movies for the more popular ones, as a way to expand the Project Runway brand.  Mother May I Sleep with Scissors? Not Without My Needle. Just you watch.

PinThe funny thing is, Mr. Colorblind’s original colors were great. You could see that teal and yellow coming together to make something sassy and bright.

PinAlas, he went another route; one that the judges loved a bit more than they should have.


At first glance, looking at the top, that’s an impressive transformation.


PinBut when you look at it for more than a second, you realize he basically cut a tank top down to model size and layered a shit-ton of notions all over it. That’s actually not that impressive at all. And while it’s a semi-cute top, the fact is, there’s just too much shit on it, especially on the shoulder. Way too Etsy for our tastes.

We’ll give him some credit for the asymmetry in the back. That’s at least a little interesting.

But poodles, that skirt.




Man, they just HAVE to slip in one really cracktastic moment every episode, don’t they?

PinAnthony seems like a sweet guy; talks too much about his balls and his eyes, but decent enough and with seemingly some talent. Good for him for getting them to like him right out of the starting gate. But there was no way, to our eyes, this “tank top and shorts transformed through the POWER OF FASHION DESIGN into a tank top and a skirt” entry was eligible for Top 3 status. Semi-cute (if twee) outfit, but no great shakes in the design or even execution aspects.


PinJulie seems game, takes criticism fairly well, and generally comes across as an interesting type to have on the show. But her garments all look like dog blankets. It has to be said. We debated back and forth as to why she got chosen at all. Lorenzo thinks he spies a bit of a Missoni-like aesthetic but Tom thinks he is being FAR too kind.

PinAnd once we realized the poor thing had possibly the very worst fabric to work with, we really thought she was a goner. Until Rafael exploded into a shower of glitter and failure, that is.

PinAnd the results were predictably bad, no doubt about it. Ironically, she auditioned with garments that looked like dog blankets and her first competition entry is an outfit that looks like a cat bed.

PinBut also surprisingly good in some ways, considering what she had to work with and the impression we had of her design skills going into it.

PinWe don’t know if she was actually thinking along these lines, but experience tells us that the judges would definitely have asked her why she didn’t incorporate the flannel somehow.

PinYes, it’s hard to work with and not a print that one associates with fashion, but our PhDs in ProjRunology tells us that those bitches would in fact have deducted points for not using it.

PinSure, this wasn’t the best solution to that problem, but at least she didn’t try to make a skirt or jacket out of it. And the shirt, while not fitted all that well, had an interesting shape and idea behind it.

Don’t look at us like that; we’re just saying she’s not as bad as we thought she’d be. This was definitely a bad entry and deserved auf’ing consideration.


PinEspecially because of those horrific pants, which almost manage to toss every not-so-bad thing we just said out the window.

PinClearly she’s a sporty gal and wants to bring that aesthetic to the show. We’re all for that, but honey, you have to be able to turn out a pair of pants if you want to do those kinds of looks.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television – Screencaps:]

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