Pairs Division: Paquin and Moyer

Posted on June 22, 2011

TWO “Pairs Division” entries in one day! God bless celebucouples for being so entertaining. That said, do these two have a portmanteau yet? We don’t follow True Blood fandom, even though Lorenzo went from loving to liking the show. Paquer? Moyquin? Sounds like generic drug names.


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer attend season 4 premiere of “True Blood” in LA. Anna Paquin is wearing a Versus dress and Brian Atwood shoes.

Versus Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Jenny Sinkaberg

Kittens, we canNOT with Missie Moyer and her Lady Clairol hair anymore. People say it’s for the role, but he wears it like that year round and even so, isn’t there some shade that looks good both in pictures and in video? Does he have to sport such a blatantly artificial-looking color all the time? Don’t vampires have highlights and lowlights? And call us unfair if you want, but when a man his age sports such an obviously fake color job, we automatically assume he’s held together with wig tape and dentures. Bitchy? Yes. But we’ve said this before: women have more leeway to go the “holding on to my youth” look because they have makeup and earrings and a wider array of hair and clothing styles to help complete the picture. He just looks like a large chipmunk fell asleep on his head.

Oh, right. This is a “Pairs Division.”

HE: See above, plus: The suit’s nice and we appreciate both the plaid and the vest. The hem on the pants is a skosh long, but not too painful. But we just can’t ignore the elephant dung in the room, sitting on his head. The whiskers aren’t helping either, Santa. It’s only pointing out what’s already obvious. He’s a very good-looking man and we’re not totally opposed to the aging man deploying his little tricks, but you really have to get it right or it’s extremely noticeable. Score: 6/10. The suit’s almost perfect, but who can see it?

SHE: Looks cute. We don’t love the Christmas tinsel running across her stomach, but kudos to her for wearing something a little less extravagant and less expensive on the red carpet while still looking pretty stylish. That’s not the best use of her hair and we always feel the neutral makeup she wears isn’t her best choice. Blonde, brown-eyed and tan could use a little color on the face. Score: 8/10.

Combined Score: 7/10. Seriously, Stephen. Go on strike if you have to, but HBO must stop forcing you to look like a fugitive who just dyed his hair in a motel bathroom. And if it’s not HBO’s fault, get better lighting in your bathroom and pay someone at least a couple of hundred bucks a month to do your tips and roots.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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