In or Out: Cameron Diaz in JC de Castelbajac

Posted on June 22, 2011

You guys, our server is one cranky bitch today and we’re working on it but patience may be asked of the Bitter Kittens today and for that, we apologize. We also kindasorta apologize for the Cammy-heavy posting lately, but she’s been giving us a lot to talk about and after that rather disastrous appearance with her ex-Timberlake, we thought we’d shout out an “Attagirl” in her direction for bouncing back.

PinCameron Diaz leaves “The Late Show with David Letterman” in JC de Castelbajac.



First thing on our minds: Isn’t it refreshing when someone breaks out the classic black stiletto pump? No platforms, no ridiculous foofaraw or missing heels, no beartraps, no horse’s hooves; just dead-sexy classics that look good on practically everyone. We never met a straight man who didn’t think they were hot. In fact, since a lot of women argue that they buy and wear high heels because they like them and because they feel strong and empowered in them, we wonder if that isn’t at least partially why the shoes have gotten a lot crazier in the last ten years. If you’re wearing them to look hot to a man, then the pump or the high boot is the way to go; but if you’re wearing them for yourself, well, all bets are off. Bring on the gun-shaped heels and the lobster claws!

On to the dress: It’s not that we LOVE it or anything; but it’s just interesting enough to get a “Hunh. Look at that.” Perhaps one too many elements and the belt hanging off and flapping behind her doesn’t look very chic to us, but it’s definitely an interesting and off-the-beaten path dress. It’s that zipper that wounds us. We’re fine with exposed zippers, even if they’re a bit overdone at this point. The problem is the way the fabric all points to it and her skirt looks like it’s being raised by a hidden pulley system. Take away or tone down that one element and we might have considered this a “WERQ!” As it is, we appreciate the attempt and like it about 75%.

Et vous, petit chats?


IN! It’s interesting and adventurous! BRAVA!


OUT! Lower that curtain! Your lady area isn’t all that, you know.


Voting is still open on Kate Winslet’s “Mildred Fierce” dress, so make your bitchery known, darlings.


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