Friday Leftovers for the Week of June 6th 2021

Posted on June 11, 2021

Once again, we thank these stars for serving us this blessed abundance of style content. You’re all winners in our book. Now please stand still while we all judge you.



Anna Paquin in Cinq à Sept

 We’re always a bit iffy on the public bra thing, especially when you throw a jacket over it, but this looks kinda great on her.


Ariana Grande in Cult Gaia (Top) and Mirror Palais (Skirt)

This is kind of fun, to be honest. It’s very much on-brand for her as stagewear goes, but the flower top feels like a little bit of freshness added to her trademark look.



Beyoncé in David Koma

It’s fine. It’s very “Bey on the gram.” If we had to pin down her style when she’s not on stage or a red carpet, we have to say she always looks like a girl heading to the club or a party.



Ciara in Mugler


No, ma’am. No.



Dascha Polanco in Naeem Khan

MISS LADY. This is a CONSIDERABLE step up. Not that she ever failed to bring it on the red carpet, but she tended to pick showy weirdness over true glamor – which we can respect, actually. But this is a premiere that called for classic Hollywood glamour and she nailed it.



Gabrielle Union-Wade in The Attico

This is surprisingly cute, considering it’s a sweatshirt/polo shirt/dress hybrid. Maybe Miss G is doing all the work here, but the whole look is great.



Ilana Glazer in Farm Rio

This feels like a fabulous throwback to the kinds of super-twee maternity wear of the ‘70s and ‘80s, except with a modern (much tighter) fit and a killer pair of heels. Love the hair.



John Legend in Burberry

John, we’re going to have to be honest here and say that the pants are super-very not working for you, sir.



Kristen Bell in Yumi Kim

Love the whole vibe here, print and color story, but the dress feels like it belongs in March.



Mindy Kaling in Sea

Her hair and makeup look gorgeous and we love the pop of color footwear. The dress looks great on her and has a fabulously witchy vibe to it – which is why we think it’s a little off-season.




Nicola Coughlan in Valentino

The absolute best thing about her style is her furious insistence on being loud and taking up space, every single bit of style advice she ever got be damned. She’s an enormous Drag Race fan and we’re starting to suspect she’s taking inspiration from that world in her style. This feels both high-fashion and high drag at the same time. LOVE it.


Sophia Di Martino in Comme des Garçons

Sophie is appearing in upcoming episodes of Loki and the rumor is that she’s playing the female version of the character. We can see a certain Hiddlestonesque quality to her but dear God, that is an unfortunate ensemble.



Yara Shahidi in Tory Burch

This is so very “Captain Picard’s birthday party” that we are completely duty-bound to love it. It’s Beverly Crusher Off-Duty Chic and you either get it or you don’t. Granted, we are a hundred percent sure that’s not how Miss Yara sees it.


[Photo Credit: Alexandra Mandelkorn/Instagram, Ariana Grande/Instagram, Beyoncé/Instagram, Ciara/Instagram, Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram, Jason Bolden/Instagram, Mimi Cuttrell/Instagram, Mindy Kaling/Instagram, Nicole Chavez/Instagram, Sarah Slutsky/Instagram, StarPix/Dave Allocca for Warner Bros. Studios, Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images, Ian West/PA Images/]

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