In or Out: Emma Roberts in Salvatore Ferragamo

Posted on June 30, 2011

Come on, girl. Show Aunt Julia how to do it.

Emma Roberts attends the Salvatore Ferragamo Women’s Resort 2012 Collection show in NYC in a Salvatore Ferragamo dress, of course.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Isabeli Fontana

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 Collection [not exact match]

Or, y’know, not. We want to believe a Roberts family member can appear on a red carpet this week looking good, but so far, the results are not promising. Kudos to her for going a little more demur on the keyhole, because we doubt she could have pulled off the runway version. Aside from that, there’s little here to get excited about. That dress is way too shiny and doesn’t look all that season-appropriate. This isn’t a look that says “June” no matter where you are. The shoes are kinda fab, although we’re not sure they really go with that dress. Other than that, there’s not a lot here to get excited about. Julia? You’re up again.


IN! She’s a shimmering, ladylike sugarplum, bitches! Who cares if it’s June?


OUT! Did someone tell her it was New Year’s Eve or something?

The Minion Opinion on Diane Kruger’s Lace n’ L’Eggs getup was IN.

[Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images,]

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