Royal Watch: Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel

Posted on May 25, 2011

Kittens,forget about Bill and Cathy Cambridge; let’s take a look at that other royalty-marrying-a-commoner fairy tale couple and see how they’re doing on the style front.

PinCrown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland visit Germany.



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It’s unfortunate that his jacket is flapping open in every shot, but he looks impeccable. That’s a beautiful suit and a great pair of shoes. The tie’s more than a little dull, but he’s probably under considerable pressure to appear as low-key and dignified as possible.

As for her, we’re not loving this dress. Grommets are tough to make chic and more often than not look the exact opposite of it. It’s an okay dress and the placement of the grommets aren’t tacky or anything, but if you take them away, you’re left with the plainest possible dress; like something Queen Elizabeth would wear. We realize there are rules and all, but she’s got a fantastic figure and clearly cares about how she presents herself. This is too drab for us. Maybe it’s the purse and shoes. They’re like something for an 80-year-old. Switch them out for something a little more youthful and that would help the look considerably.  We don’t love the earrings either. She reminds us of Michelle Obama. There’s a baseline stylishness, but she seems to flub it on the details a lot.

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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