Gretchen Jones’ Jewelry Collection

Posted on May 25, 2011

We weren’t fans of Project Runway Season 8 winner Gretchen Jones finale’ collection (to say the least) and we were among the hordes of angry internet pitchfork-and-torch wielders who protested her win over Mondo. She made the jewelry for that runway show and while we did find it a bit too craftsy for our tastes, we felt that she might have a knack for it.

Well, the girl went and launched herself a jewelry line. Her biggest supporters, Marie Claire, gave her the spotlight:

“My girl is an urban bohemian,” explains the statuesque redhead herself as we sit down in front of two antiqued wooden trunks, a makeshift display podium for some of the coolest baubles and bangles I’ve seen recently. “She dances in between the lines of street and elevated day looks…nonchalant, yet pulled-together.

Still sounds the same, we see. But y’know?

There are some pretty cool pieces here. It gets a little crude and folksy at times, but there’s a real power and sense of drama here. No one ever asks us, but if they did, our advice to any Project Runway alum, winner or not, is to focus on getting one item or small collection of items out to the public, even if it’s just a chic t-shirt or simple bag or a shoe for Payless. Mounting big expensive runway shows have helped some of them, but most of them would benefit from a laser focus while people still remember their name. We think this is smart of her. She’s still got her clothing line but she’s pushing something smaller and easier to produce, relatively speaking.  And like we said, she’s got a knack for it. There’s definitely a customer for these big, boho, pseudo-tribal pieces.

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