In or Out: Halle Berry in Vintage Roberto Cavalli

Posted on May 20, 2011

Halle Berry attended the “Beauty Culture” Exhibition at the Annenberg Space For Photography in Century City, California in vintage Roberto Cavalli and T Lo’s plans have backfired horribly. You see, during our early morning editorial meeting, we were cycling through a bunch of red carpet looks, trying to decide which ones would be so blessed as to get the T Lo treatment. As soon as we saw these pics of Halle in a pantsuit, we immediately decided it was going to be the I/O post of the day. If there’s one red carpet  thing we rail against most consistently, it’s the boring uniformity of it all; an endless sea of ruffled cocktail dresses or goddess gowns paired with a seemingly endless supply of nude shoes. Once we saw these pics of one of the most beautiful women in the world breaking out of the mold we were all set to shout our bravas. Unfortunately, we were stopped in our tracks by one unfortunate development.




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First off, the pants don’t fit her that well. They’re definitely too long and they’re pulling all through the crotch and hips. That’s unfortunate, but she’s Halle Berry and her superior genetic material might have been enough to overcome a dodgy fit but that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is she’s wearing a sheer T (which is kinda fabulous), and it appears the roughly finished hem is falling right at cooch level, giving it a … fuzzy look. With the pulling and the way she’s standing and the merkin effect of the shirt hem, the entire outfit is inadvertently shouting “LOOK AT MY CROTCH.” And that’s all wrong, poodles. Outfits should only quietly suggest that you look at the wearer’s crotch, never shouting it. That’s just tacky.


IN! I could look at Halle Berry’s crotch all day!

OUT! If your outfit makes me think you need a waxing appointment, you’ve failed!

The Minion Opinion on Kiki Dunst’s salute to French’s mustard was a loud and clear IN, in defiance of us. You will all pay for that one day.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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