Colin Farrell in Times Square

Posted on May 16, 2011

In which an angry-looking Colin receives a letter from two bitchy gay bloggers.

The information included with these pictures tells us that Colin has just left the theater where the Spider-Man musical is killing actors and audience members left and right. We like to think he was there trying to save lives rather than having the poor taste to attend what has been called one of the worst flops in Broadway history.

At least he had the presence of mind to look disgusted by the experience.  Anyway, we would like to have words with him about some pressing matters and we feel the direct address is the best approach.

Dear Colin Farrell,

May we have a word? You look pretty pissed so we’ll make this quick. Can we have your jacket? And your hair? You can keep the Village People mustache.


T Lo

P.S.: Don’t put stuff in the pockets of your (no doubt) expensive, fitted leather jacket. You’ll stretch them out and they’ll look like Mickey Mouse ears. You’re welcome.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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