Emmys 2014: Christina Hendricks in Marchesa

Posted on August 26, 2014

We got loudly annoyed when she stepped onto the RC last night. “Oh GOD, Christina Hendricks. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”



Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)“Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks attends the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California in a Marchesa gown accessorized with a Lee Savage clutch and Neil Lane jewelry.

Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)Marchesa Fall 2013 Collection

Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Christina-Hendricks-2014-Emmy-Awards-2014-Marchesa-Red-Carpet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

The basic shape pretty much works for her, so we can see why she picked this dress. But while she’s a redhead who’s shown an unusual ability to wear many shades of bright red, this tomato color is not her friend, especially when paired with all those brassy gold accents. And the hair is … not good. Not good at all. This all comes down to her working a style – this oddly stereotypical “wild gypsy woman” look – that doesn’t suit her in the slightest. We don’t quite get the thinking behind it at all.







[Photo Credit: Getty Images, PacificCoastNews, style.com]

    • Patricia Groves Dobrowski

      That fabric looks chip in a chip way. Switch the hair to a curled updo & she’s a whorehouse madam in an old Western.

      • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

        LOL Long live Alberta Ferretti! XOXO L

      • Margo Channing

        Exactly! Either the madam or a lampshade in said whorehouse.

      • charlotte

        She is going to give Don Draper a hard time!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Belle Watling on a really bad hair day. Oh, Christina, you have such a gorgeous face and hourglass figure-you can do so much better than this.

        • smayper

          GWTW!!! I always loved Belle Watling. Great character. She could kick Melanie Wilkes’ ass any day of the week.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Belle Watling is one the top ten tarts with a heart of gold-a great broad. Melanie Wilkes was one of the more thankless roles in that film-so unrelievedly perfect. Olivia de Haviland did a fine job with that role.

            • Wendi126

              Isn’t it almost surreal that Olivia de Haviland is still alive…she’s 98. Her sister Joan Fontaine just died this year at age 96. Good genes

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              She must be the last remaining star still living-yep, definitely good genes, and taking good care of herself.

            • Therese Bohn

              We still have Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, and Sophia Loren!

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              I forgot to say from GWTW. but yes, we need to treasure those three, too.

            • Munchkn

              I heard Robert Osborne, of Turner Classic Movies, say that he and Olivia still talk on the phone every Sunday afternoon. I think that’s wonderful!

          • Raspberry2012

            Ahhh, you’re mis-remembering your Gone with the Wind, kitten! :-) Belle had no reason to kick Melanie’s ass – Melanie didn’t look down on Belle the way the other women in town did. Melanie recognized that if Belle hadn’t taken in Rhett, Ashley and Dr. Meade during the shanty-town raid, they’d have been killed – she was grateful to Belle:

            Melanie Hamilton: [at the door of an enclosed carriage] “Who is it?”

            Belle Watling: “It’s Miss Watling.”

            Melanie Hamilton: “Oh, Miss Watling, won’t you come in the house?”

            Belle Watling: “Oh, no, I couldn’t do that Mrs Wilkes; you come in and set a minute with me.”

            [Melanie gets in & sits beside Belle]

            Melanie Hamilton: “How can I thank you enough for what you did for us? How can any of us thank you enough?”

            Belle Watling: “I got your note saying you were going to call on me and thank me. Oh Mrs Wilkes, you must have lost your mind. I come up here as soon as it was dark to tell you you mustn’t even think of such things. Why I’m… Why you’re… Well it wouldn’t be fittin’ at all.”

            Melanie Hamilton: “Wouldn’t be fitting for me to call on a kind woman who saved my husband’s life?”

            Belle Watling: “Mrs Wilkes, there ain’t never been a woman in town that’s been nice to me the way you was; I mean about the money for the hospital, you know, and I don’t forget a kindness. I got to thinkin’ about you bein’ left a widow, with a little boy – he’s a nice little boy, your boy, Mrs Wilkes. I got a boy myself…”

            Melanie Hamilton: “Oh you have? Does he live…”

            Belle Watling: “Oh, no, he ain’t in Atlanta; he ain’t never been here. He’s off at school. I ain’t seen him since he was little, and I… Well, anyways, if it had been that Mrs Kennedy’s husband by himself, I wouldn’t lift a finger to help. She’s a mighty cold woman, prancin’ about Atlanta by herself. She killed her husband, same as if she shot him.”

            Melanie Hamilton: “You mustn’t say unkind things about my sister-in-law.”

            Belle Watling: “Oh. Please don’t haze me Mrs Wilkes; I forgot how you liked her. But she just ain’t in the same class with you, and I can’t help it if I think so. Well, anyways, I gotta be goin’. I’m scared somebody’ll recognize this carriage if I stay here any longer; that wouldn’t do you no good. And Mrs Wilkes, if you ever see me on the street, you don’t have to speak to me; I’ll understand.”

            Melanie Hamilton: “I shall be proud to speak to you, proud to be under obligation to you. I hope we meet again.”

            Belle Watling: “Oh, no, that wouldn’t be fittin’. Goodnight Mrs Wilkes.”

            Melanie Hamilton: “Goodnight Miss Watling.”

            That’s truly one of my favorite parts of “GWTW”. I get all weepy during their conversation.

            • Call me Bee

              Correct! Belle Watling coulda kicked Scarlet’s ass. Miss Melenie considered her a friend.

            • Bonnie Blue

              That’s my mama you’re talking about ! ;-)

            • Bonnie Blue

              Oh, I just had to :-)! I’m glad you saw it! That was my previous dog’s name, named partly for GWTW. She was a “bonny” Westie and she became Bonnie Blue. (Same breed as my avatar but that is my current dog Happy.)

        • ktr33

          Said very same thing. I guess she’s really (unintentionally) bringing the Belle.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            BK’s tthink alike. There is something about Hendrick’s dress that really does remind me of Belle’s costumes in GWTW, and then considering that Hendricks is a redhead…

      • Dino Bonačić

        I kinda love the hair! :/

      • paintedfish

        thank you! you said it much better than i ever could.

      • Raspberry2012

        Serving up Amanda Blake realness!

      • Kristen

        Absolutely (and love the quote)… the fabric is offensive.

      • CT14

        Our Mrs. Reynolds, SaffYoBridge, working one last grift.

      • ktr33

        OMG I didn’t read your post and basically said the exact same thing and compared her unfavorably to Belle Watling.

    • Sarah


      • mlle

        And I haven’t slept all week eye makeup to match the sad hair.

    • smh4748

      From the shoulders to the mid-thigh, I’m on board. I’m not loving the bottom of that skirt at all though, and why isn’t this whole dress in royal blue?

      And that hair is an F-. A hard F-.

      • ampg

        Where that mid-thigh seam hits is just awful.

        • lunchcoma

          It’s so cheap-looking, which confuses me, because it looks fine in the runway version.

          • http://redheadedwolf.wordpress.com/ Laura Renee

            There’s supposed to be a fold over that seam, but it’s like they forgot to do that for her dress.

            • sweetestsith

              It looks like the lower portion of the draping was changed, I guess to avoid the bulk in the area, but that seam line needs *something*. It looks so odd right now.

          • Hilda Elizabeth Westervelt

            I think the fabric is different in the runway version. It is a much deeper, richer red and looks like a fine silk taffeta. This version is tomato red and looks like cheap acetate.

    • charlotte

      Seriously, why are her hairdos and outfits just getting worse? I don’t get it.

      • MaryMcClelland

        I dunno if she’s really trying to distance herself from Joan in preparation for the great end of the Mad Men world, but whatever she is doing is SERIOUSLY not working! It’s tragic. Is there no one in Hollywood who can dress her body? Can Marilyn Monroe’s stylist come back from the dead? Help this woman!!!!!

        • Mazenderan

          I think she’s always felt a need to distance herself from Joan’s style, which is a shame, because the costuming on the show suits her so perfectly. On top of that, she has a real taste for some styles which are disastrous with her figure: frills and fussiness around the neckline, for example.

    • @Biting Panda

      I was hoping this would look better today. I see the tears I wept last night were warranted.

      • Sarah

        Me too. I saw just a little glimpse of her seated and wanted so bad for it to be better than it seemed. No. Maybe worse.

    • Zeee

      Yep. This pissed me off. She’s such a beautiful woman. She’s wasting what God gave her.

    • http://wardrobemalfunctioned.tumblr.com Yaysita

      I can’t with the hair, absolutely horrible.
      But that jewelry is on point, I want those earrings and all of the bracelets!

    • imperfectlaura

      Just looking at the shape/style of this dress, I can totally see Sofia Vergara gravitating towards it.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        Or Sofia rotating in it.

    • uprightcitizen

      I could see that hair with some kind of boho dress. It would be a pretty departure from her Mad Men character. But definitely not with that dress. The dress has way too much fabric for her. It comes off looking like an expensive bed sheet at a toga party, or like she’s about to ask Miss Kitty if she can take a break from her saloon duties. And that red is terrible for a redhead.

      • FuhUgh

        This is not a gal who needs that extra volume around her hips and thighs. (I say that as a gal who also does not need that extra volume around her hips and thighs.) When I saw her sitting behind John Hamm, she looked OK. But this on the red carpet… not so good.

    • Rhonda Shore

      It’s pretty hideous in general but the gold accents that look like they came from that gold store are what’s really sinking it.

    • BobStPaul

      I couldn’t believe how bad she looked when I saw this. Wrong color for her, too fussy, and the hair and make-up are possibly a personal worst for her. She’s a beautiful woman but this is not a good look.

    • Anna

      WHY MUST YOU FRUSTRATE ME SO, MARCHESA?!?! You did so good with Melissa McCarthy :-(

      • Sarah

        They refrained from applying a truly horrid spray of dull bronze flowers to Melissa McCarthy’s midsection. Hashtag Hiddy.

        • Anna

          I guess we should happy that the dull bronze flowers were excluded from the one boob like it is on the model?

          Plus: ALL THE GOLD accessories. Yikes.

          • Sarah

            They new better than to mess with bedazzling a boob of that eminence. However, everything ELSE about the dress looks like the poor man’s version. Cheaper fabric, worse draping, and a totally different hem on the fitted portion of the skirt.

            • Anna

              I don’t love it on the model either, but yes she ended up with the worst of everything, even the colour.

        • not_Bridget

          In “Houseboat” Sophia Loren played the runaway daughter of an Italian orchestra conductor (or something like that). She found work keeping house(boat) & taking care of the kids of widower Cary Grant. His fiance, sensing competition, gave Sophia a dress for a festive affair. It was a wraparound design festooned with gaudy, cheap metallic flowers.

          Sophia removed the flowers, looked stunning & won Cary!

          Alas, I love Christina. She seems a good person, as well as being beautiful. Why can’t her “people” let her shine?

      • evave2

        That was my first thought TOO.

        It looks so beautiful on the model. I think this is a wrong dress to wear if you have breasts that stick out at ALL; it also appears tight across her lover abdomen. I don’t like the bottom either.

        I think they put personal work into Melissa McCarthy’s dress and that Christina Hendricks got the dress they had on hand. It does not look fitted to her at all.

        One last thing: the hairdo makes her look like she has a receding hairline.

        • Anna

          I don’t know if it’s the lighting, but it’s coming across as a crumpled up holiday candy wrapper to me even on the model. And if it’s looking like that on the runway, maybe it shouldn’t be on the runway in the first place.

      • Imasewsure

        We should never have trusted them… we should have known…

      • CT14

        EXACTLY! If they can make a dress for Melissa McCarthy, they can make a dress to flatter Ms. Hendricks.

        This doesn’t even fit.

    • hughman


      • Brattney

        Belle “Watling” but I love you for this! Spot on.

        • hughman

          Oops! Well you got the idea. ;)

      • decormaven

        Is that Jody’s sister?

        • Anna

          All my upvotes for the Jody Watley reference, I was just listening to “Looking For a New Love” this morning.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      The shape of the dress is great, but everything else- the fabric, the accents, the color- all make it look like a cheap pageant dress. And the hair is flat and sad.

    • gingerella

      I read a somewhat dubious article saying that she was trying to make herself look more youthful and casual (in the typical ways). I wonder if the hair is supposed to mimic the underdone hair of a lot of the younger starlets?

    • gloriana232

      I feel like she could have salvaged this with a fabulous updo. It still would not have been a great outfit but at least okay.

      But that seam around the knees BUGS. Wow. Kills the sweepy drape effect completely.

    • sugarkane105

      Whenever she misses the mark, it always make me doubly-sad in comparison to other celebrities. I’m hoping she really turns it out next year, which I’m thinking may be the year the Emmys finally recognize the Mad Men actors for their work.

    • Dany


    • Grumpy Girl

      Is this a case of lighting, or is the dress Christina is wearing truly a more orange shade of red than the model? The model photo (on my screen) is a deeper red, with almost burgundy undertones, and would have looked great on her coloring wise. The hair, that needs some independent work.

      • Mazenderan

        The colour looks really different to me too: it’s a gorgeous deep red on the model, but lighter and cheap looking on Christina. Maybe just the effect of daylight on what is pretty emphatically an evening dress?

        Also, the adjustments make it look – as others have pointed out – like the kind of dress Miss Kitty from a Western whorehouse would favour.

        Overall – can’t stand it. Blowsy and fussy (which, to be fair, she seems to have a penchant for) when simple and strong would look so much better.

    • xmixiex


    • bessann28

      I think the dress is fine, but the hair is not good. A sleek updo would look nice here.

    • Tanya Wade

      Miss Kitty wept. Someone stole her best curtains at the Longbranch Saloon, and this is what we got. Those curtains were doing there job splendidly, why do this to them? It’s a crime and a shanda.

    • Bozhi

      While not perfect, it’s a lot better than she usually looks on the res carpet.

    • JasmineAM

      I actually love the shape and style of the dress for her, but in a jewel tone.

      • mlle

        She’d look great in amethyst. There are ways to step out of the “redheads should wear greens and blues” wheelhouse without looking terrible.

    • fitzg

      Yes to all the issues that everyone has raised. BUT I still feel like she looks better than she looks 90% of the time, so yay? Notwithstanding that the bottom panel of the skirt is a tragedy of epic proportions.

    • Imasewsure

      I don’t necessarily hate the color but it’s hard to tell with all of those horrible gold/brass accessories and the terrible terrible hair…

    • little britches

      Carmen looks fabulous! Can’t wait to hear her sing “La Habanera”!

    • pugluv

      I don’t mind the dress but the hair is just tragic. She is a really beautiful woman but she rarely has her hair styled in anyway that could be called flattering. She has way too high of a forehead to wear a center part, she needs bangs or a sideswept bang or look. This makes me a bit sad because she can be so stunning when she is styled for Mad Men or for many of her magazine shoots.

      • conniemd

        I have that problem of a very high forehead and have gone with both bangs and a sideswept bang look. I also never center part my hair. Generally it’s a side-part with the bangs sweeping over.

    • Melissa Brogan

      Her hair almost distracted me entirely from that dress, which I do not like on her at all. Or in general.

    • LibKat

      It’s not hard for such a curvy girl to look tacky-ass, but this takes it to a whole new level. Ask Melissa McCarthy what she said to Marchesa to get her gown designed for her figure.

    • BayTampaBay

      Christian needs to borrow Laverne Cox’s pink dress, dye it deep forest green then burn the gypsy trash gown she is wearing.

    • sojo

      I don’t know if it’s the lighting or my sad work computer monitors, (because the dress fabric looks so pretty on the model) but this dress looks like a bunch of $1 plastic tablecloths from Party City. :/

    • twilightgirlportland.com

      The whole look ages her a lot!

    • Judy_S

      OK, I guess I am in a small minority, but I like this on her. She has a figure that Belle Watling would envy, and this dress is made to show it off. The hair is not happy but softens the 1890s look. I saw her last night from the hips up and thought she looked fabulous.

      • tallgirl1204

        This dress with the hair up would have been a werq for me. All luscious goddess. The hair brings it down into the head version of Lena’s cake-melting-in-the-rain.

        • mlle

          I haven’t looked at Lena’s dress yet, but your description cracked me up. I cannot wait to see that disaster.

          • Raspberry2012

            Oh, it’s hurtin’. You won’t be happy when you see it. None of us are happy.

    • Jeremiah Capacillo

      This is Bernadette Peters’s look, but she would have killed it.

    • Melanie

      Oh girl, that is not your dress. Or your hair. The only thing working here is her eye makeup.

    • Emily Dagger

      On his most recent stop in Cactus Holler, Buck could not help but notice that standards at Miss Kitty’s were not what they once were.

    • Violentcello

      Along with all the other endowments nature blessed her with, the poor darling has a fivehead. I share her pain. Bangs are our friend.

    • Mori Rene

      i can forgive the color and hair but jesus christ what on earth is going on with that front seam?? where the skirt attaches?? who let that out of the shop??

    • Lori

      I want such good things for her and instead I keep getting stuff like this. Sigh. If this was in a jewel tone and her hair wasn’t a wreck she’d look great. So close, and yet so very far.

    • sundaynightaddict

      Alfalfa hair. Nice clutch.

    • conniemd

      I do love the shape of the dress on her. The way the waist gathers in gives her an old fashioned Hollywood hourglass figure. Agree that the color doesn’t work.

      • 1964edithgrove

        The shape is great, the dress doesn’t fit her — and with this style fit is everything. Hate the hair, don’t mind the color or accessories.

    • GillianHolroyd

      Man, they really f*cked up that horizontal seam at her knee. It’s supposed to drape over the underskirt. This looks like it was altered in a rush. Maybe it was a Project Runway challenge because it has the same issues.

    • Chattygal

      Is it the lighting that makes the fabric on Christina’s dress look so terribly cheap in comparison with the runway, or is that a fabric switcheroo?

      Her hair made me cry.

    • clatie

      I hate everything about this look. WHY? WHY? WHY?

    • Capt. Renault

      She looks Divine. Someone tell John Waters.

    • FibonacciSequins

      That looks like a knockoff of the runway dress. It’s too voluminous to work on her figure, anyway. A more streamlined version of that silhouette was called for. The accessories are bad and her hair is just messy.

      • mlle

        Agreed. If you already have an ass, you don’t need to wear the dress designed to create the illusion of an ass.

      • Hrfe

        I really like the runway looks color, she should’ve kept it.

    • higgledypiggledy

      I like the more-is-more aesthetic here, and the color doesn’t bother me. If she had a soft updo and got the bottom part of the skirt fixed, she’d be in business. Still, for her this is a pretty strong showing.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Swing and a miss.

    • AnnaleighBelle

      I love her so much that this mess physically hurts me.

      • FibonacciSequins

        Same. I want so much for her to look fabulous on every red carpet.

    • carrie

      It looks like she absolutely hated the ‘do her stylist gave her and mussed it up in the car on the way over.

    • Caroline

      Her hair reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld when everyone’s hair is ruined by the low water pressure.

    • mommyca

      At least I’m happy she is showing her own scalp… That alone makes me happy, although I can see that’s not the best hair style though…

    • H2

      Did one of the Olsen twins do her hair?

    • kim bunchalastnames

      the dress on the model has a fold at that seam, which makes it look less contrived, and as if the fabric there had a purpose, like a wrap. with the visible seam instead, it just looks like a knock off. and ya, why not go with that deeper, bluer red?

    • nannypoo

      The color of this dress is the least of her problems here.

    • Cheryl

      The colour is so much nicer on the runway, and I see some construction differences as well, there is some interesting folding and tucking on the runway and an ugly seam on Christina’s. I don’t hate the hair, but I do hate all that shiny, tacky gold. Edited to change seem to seam…

    • http://angrynerdgirl.net/ Jessi03

      That’s basically what my hair looks like at the end of each work day. (It should be noted that I have super curly hair, and when I get stressed, I comb my fingers through it fretfully).

    • marlie

      I kind of hate the way the dress fits her from the waist down. It’s not tight enough to be form-fitting, and not loose enough to be bustle-ish, as on the model. And her hair is absolutely unforgivable.

    • Paula Pertile

      I don’t hate the hair? All together though – yeah, no.

    • LadyVimes

      The seam for the mermaid tail is horrific. Then again…satin.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      All that is missing is her crystal ball….

    • YoungSally

      Everybody – Hello Dolly! Well, Hello Dolly!

    • Janet B

      Trying something different sometimes works (Melissa McCarthy) sometimes doesn’t.

    • bhl_1123


    • TheGrandSophy

      Bit too bordello

    • Tracy_Flick

      The way her gold accessories clash with the gold detailing on her dress is making me grind my teeth.

    • formerlyAnon

      I’m torn. On the one hand she looks like a comic book adventuress whose fall-back position is, um, on her back. On the other hand, she looks like she’s moderately happy and actually enjoying herself, especially in that last photo – and I find that so engaging. The fault is in the fabric; without that rumply shiny low budget look it would look significantly better.

      • stonecoldcuddlewhore

        yeah, I don’t mind her face or hair all that much – she looks a little fresher and happier than usual. Might be better if it was a side part?
        It’s that weird thing at the bottom of the dress and the bridesmaids fabric that I don’t understand.

    • Froggae

      This dress needs to be set on fire (along with about 85% of Marchesa dresses). But the real travesty is HER HAIR. WTF–why waste the $ on the dye job if you’re just going to let it hang there like that???

    • almondemy

      I think we’re seeing her try to break from her Mad Men fashion aesthetic into something more personal. This reminds me so much of her pre-Mad Men/special guest on Firefly days. I imagine we are going to see more of this loosey-goosey non-secretarial Christina as she tries to court more diverse roles.

    • http://fibonaccisequins.storenvy.com/ Danielle

      Jesus take the wheel.

    • Qitkat

      This kind of fussy dress is really not her friend, but I don’t mind the color here. Her makeup is gorgeous, actually she is stunningly gorgeous and the makeup is perfectly subtle. Her hair/wigs drive me crazy, yet I can’t imagine her looking any other way, so there’s that. It’s HER LOOK. The wild gypsy jewelry is fun though.

    • Radish

      She told Guliana on her red carpet interview that she thought the gold applique was “Indian”, so she accessorized with Indian jewerly.


    • papillon

      …I like it? Not from the awful seam down but otherwise I think she looks really nice and I like the hair. I definitely see the saloon girl thing but she always looks so staid. It’s nice to see her (seemingly) trying to move away from that. I don’t generally like bangs but she could probably use some though. And the colour/fabric of her dress definitely looks cheaper than the one on the model.

      • scimomma

        Ditto to this plus the accents should be in the old-gold instead of bright yellow family. The shape is so great and her girls are supported. Why the cheap cut/fabric/color?

    • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gaby

      It kind of reminds me of Bobby Barrett’s fire-red dress on Mad Men, but a cheap knock-off.

    • Ray

      The bottom half of that dress looks like home ec. The color doesn’t bother me but the hair is pretty bad.

    • EEKstl

      No. Just…no. Oh, Christina. No.

    • World of Sass

      Um, she looks FABULOUS. I don’t like that seam at her knees at all, but I the bodice is just glorious and I love the gold accents. AND the hair. So there!

    • LeelaST

      The model gown is gorgeous; Christina’s version looks like a K-Mart knockoff. The hair…

    • http://cakesandcakesvintage.blogspot.com cakesandcakesvintage

      If it weren’t for the hair, this would be a WERQ for me. It’s just got such a beautifully romantic, Victorian feel to it, but the limp hair and lackluster makeup let it down.

    • http://urban-gypsy.com/ Tess Danesi

      I saw Marchesa and Christina and my immediate thought was “this does not bode well.” Yeah, I was right. A shame because she is such a stunning woman.

    • Emily Rose

      Marchesa has always been walking a fine, fine line between red carpet and prom and this one just went way too far in the bad direction.

      Especially how Christina has the one-shoulder pulled up.

    • SistaT

      DISAGREE. I think she looks wonderful. Like a Botticelli, specifically “Portrait of a Young Woman, after 1480″. Lush, adorned, statuesque. I like the wild and free hair. I only wish she’d kept the more embellished part of the bodice. There was something about it that made it look like the gown was slipping off to show undergarments that I find very sexy. I give her a thumbs up on this.

      • stonecoldcuddlewhore

        I’m not so opposed to the hair either, and I like your reference.

    • Jane

      She’s so beautiful I wonder why she did this to herself? Is she channeling Heidi Klum’s taste level?

    • MaggieMae

      I’m beginning to think this is just a taste issue (hers). It’s like so many of her outfits need overhauling. OMG, change the shoes, or the hair, or the color, on and on.

    • throwaneyeonthis

      I think the seam is so misplaced it ruined the whole look. If the dress had been tailored so the drape fell gracefully, she would not appear to be cut off and thus wider in the hip area. The difference between the model’s version and the red carpet version makes me think the changes were done by the dry cleaner around the corner.

    • Denise Rambo

      This looks like a costume … for some kind of bad satire. I don’t know what it is about the actors/actresses on “Mad Men”, I prefer most of them as their characters more than as themselves. January Jones always looks like hell to me when she’s not in character – Bette’s wardrobe is TO DIE FOR. And Christina Hendricks should just stick to Joan’s clothes. Even Jon Hamm looks like of smarmy and scummy to me when he’s not being Don Draper.

    • paginatrix

      Miss Kitty!

    • Miss Atomic

      She looks SO GOOD as Joan Harris but seems to look dramatically different in a bad way when she is herself. Her hair needs volume, always does.

    • luludexter

      The dress is indeed not good but it’s the hair that is truly terrible!

    • Abbey Rogue

      This gown looks slapped together. The color makes the silk satin look cheap, and the silk satin makes this glorious woman look cheap. The seaming on the lower half of the gown is gross and puffy. The rouching is atrocious, the gold beading looks like it came from Hobby Lobby… I could go on and on and on and on.

    • Kate

      I agree with a few other posters that the main misfire of the outfit is the seam at the bottom half of the dress. The difference in the two versions is very much to the detriment of Christina’s dress. I like the bodice and the top, but I that lank, boring hair makes her look like Claire Fisher. Not good.

    • Jennifer Bober

      If only she had asked for it in that luscious purple of the other dress you can see in the model shot. That would have been fantastic on her. The shape is good, but the color is just killing it and that’s what’s making the fabric look cheap (which given that it’s probably a silk satin is quite an accomplishment). I won’t even bother with the hair.

      • Raspberry2012

        I was thinking the same thing! I thought, “If she’d worked on the hair and had this dress in a deep purple, this could have been a win.”

      • kerryev

        Any good blue or purple color would play up its similarity to the Elizabeth Taylor-y number she wore in last year’s Mad Men promo shots.

    • bunnydiet

      The color on the model is stunning. Christina looks like she should be tending a Solon- a cheap one.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Jessica Rabbit on crack. “I’m really not bad — I just dress that way”.

    • Kimberlini

      She looked so pretty sitting the audience! What a disappointment to see the entire look.

    • MM4321

      Not cute. I really do not love how she looks in reds and pinks.

    • MissRiss65

      Again, hair that proves the hair stylists all jumped ship

    • crash1212

      Wow. This is such a miss. The dress isn’t my favorite, but it could’ve worked without all the mistakes made with hair, makeup and ALL the gold accessories. Her stylist / glam squad really let her down here.

    • seventeenwest

      That hair gives her a fivehead, which I’ve never noticed on her before. “Not good” is generous.

    • dschubba

      Yikes. If you told me she was soldiering through a stomach flu, I’d believe it. Is it the color that’s making her look so sickly?

    • http://tvblogster.blogspot.com Boop

      Oh, Christina. You don’t look like your usual ravishing self.

    • TRSTL

      “Miss Kitty runs the best whorehouse in town!”….. Straight up wild west madam! Eeck…..

    • MaryMcClelland

      I like the gold accents – and the shape. Nothing else. Too bad this wasn’t in navy blue and paired with a sleek updo. That hair is tragic. It’s beyond gym hair. It’s ‘I just got out of the shower without conditioner because my kid was doing something horrible I needed to scream about and then I ran out the door without combing it!’ bad. It’s also like the BEFORE in a Frizz-Ease commercial.

    • aquamarine17

      the piece added to the bottom half doesn’t seem to work. that draping could look good without that mermaid addition of fabric. two straps rather than one might be better, too at least as it looks on Christina. such a diff look on the model! i like it on the model

    • Bonnie Blue

      Just wayyyy too much of everything.

      • Killer Bees

        Agreed! As if she were either styled as a villainess by a graphic novel artist, or by my four year old who likes to pile everything on.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh man–a soft updo with some escaping tendrils would have been a million times better than this stringy hairdo. It would have enhanced the wild Gypsy look much more. I like the dress–but it’s too long.

    • http://www.chifleschips.com Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

      Um, looks like there was no thinking involved.

    • Cee Layton

      I gasped and recoiled; It was an actual physical repellent reaction to this entire look. She is one of the most lovely of women, but I t feels as though she rails against her beauty.

    • MoHub

      Send this woman some pictures of Mae West in her prime. I need Ms. Hendricks to release her inner Diamond Lil.

    • ashtangajunkie

      No one who sees these photos should ever wonder why TLo’s kittens are bitter.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      Imagine this in emerald or sapphire with classier, more understated jewelry and an updo. Sigh.

    • Zoey

      The earrings and jewelry look so heavy. The hair so heavy. I just want to go and help her hold something up.

    • teensmom99

      I kind of liked it. Maybe I’ve just seen GWTW too many times.

    • mickiemonkey

      Give that dress to Helena Bonham Carter, the gypsy fairy queen.

    • Mothra

      I didn’t like this at all and I like it less after seeing it on the model. It is just too much dress for a full figured woman. It don’t think it is flattering on her at all. And that hair is just unacceptable. What is it with the lady stars and this whole beach blown look that actually looks like they haven’t had their ends trimmed in three months. Regarding the color It looks like more of a dark tangerine color on the model (and quite luscious) so I suspect flashes were blowing it out to look like BRIGHT FREAKING RED on the red carpet. I could also do without all that gold nonsense which actually looks more like brass.

    • Watts

      Is it a trick of the lighting between the runway show and the red carpet or did they use a much cheaper fabric to make Christina’s dress?

    • alyce1213

      It looks like a cheap costume with too much “fashion” jewelry. What a shame.

    • MartyBellerMask

      The hair, it pains me. Not the worst hair of the night, but I’ll save that for her post if she gets one.
      But Christina, UGH. WHY.

      ETA- she looks like Bert Cooper’s office.

    • http://www.lippsisters.com/ Deborah Lipp

      I think most of this works like gangbusters but the fabric is AWFUL. If that exact dress was in a deeper red, with a softer, lighter fabric: Awesome.

      I think the change in the hair is interesting. By which I mean, no, it’s not good, but she’s moving in a direction with it that I like. A little less of a crown, a little pulled away to show the fantabulous face. If it wasn’t so wild, it’d be very good.

    • James

      Wrinkled satin bright red bordello bed sheet clasped together with a brass clip.

    • Glammie

      Dear lord, her hair–it’s totally flat on top and with that over-the-top gown . . . Poor Christina, she clearly loves clothes and ornamentation, but she has a hell of a time getting the clothes right for her self. The styles she likes to wear are not the styles that look good on her. Beautiful woman, but she’s so at odds with herself when it comes to fashion.

    • Susan Carson

      Not her dress, makes her one breast look larger than the other, wrong red jut simply not as polished as seen on the runway.
      she looks great in that fab 50″s early 60’s silhouette.

    • GenieinTX

      This woman is a goddess, why does she insist upon making herself look as terrible as possible most of the time???? Pull that hair up into a twist and she would have looked 1000 times better.

    • kategs

      I think that if she’d gotten rid of all that gold jewelry that clashes with the waist element, this might have worked a whole lot better. She’s just never struck me as the Dolce and Gabbana look. Oddly I rather like the hair.

      • wontons

        Me too. I’m OK with the dress and its waist decoration, but then there’s just way too much cheap-looking gold. I don’t know how better to accessorize the dress, which is one of many reasons that I’m not a stylist.

    • MissAmynae

      Imagine this in Eggplant. Oh, it would have been glorious.

      I don’t love the hair, but it is nice to see her trying something different. The clutch is too big and too brassy.

    • Columbinia

      The gown doesn’t look nearly as good on Ms. Hendricks as it does on the model. The over-skirt, under-skirt of the original design appears to have been modified into a sort of mermaid gown — and not done well. That mid-thigh seam attaching the long, lame flounce really ruins the dress, making it look kinda cheap. Done in white, this gown would be right at home in an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.”

    • ailujailuj

      damn. with the RW lighting, that dress is simply stunning. I saw that hairstyle on her recently in a more casual setting and she looked fresh and youthful. It’s just all a mess. Oh Christy…. and why is she carrying a bible.

    • PinkyK

      Ugh, so not cute.

    • Shawn EH

      It’s almost biblical; in a Mary Magdelene sort of way.

    • suzq

      Either that fabric is totally different than what was on the runway, or that dress needs to have a team of lighting technicians to light it just so, wherever it goes.

    • snarkykitten

      I…like it???

    • LFH

      Needs to be a way richer, darker, more dramatic red. Needs to put her hair up, or at least have it done in a classic 50s sort of way to emulate old Hollywood.

    • GemFemme

      A rich burgundy would have been a better color.

    • Man Dala

      As much as I lover her, I hated this look on her. The dress is the same colour as the red carpet. She looks like an over-sized fancily wrapped human-size doll gift. And the hair is DYO beyond extreme.

    • Nick Pilgrim

      More jugs than an IKEA homewares catalogue.

    • Linderella

      I like the soft makeup on her. Otherwise…yeah, there’s nothing else. Disaster of epic proportions (literally!).

    • Baghag

      Want. That. Cutch. Now.

    • Orange Girl

      I love her. This is a disaster.

    • livesarah

      You didn’t mention the awful makeup. She just looks scary In this… Thing.

    • GemFemme

      My first thought was “Ms. Kitty slums it up for Matt Dillon”.

    • MyFavoriteColorIsGlitter


    • Lola

      Something about the shade, fabric and style of this dress reads very bridesmaid, 1982, and that ain’t no good thang.

    • Sarah

      Was her wig closet closed for renovations?

    • grasshack

      completely different (luscious) fabric on the model –

      unless it’s the photos that make it look that different?

    • Swiftlytiltingplanet

      Her hair hurts me.

    • quiltrx

      I DESPISE tomato red! I’m very fair with very dark hair and eyes…this color is NOT my friend. And the friend of almost ZERO fair-skinned gals in general.
      Looking at the model picture, I wish she had had this dress in that purple. And someone else’s hair.

      • BLauDGaspode

        Read my mind! I thought, “Oh! Why is she not wearing that purple one??”
        The flat, boring hair is really killing it too, though.

    • MilaXX

      The hair style really runs it. With good hair and makeup I might have given this a pass. The hair is just too wiggy and style-less.

    • melanie0866


    • ktr33

      The plastered down hair seems like a mistake one would correct worth dry shampoo. The ill-fitting dress reads Wild West madam. But belle watling had better hair.

    • HeisenbergHattie

      Get rid of ALL the jewelry and live happily ever after.

    • demidaemon

      Hair-AWFUL. Dress-OVERWORKED MESS. Total effect-FAIL. And forehead. A lot of forehead.

    • DollyMadisonWI

      I hope that CH will consider getting a breast reduction once Mad Men is finished. I never advocate for anyone to go the plastic surgery route but I think she is insanely beautiful and really talented and I don’t think she’s going to be able to turn her breast size into a positive like Sofia Vergara and Dolly Parton have been able to. In her case, I think it it would add longevity to her career if she made that choice. I’d like to see her be talked about in public for her talent more than her breasts.

    • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

      The fabric looks so much more luxe on the runway. This looks like the cheap knock-off version that someone made in acetate lining fabric.

    • Sara Brams-Miller

      Yeah no.

    • librarygrrl64

      This would have looked great in a different fabric and with more subtle accessorizing. Ugh THAT HAIR. :-(

    • elemspbee

      hot mess. she looks wrinkled disheveled from head to toe.