Robert Pattinson at “The Rover” Sydney Photocall

Posted on June 06, 2014

White t-shirt, terrible cuffing. No points awarded. Tsk.



Robert-Pattinson-The-Rover-Sydney-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Robert Pattinson attends the photocall for “The Rover” in Sydney, Australia.

Robert-Pattinson-The-Rover-Sydney-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Robert-Pattinson-The-Rover-Sydney-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Robert-Pattinson-The-Rover-Sydney-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Robert-Pattinson-The-Rover-Sydney-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Go home and start over. Society has decided to reject you.

Okay, with the scoring and melodrama out of the way, we will admit that a photocall has the broadest dress code of any type of public appearance. It’s not the casualness we mind. In fact, we really like the pants, jacket and footwear. It’s just that everything looks so annoyingly half-assed and last-minute. Put on something other than an undershirt – we’d have even accepted a print t-shirt – zip up the jacket, and for god’s sake, do something about those terrible cuffs. We’re wincing at those sad things. He looks like he’s trying to smuggle drugs into prison.




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  • RussellH88

    Maybe it was prison-themed?

    • TheLaurenJean

      He’s celebrating the second season of Orange is the New Black!

  • another_laura

    You’re so spot on, T Lo. I’m no fan of his, but this actually coulda been a contender, with a tiny bit of effort.

  • nomnom

    This is worse than Pitting, I think we need to coin a term ‘Pattisoned out’ or something like that to talk about a level lower than Pitting.

  • TinyDynamo

    I get dressed better to walk my kids to school. Grow up, asshat. This is your extraordinarily well-paying job, so start putting some actual effort in.

    • lecoffeeaddict

      Just gonna say that “asshat” is by far one of my favorite insults.

      • DebbieLovesShoes

        YES!! Wish I has the nerve to say that in real life to certain people I know (but thinking it helps!)

    • DebbieLovesShoes

      ^ this. Well said!

  • lecoffeeaddict

    Read the tweet, “Robert Pattinson fails to try at the photocall for ‘The Rover,'” and thought, “Oh, so Robert Pattinson does Robert Pattinson.”

  • NMMagpie

    I am more struck with how much more attractive his face is with a little age behind it. I have never been one to swoon over this guy but it appears he will age well. Excellent.

    • Snarkmeister

      I was impressed that he actually appeared to have washed his face and hair. He usually just looks greasy and hung over, but here I give him a pass on the half-assed clothes because he looks fairly alert and clean.

      • Tracy_Flick

        I was just wondering if the greasy effect was KStew’s influence. He looks…surprisingly not bad, and less angsty.

        • FibonacciSequins

          He was showing up at public events looking greasy pre-KStew.

          • lunchcoma

            He definitely was. But I’ve noticed a cleaner look overall in recent years. He’s 28 years old. Maybe he’s actually matured a bit? (Unlikely in a celebrity, I know.)

          • FibonacciSequins

            I’m sure he’s matured. I think he also gets a lot of free clothing from designers so he’s wearing new vs. old/dirty/wrinkled. He does look less angsty lately. I’m sure he’s happy being off the Twilight juggernaut.

          • lunchcoma

            I have hope for him. Maybe in 5 or 10 years, he’ll even show up in something deserving of a WITFU.

        • formerlyAnon

          I think I read that Ms. Stewart started using HIS hairdresser, so he was the root of the over-product issue, I think.

    • marlie

      His face seems to filled out a teensy bit, and it suits him.

    • FrauKrissie

      Wow, how great are you! The only reason I even read the comments here was to see if anyone was going to say this or if it was just me. 🙂

  • Hetha Innis

    How hard is it to roll up a cuff? And he gets paid how much?

    • Patrick Cleary

      He could even hire people to roll his cuffs!

  • Patrick Cleary

    Those aren’t cuffs, that’s what you do to the top of your brown paper bag when you need to wrap it around the neck of a 40.

    • Noah

      Dying at my desk.

  • JauntyJohn

    I know we project a lot onto some of these celebrity shots — well, I do, anyway — but there is something F.U. about these super casual outfits in these situations. I feel like there’s an ingratitude for the result of their luck and hard work. Because there are a lot of talented people out there working their asses off who would give a major internal organ in trade for some of the opportunity and attention and access to projects that some young actors seem to respond to with such disdain.
    Like I said, projecting, probably.

    With that said, nice pieces, not well executed. Handsome young man with probably more talent than he’s been given credit for, given the franchise that made him a global star. Or maybe not.
    If this became his “uniform” for these things it wouldn’t be half bad. Clean, fairly pressed, nice color choices, clean grooming.
    Not half bad at all.

    • majorbedhead

      No, I agree with you. With this guy, I get the feeling he’s trying to be above it all, to act like he doesn’t care, maybe because he was in the Twilight films. I don’t know, but it is infuriating. He CHOSE this job. Act like it means something, FFS. It’s not like he’s working on a chain gang.

    • lunchcoma

      If you’re projecting, I’m projecting too. I really dislike the trend of men being so casual on the red carpet. This is part of their job, and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect them to put on an appropriate costume the same as they do when they’re filming.

      • DitaVonTeese

        Thsi was not for the red carpet. He looked stunning for every red carpet event

    • 1MariaElena1

      Here’s where Rob wins…he’s a really nice person, kind, humble and talented. He’s about to knock it out of the park with his portrayal of “Rey” in “The Rover”, and he doesn’t use his time being cruel to others for no reason.

  • RescueMe23

    Seriously – does he purposely not bathe before he goes out in public? Is that a “thing?”

  • boweryboy

    This is pretty much what I’m wearing right now (and just about any given day). Except my pants are olive green and the Adidas are black Chucks.

    • FibonacciSequins

      But I’ll bet you’re not doing a photocall to promote a movie today.

      • boweryboy

        And I can cuff my pants better than that.

    • Sly

      Where do you find nice fitting colorful pants?? I for the life of me can not find any slim fitting ones, they all look like my dads pants!

      • hyperionic

        Really?? Should be able to get them from any hip male clothing store. Try ASOS.

        • Sly


      • boweryboy

        Levis 511s have been my go to pant for the past few years, but lately it seems like they’re scaling back on color choices.

        I’ve also had some luck with H&M. It required a lot of time, patience, and trying on different cuts in different sizes before finding what worked best for me.

        • Sly

          Thank you, I have to check out Levi’s

      • Spicytomato1

        Gap has really great slim fitting khakis for men and women, in fun colors. And for my 14 year old who’s growing so fast that I don’t want to spend much on pants that he’ll only wear for a short time, I’ve found that Old Navy has nice slim khakis, too.

        • Sly

          Canadian Gap/Old Navy isn’t the best places, I find their selection of items are less than that of the U.S.

          • Spicytomato1

            Can you access the US stuff online? That’s how I usually shop these days, haven’t set foot in either of those stores in a couple years, probably.

          • Sly

            I can, but then I pay a hefty shipping and a hefty duty. This is also a reason why everything is more expensive in Canada, all the taxes.

      • rhône

        h&m has five-pocket chinos that fit like slim jeans (kinda stretchy), the color selection varies with the season and with the store though. they’re online now too!

        • Sly


      • DitaVonTeese

        Kmart 🙂

  • susan6

    His “style” can be described as “wake and bake”. It’s beyond Pitting.

    • SugarSnap108

      Is it Beyond Pitting, or Not Even Pitting? These are the questions I wrestle with.

  • BlairBear

    I looked just like this when I woke up at 8 50 hungover and had class at 9 . Ahh memories

  • Ashleigh

    Wonder why boy stars feel the need to embrace such a rebellious attitude…not that one has to be ANYTHING, but being a brat seems like a pretty spoiled attitude to chose

  • OffToSeeHim

    I keep going back to it, no matter what he wears. He just looks like Such. A. Douche. Like, of COURSE he’s showing up to the photo call looking like he stopped there on his way to Starbucks on a Sunday after a big Saturday. Just his way of letting you know that even if it’s important to you, whatever it is doesn’t even make it onto his radar. It’s just a big FU to everybody who came out for it.

  • MilaXX

    What kills me is I bet some stylist intentionally did that so called cuffing thinking it would look more street or down to earth. What it actually looks like is he let his 3 year old nephew bunch them up like that. Since he failed simple pants wearing, I don’t wish to discuss the rest of his look.

    • FibonacciSequins

      It looks to me like he rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark, including rolling those cuffs.

    • smh4748

      “Since he failed simple pants wearing” Ha!

      It’s really hard for me to even imagine how one could bungle pants rolling so badly, which leads to the conclusion it must be intentional. It all just boggles the mind.

  • zuzu

    That’s the kind of cuffing I do at the car wash.

  • juniper

    boy stars are not held to the same standards as lady stars.

    this is on the level of some of shailene’s looks IMHO- too approachable/standard normal person street wear- and it sparks a debate about photocall dress code instead of affirmative “go home, period” statements. it looks last minute because compared to the looks lady stars wear, it probably was.

    ….hrmph. it’s been a rough morning, can you tell?

  • He and KStew were perfectly paired because I’ve never seen any other celebrities whose photographs projected both abject boredom and deep scorn so effortlessly as these two.

    • Anna

      Couldn’t agree more. They were the Prom King and Queen of abject boredom and deep scorn.

  • Chameleon

    He just looks like he doesn’t want to be there. I wonder if some celebrities sign a contract not to smile during photocalls and red carpets. Anyways, seriously? That cuffing was so bad.

  • James

    I hate this because this was styled to look like he doesn’t care. I wish it were that he simply just doesn’t care, then he’d go and sit at home and do whatever. But he does care and wants to project the I am so over this, this is below me, and we get this. Well I am over him. Do your job pal.

  • French_Swede

    He doesn’t look good when he smiles … his eyes get all squinty. So maybe that’s one reason he seems so aloof. As for the pants, I couldn’t care less. Whatever, they’re a great color and wouldn’t keep me off of his arm as a date.

    And can we please, please, PLEASE stop using the word “douche” ??? Yuck.

    • Imasewsure

      I think he looks fine too and agree about “douche.” It is a great great term but it really needs to be reserved for only the best cases (generally where someone looks like a pimp, a mafia don or a lounge lizard). 🙂

  • SAA

    Well, both Gucci and Dior showed rolled cuffs in their mens lines recently, so I assume as the face of Dior he’s just following that trend. Not my fav look but if anyone can pull it off, it’s him. His face is, of course stunning.

    • SAA

      oh – and there are about 100 pics of him smiling at this photocall, for some reason none were posted… and Guy Pearce was dressed pretty casually too, as it was really just a press event for the film.

  • lunchcoma


  • marlie

    Robert Pattinson would like us to know that he really, really, really isn’t enjoying this. Not in the least.

  • dmkava

    those are some awesome pants right there–doesn’t say who designer might be. that’s the worst cuff roll I’ve ever seen though

  • AC Simons

    “He looks like he’s trying to smuggle drugs into prison.” Looks like he already took a fair amount of said drugs. Those are some seriously “I don’t give a fuck” dead eyes. Oh yeah, the outfit is atrocious.

  • Spicytomato1

    Aw, society may reject him but I don’t. Agree that he’s a bit sloppy but I like the overall look. And I’ve definitely seen worse. Plus, he looks happy and healthy and less pasty than during his Twilight tours, which I like to see.

  • CommenterFormerlyKnownAsR

    the cuffs are hilarious and may stay for amusement purposes.

  • greymain

    just don’t GET this guy……nor his cuffing.

  • sk8tfan

    And stop with the pocket pool, boy stars. Ruins the lines of the pants and looks like you have a self-sex addiction.

  • MannahattaMamma

    We get it Robbie: you’re waaay too cool to try. What about all those other people whose job it is to set up these poledances, take the pictures, organize the scheduling, all that really dull stuff, so that you can arrive & half-assedly have your picture taken. Couldja try just a little harder? Feh.

  • littlevase

    “Go home and start over. Society has decided to reject you.” Dying. DYING.

  • Imasewsure

    Actually this looks ok for him… everything looks new… don’t love the pants but they are clearly designed to do all of the heavy lifting in this outfit… Like the hair cut… seems fine overall to me

  • ktr33

    I’m ok with everything but the super-stupid cuff roll. I don’t much care for him, but this is a cute set of clothes for a boy his age.

  • You, sir, are no James Dean. This Rebel Without A Cause-lite does no favours.

  • formerlyAnon

    Nobody could claim he’s not conventionally attractive, but his looks are so boooring. Too much hair product and a sulky pretty girlfriend didn’t help. Dressing extremely well helps a little. He might try it more often.

  • Belvane

    The pants are sad, but I kind of like the clean simplicity of the white shirt. Not on its own, but under a jacket — it draws the eye up to the face.

  • Those pants look like brown lunch bags.

  • siriuslover

    I do like the pants. Unfortunately, I think that his hatred over being sucked into the Twilight pole dancing now manifests itself in everything he does.

  • somebody blonde

    The shorter hair works a lot better for him, have to say.

  • Qitkat

    I guess I just don’t get the point of a photocall. Don’t these people get enough publicity anyway? What with paparazzi and red carpets and film openings and festivals? And anyway, I must be missing something here, he looks normal, clean, sorta cute, not that annoyed and not even that half-assed. There’s almost a smile about to break through.

  • Heather

    The rolling on those cuffs is hurting me. I hate it a lot.

  • LadyVimes

    Eeuck. I know he Doesn’t Care, but dude. The least you could do was shower. He’s dressed like one of those guys who try to neg you on the bus to start a conversation and you get off at the next stop just to get rid of him.

  • niagirl

    I want to know if he at least bathed this time around? When a FRENCH reporter says your not fresh then OMG you must really reek.

  • throwslikeagirl

    Nice haircut. I think he’s the new Robert Mitchum.

  • demidaemon

    I hate those pants, even if TLO don’t. The color is horrid.

  • Jaeda Laurez

    He looks clean. Which is a low bar, but he looked distinctly “on a bender” during the whole Twilight phase. So this is much better.

  • Trickytrisha

    I dunno… to me he kinda looks like that cousin that got held back a grade or two in school then dropped out to work on his Pa’s farm. But then, I didn’t do Twilight, etc. and never caught the fever.

  • quiltrx

    What a shame…just a little effort and this would have been pretty good! Love the jacket and especially the kicks.

  • Wilson

    He’s atrocious. His face, that outfit, his acting. NEXT.

  • Bill Craven

    I always wonder when these things come from the Antipodes whether the star has just staggered off a 14-hour flight with an hour to prepare for yet another photocall; having said that, perhaps not making your cuffs look like a scrunchy?

  • Tee

    He looks like that d-bag guy that yells at staff at bars.

  • pugluv

    I love the pants but am hating the messy cuffs.. I am not sure why he causes me to girl sigh but he does, I find him terribly attractive.

  • Oh, he looks good.

  • Emily S

    He doesn’t usually do it for me, but I am attracted to him here.

  • Flora O

    Oh. For a second I got so excited. Then I realized it’s not a film version of the Aphra Behn play. Which he could do quite nicely, by the way.