Lupita Nyong’o Triple Style Shot

Posted on May 05, 2014

Because it’s Monday and we sense you all need this in your life right now. Even better? Not one clunker! It’s a fashion grand slam, darlings.

Let’s pretend not to see the shoes.


Lupita-Nyongo-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Giambattista-Valli-Bibhu-Mohapatra-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Lupita Nyong’o attends the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. in an Oscar de la Renta gown with  a black-and-white polka dot peplum paired with an Oscar de la Renta ‘Goa’ clutch and Fred Leighton jewelry.

Lupita-Nyongo-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Giambattista-Valli-Bibhu-Mohapatra-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

LOVE. So much of the WHCA Dinner finery was boring as hell. We realize Washington isn’t a Hollywood red carpet kind of place, but that doesn’t mean everyone had to dress like a politician. In that sea of black dresses, it’s nice to see a little bit of polka dot action. Loving that clutch.



Lupita-Nyongo-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Giambattista-Valli-Bibhu-Mohapatra-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Lupita Nyong’o attends the 2014 Annual Garden Brunch at the Beall-Washington House in Washington, DC. in a Giambattista Valli strapless dress from the Fall 2014 collection paired with a Judith Leiber clutch, Christian Louboutin pumps,  and Fred Leighton jewelry.

Lupita-Nyongo-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Giambattista-Valli-Bibhu-Mohapatra-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Cute dress, gorgeous color on her. Enough said.

(Ignoring the shoes)


Lupita-Nyongo-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Giambattista-Valli-Bibhu-Mohapatra-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)Lupita Nyong’o attends the Google/Netflix White House Correspondent’s Weekend Party at United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. in an Bibhu Mohapatra ivory dress from the Fall 2014 collection paired with a Swarovski clutch, Christian Louboutin pumps, Fred Leighton jewelry.

Lupita-Nyongo-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Giambattista-Valli-Bibhu-Mohapatra-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

LOVE, part 2. It’s fresh. It’s sparkly. It feels like spring (which is not something you can say about a lot of celeb red carpetry lately). We’re not even ignoring the shoes. They don’t much go with this dress, but at least they’re a cute pair.

There. Don’t complain that we didn’t give you enough pretty today.





[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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  • @Biting Panda

    Bless, bless, bless.

    But actual thoughts also include:
    1. Dress one is cute but the peplums are making her rather wide and semi bulky.
    2. If she swapped the shoes for 2 and 3, I think we’d all be happier.

    • Alyssa

      I totally agree on swapping the shoes for 2 & 3.

    • KiP07

      Ok, I was worried about making a blasphemous comment, but I also found dress one to be slightly less than ideal. Agree to all of the above!

      • Carly Clement

        I agree, dress one wasnt the best, I was disappointing when I saw it! I think that the dress had some length issues and needed to be hemmed better

      • Coleen

        Oh thank goodness. I thought I was going to have my BK card revoked for not liking dress #1 at all.

    • ampg

      Yeah, that’s a LOT of peplum, even for Lupita.

    • alyce1213

      I’m forgiving the peplum(s) because it’s sheer polka dotted fabric, artfully cut and layered (as opposed to thick and straight across). I do agree on the shoe swap.

    • Yuju Ti

      AGREE!! Dress 1 makes her look not only wider but also shorter. Dress 2 and 3 are super cute, and I love your idea of swapping the shoes for 2 &3

    • holla

      I was just about to type #2.

  • AnnaleighBelle

    I keep trying to get my daughter to do this with her hair, but she buzzed the sides and has twists from the top. Cute but I really think she could swing this look…

  • leahpapa

    This is where I am with my enabling: Maybe she has a podiatric disorder that renders fierce shoes unbearably uncomfortable? Who cares, though – her poise and self-assurance are her best accessories.

    • Beardslee

      I’m wondering the same thing. She may have really hard feet to fit, or she may just be confident enough to say “hell no” to 21C foot binding.

    • @Biting Panda

      That has long been my thought with Ms. Hendricks as well. I myself have only two options, tennis shoes or flats of some form. If I absolutely MUST wear a heel, Kitten is as high as I go. I’m all about anything coming from Naturalizer. They get my rounded foot pain.

      • leahpapa

        Have you seen the new alternative captions for paparazzi shots circulating on social media? Like, instead of “What baby bump? Drew Barrymore shows of svelte new figure in skin-tight evening gown,” the caption reads, “Woman has baby, then wears clothes.” I think most of Lupita’s shoe choices could be, “Woman has feet, likes to be comfortable.” I’m on board with that.

        • Kitten Mittons

          Those captions are sooo funny, just saw some yesterday.

    • Yeah, but cute ballet flats would be an improvement over all the mismatched and awkward shoes she tends to pick.

      • leahpapa

        Too true, Uncles. I keep trying to find ways to be nice, but really, those shoes just aren’t attractive, and they don’t even look that comfortable, come to think of it.

        • Sarah

          Did you ever see this movie “I Give It A Year?” I watched a couple of months ago (eh) and the one thing I remember sticking out for me in it is that Rose Byrne’s character (a very sophisticated lady) is making some glib comment about how young she was that “she was still wearing ballet flats.” The comment makes the girl she’s talking to (Ana Faris) squirm because she’s the same age but a much more casual type of person, and she is wearing ballet flats in the scene. I remember being really shocked by that – the implication being that ballet flats were for kids and you’re not a “grown up” until you can wear ankle-breaking shoes. My point is, I don’t know how many ladies labor under this delusion (and I hope Lupita isn’t one) but regardless, I think it’s bullshit and I agree with the Uncles that cute flats are totally a viable choice, esp. when your dress is tea-length.

          • leahpapa

            Remember that scene in “Roman Holiday” when Audrey Hepburn’s character takes off her shoe under her dress to ease her aching feet? And then she gets those adorable flat sandals and tools around in a tea-length skirt? If it’s chic enough for Audrey…

          • alyce1213

            “If it’s chic enough for Audrey…”
            Words to live by.

          • Princess Diana wore ballet flats and loafers a lot. And if it is good enough for her…

            When *did* heels get so high? 15 years ago the 5″ heels that are almost mandatory for lady stars were strictly fetish-wear, as far as I remember!

          • livesarah

            It’s true! Only available in adult shops, for a couple of hundred dollars (in Australia, at least), 10-12 years ago. I won’t say why I know, only that the thought of spending that much money on no-name shoes makes me weep a little!

          • … nothing to do with shops on King St in Newtown that also sold very large tins of Crisco?

    • Fuchsiaforever

      Feet are the Pisces problem area. I’m a Pisces, as well as Lupita. As long as they live Pisces can have problems with their feet, never able to find good shoe. I know this cuz I’ve lived this….I even took my own shoemaking class!

  • Anna

    Lupita is ALWAYS sunshine on a cloudy a day, but for me these looks in the order they appear go from least like to most like. I should love the first look since I’m a fan of peplums and polka dots, but it’s just not working for me (along with the makeup).

    Look 3, from the shoes up, is stunning and by far my favourite.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Alas, my favorite DC look is sadly not featured in this trifecta, it was a blue print short dress that she wore on her WH visit.

      • Anna

        I couldn’t find a picture, very curious to see what this looked like.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    I love her style (and her) but that first dress is not doing anything for me. And I’m not wild about the Giambattista Valli either. Will I be hunted down Beygency-style for my trespass?

    • Anna

      I’m with you, really not loving the first dress either and lukewarm on the second one.

    • leahpapa

      The BEYGENCY!

    • marlie

      The Beygency reference cracked me the hell up.

  • PlethoraofBooks

    Uncles, I love the polka dot – but it makes her look short and stumpy and not flattering to her shape.
    I love dress two for color, ignore her shoes, and adore the last dress though it doesn’t fit her well, or has that illusion because of the gathers.
    … and normally I love Lupita too… It’s a Monday?

  • Karen Belgrad

    I think she loves dress#1 the best… notice the disparity in the sizing of her smile for dresses #2 and #3

  • Imasewsure

    I automatically ignore the fact that this goddess has feet… these shoe choices are better than usual but still need to be ignored. Love the dresses esp. the third one

  • Danielle

    I have decided that she has to wear bad shoes sometimes to keep the Bitter Kitten’s heads from exploding simultaneously. She’s doing us a service, if you think about it.

    • Sarah

      I always say this about my precious adorable nauseatingly cute avatar kitty. She is ridiculously crazy-making with her sweetness, and I think I would die from it if she didn’t have a sort of perpetual eye discharge on one side (not bad, but she had an infection in it when she was a baby and it’s always irritated). I thank her for that, lest I swoon on a daily basis.

  • SugarSnap108

    This woman even makes peplums work for me.

  • SpillinTea

    Lupita looks gorgeous (as always) in that Correspondents Dinner dress, but I’m so hoping our Uncles T and Lo will give a WERQ shoutout to Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes). She shut it DOWN.

  • WaterGhost

    Holy Christ, does that woman ever pick bad lipstick.

    Someone take that peplum out back and stab it discretely in an alleyway.

  • Lilithcat

    I think I hate her. She’s wearing a peplum and looks fabulous!

    • Constant Reader

      I know. She’s making me rethink my stance on peplums.

  • deelup

    I don’t know if she had a different tailor during award season, or if they just paid more attention. But one of the strongest points of her looks was that they looked like they were made for her body. All of these are slightly off with the fit/proportions and it’s giving me eye twitches.

  • MarissaLG

    That middle dress is the worst thing we’ve seen her in. It’s 20X better than the best dress a lot of stars wear, but for Lupita this is a strong miss.

  • Kent Roby

    That barely-off-center sash-ette hanging off the last dress bothers me; if it must be off center it should be on her right to look like the embellished edge of the faux wrap at her waist.

  • Chameleon

    Lupita proves that she wins in life once again, but I do think I would like the middle dress even better if it had sleeves a little shorter than #3’s.

  • decormaven

    I like the first dress. It’s kind of a nod to Holly Hunter’s polka-dot gown worn to the Correspondents’ Dinner in Broadcast News.

    • Shawn EH

      And it looks like something FLOTUS would approve of!

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    The last dress is cut beautifully around the waist. It is so flattering its obscene.

  • Lily

    I love how her stylists work magic with her hair. The create versatile and glamorous looks for each outing. Adore!

  • FibonacciSequins

    She should have worn #2’s shoes with #3, and sent the shoes from #3 back back to Louboutin. Dresses #2 and 3 aren’t fabulous, but only because we’ve become accustomed to high expectations with her. They’re fine, they just don’t say WOW.

    • Kelly

      I love your username.

  • Pablo

    Love the first look and I think I would’ve liked a little touch of color in the shoes for the third look.

  • 25or6to4

    That third dress is giving me life.

  • sagecreek

    I’m starting to find her horrible shoes endearing.

    • alyce1213

      Yeah, I’m going ‘aawww’ at this point — it’s become the lovable flaw. Proves she’s human.

  • marlie

    I really like all three looks a LOT. Nothing world-shattering, but all well-suited to her AND to the event.

    ETA: And as usually, she nailed it with the hair and makeup.

  • MilaXX

    I love her so much. I just hope Hollywood doesn’t fetishize her. I want to see her in ALL the thangs, dramas and comedies alike.

  • alyce1213

    All lovely. Much to my surprise, I like the third dress best. It’s fresh and sparky, and it’s also substantial, if you get what I mean. It’s a serious dress (but still manages to be fun).

  • Kathy

    I’ve missed her so. With very minor quibbles, these all look great.

  • Kelly

    She always looks great, because she’s Lupita, and she can make all sorts of things work that don’t really work in and of themselves. But I don’t think either Dress 2 or Dress 3 is doing her any favors. The red one looks cheap, and the ivory one looks like something a matron would wear to a 1960s wedding reception.

  • aahlife

    Wondering why her shoes are consistently off, while the rest of her is perfection.

  • Dagney

    I like #3, but 1 and 2 are looking a little Ross Dress For Less.

    • Malia C.

      I’m embarrassed to admit this but I am fairly certain I owned dress #1 when I was in prep school.

      • Dagney

        lol…She is such a great source of aggressive and successful fashion choices… these seem way below her mark. Polka dots+taffeta+peplum=1985 prom dress from Charlotte Russe.

        • Malia C.

          I hate that I hate it because I wore that dress. A lot!

          But it really gives me the heebee jeebee’s seeing it on someone like Lupita, twenty years after I probably last wore it 😉

  • Wink

    Yes. No. Meh.

  • HerpesHerpesHerpes

    I saw where she read for the new Star Wars movie, but didn’t get cast. Why? Lupita as a Jedi Master? That’s a no brainer.

    • Mr. J.

      It seems so obvious to me that she would be THE Bond Girl of all time….Surely they’re thinking along these lines?

  • Miss wks

    Actually, a fashion Grand Slam would be 4 fabulous non-clunkers…..

    • in a pickle

      Yep, this is a hat trick 🙂

  • nannypoo

    I have a question about the White House Correspondent’s event, for which both Lupita and Mrs. Obama looked sensational by the way, and I’m guessing someone here knows the answer. Why are celebrities like Katharine McPhee and Sophia Vergara there? I’m pretty sure they have no expertise relevant to White House corresponding. Who decides which celebrities are invited? Do agents lobby for invitations? Do they pay to go? Get paid to go? What’s the deal?

  • Mothra

    Dress 1 has a rather lumpy feel to it. I am not loving it. I suspect in person it has a more ethereal look to it, like tulle with big sequins? But in pictures it looks like a heavy tutu. All the other dresses are very adorable and as per usual she looks great.

  • stubbornthoughts

    Don’t care much for the second dress on her, I actually am not a fan on that color on her, but the first is MAGNIFICENT and the third is alright.

    God, she’s pretty.

  • KT

    The third one is my favorite — totally eye-catching, chic and slightly different. Not into those shoes, though, and the long strip of metallic is making my eye twitch because it’s not centered… but still great overall.

    The first and second looks are very cute, as well, though the second one really needs a belt.

    • kimmeister

      Was just about to type the same thing about the 2nd one needing a belt!

      The 3rd pair of shoes is terrible.

  • DesertDweller79

    Don’t really like the first look. Actually, I kind of don’t like her makeup, and that is really surprising. Not sure the dress is doing her body any favors, though I do like the idea of polka dots.

    Dresses #2 and #3 are much better. Makeup is nice in those. And other BKs are correct that if she had swapped the shoes in those looks it would have been better.

  • e jerry powell

    I’m disappointed that Louboutin must go ignored, but they are wrong for that look in particular. I used to think it was impossible for anyone to go wrong with his shoes.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    can we PLEASE get this actress some ACTING roles now Hollywood? please don’t let her be the next…. you know, Oscar winners (esp supporting female) who vanish…please h’wood?

    • Lea Setegn

      There’s an awesome op ed piece in Entertainment Weekly this week that addresses this very issue. I don’t think they post the print content online or I’d like to it … anyway, it’s worth reading.

  • That polka-dot bodice gown look is the first official “I want to be her” moment of my life.

  • Tricia

    Love her so much. She makes my life.

    But yes, she loves pumps a tad too much sometimes. I think the second dress is my favorite. That color.

  • Man Dala

    As long as Lupita keeps wearing pretty dresses the world will be a bit of a better place each passing day.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Love that ivory dress-so chic! The first one, I”m not wild about the peplum. That said, any time the uncles give the BK’s a triple shot of Lupita is a good day

  • demidaemon

    The first dress is the best because you don’t even have to pretend to ignore the shoes. And she looks slamming, but that is a given.

  • myristica_fragrans

    maybe she just has hideous toes?

  • Terri Terri

    The frothy ruffles of sheer polka dots are beautiful.

  • LadyVimes

    The polka dot dress is my favorite of the three. It’s the most interesting, and she pulls it off without it looking froo-froo (danger of tulle at the waist).

  • lamh36

    The instagram pic the Lupita posted in front of WH in the red number included a twirl of the skirt and it was sooo cute

  • Qitkat

    The poses are all too similar, but these are all pretty dresses. I do like the first one the best, because she is just smiling so luminously, and I think this is really how a peplum ought to look, saucy, and flattering.
    Shoot me, but I have no quibbles about the shoes, they are the last thing I ever look at on anyone and especially Lupita.

  • katiessh

    See I really didn’t like the first dress- I’m not a fan of peplum, the skirt looks too heavy and it cuts her oddly somehow. I loved the second and third dress though

    • Mr. J.

      I agree…..first one is unflattering, as if it’s disguising a problem while creating one….third is a wow.

  • par3182

    Good lord, I just saw what she wore to the Met Gala Ball. Her ‘can do no wrong’ reputation is about to be destroyed.

    • No way, that is an awesome outfit! 🙂

  • malarson2

    That third dress caused a big inhale-and-hold moment for me. I’m still trying to catch my breath. It is a perfect dress. May-cause-light-headedness-when-suddenly-viewed-perfect.

  • Akemi

    I had to open this back up to scrub that Prada dress from last night out of my mind.

  • Diva in 4 Inch Heels

    After seeing what her stylist chose for her to wear at the MET last night, I’m just shocked. Why didn’t see put her in the first outfit last night?

  • She makes me so happy. So nice to have a lovely sorbet of pretty after getting an eyeful of that odd dress she wore at the Met gala.