Revenge S1E16: Scandal

Posted on March 01, 2012


That’s the problem with stories once you get everyone up to speed: there’s always a momentary “What’s next?” In a book, this pause-and-regroup moment could take as little as half a chapter, but in a serial television drama, it means entire episodes are turned over to the actions of cleaning up and setting up. These are rarely anyone’s favorite episodes, but we suppose this could have been a lot worse.

In an hour relatively short of forward momentum, there was at least one major reveal that surprised us: Revenge Sensei killed Tyler. Mostly. We’re not necessarily surprised that he’s the killer; we’re surprised that we know he’s the killer already. Many of us assumed the second half of the season would be something of a murder mystery but now we have no idea where things are going. That kind of unpredictability is golden for a show like this. We admit, we were a little disappointed at first to get such a definitive answer, but now it throws everything back at Emily. She will have to decide who deserves to be saved, according to her Sensei. Although we admit, we couldn’t tell who he was talking about. She’ll have to choose between Jack and Daniel? Or Jack and Amanda? Or Amanda and Daniel? Either way, we really enjoyed that short flashback scene to the night of the murder because we finally saw Emily not only display emotion, but emotion that was thisclose to getting out of control. It’s a new look for Hamptons Batman and while we can’t say we like it – preferring her when she’s totally on top of her game and ahead of everyone else in the room, of course – but it makes her character a lot more interesting and it raises the stakes emotionally. If Emily is this upset, how can we, the audience NOT be? “Your lack of discipline has brought chaos,” Sensei tells her, but has it? Sure, there’s a lot of chaos right now, but how much of that can be laid at Emily’s feet? She has nothing to do with Tyler’s craziness. A lot of the Amanda stuff is entirely her fault, but you can’t blame our Ems for a nutty gay with a gun, can you?

At least we got to see Emily once again prove that she’s smarter than Daniel – or any of the men, really. How quickly did she deal with Tyler’s attempt to reveal her plans? She didn’t even break a sweat getting Daniel to believe her.

In other news, Jack is so dumb that we’re impressed he has motor skills at all. HE PUT THE BLOODY HOODIE IN HIS DRAWER. Let’s face it: when wool-headed mouthbreather Declan is out-thinking you and feels he needs to step in to protect you, SCHEDULE A BRAIN SCAN IMMEDIATELY. If only to determine you actually have one.

Nolan remains awesome, of course. In fact, finding out that he’s not only the Robin to Hamptons Batman but also the Robin to Revenge Sensei suddenly made him even more interesting. Emily’s lucky to have him but she should never make the mistake of thinking she’ll always be able to out think him or control him.

Ashley somehow went from a party planner to a Grayson family spokesperson. We’re digging her whole “ambitious social climber” schtick, but we’re getting a little tired of random men walking up to her and telling her she’s an ambitious social climber. How about showing us some of that, writers? Sure, she took and uploaded the party pics, apparently, but why? What was she supposed to get out of that aside from more turmoil for her employers? If she’s so ambitious, what exactly are her plans and goals?

Charlotte went from being a nobody in this story to the person we feel the most sorry for. The scene on the swing with Emily was well played and quite sad, revealing once again just how much Emily’s giving up by staying on this path. We’re telling you, though: once that girl figures out how little she has to lose, she’ll become one of the most dangerous players on the board.

And finally, pretty mouthbreather Daniel gets punished for being part of the 1% (and how quickly was THAT inserted into the script, we wonder) and inexplicably gets sent to prison without a trial, to await trial. Okay, then. Doesn’t make much sense to us, but then again, we never understood why these people think bandage  dresses make appropriate beach wear. We’re just not their kind, we suppose.





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  • FunButNutz

    I was also surprised that they revealed the killer’s identity so quickly, but I always assumed that the trial (And the season) would end when Emily admits that she is the real Amanda Clarke.   I was thinking it would turn out that Real Emily’s blood would turn up on the beach, and it would link “Emily” to the crime based on some banked DNA in the penal system.  

    But having the Revenge Sensei be the killer and to have “Emily” know he is the killer, means that she cannot reveal this (and save Daniel) without revealing her true identity.  
    I would have preferred a murder mystery as well, but they haven’t hit many sour notes so far, so I’m willing to go with it.

  • TropiCarla

    “We WILL DESTROY YOU, ABC Television.” LOL

    I can always trust my blog daddies to get my morning off to a great start.

  • The look on Emily’s face as she was attempting to awkwardly hug  (as if she never experienced a sincere one) Charlotte was heartbreaking. 

    Most interesting thing about the episode was how quickly Victoria made it a point  of ensuring Emily gets more into the Grayson fold. Sense “cleaning up” after Emily was no surprise – he also mentioned Amanda was taken care of, hmm- but seeing it in that flashback was. Kelley said in a Daily Beast article that Daniel will be shaken up and not so much a pinball between Emily and Victoria so looking forward to seeing where that will go.

    {Edit to add} Emily the actress is really blowing it out of the water. Love the depth of her acting, especially after lameo Brothers & Sisters

    • YolandaHawkins

      It was her character on Brothers & SIsters that almost made me not watch the show.  My initial thought was “Oh that dreary Emily Van Camp.”  But she has happily proven me wrong with her turn on Revenge. 

    • zelavie

      That moment with Emily and Charlotte killed me!  You could see Emily’s internal conflict (sister vs. revenge), and EVC played that moment SO well.

  • Little_Olive

    “Doesn’t make much sense to us, but then again, we never understood why these people think bandage  dresses make appropriate beach wear”. Gotta love ya. 

  • lilibetp

    Daniel wasn’t sent to prison; he was sent to Rikers Island, which is the main jail for NYC.  You’d think they’d have a jail somewher in the Hamptons, though…

    Sensei said he “took care of” Emily. I’m assuming that means he killed her.

    • Connie Brandan Verzak

      See, I assumed he just scared the crap out of her and put her on a plane to Turkey or something. Never thought he killed her.

      • But Revenge Sensei is much colder than Hamptons Batman, and has NO sentimentality towards Fauxmanda, so it’s more likely that he either (a) killed her outright, or (b) has her imprisoned somewhere, and is waiting for the perfect opportunity for her to “escape” and mess things up.

    • Tom Shea

      I wouldn’t assume he killed her unless he said “I killed her.” I think she’s too interesting (and, yes, too hot) to be taken out like that.

    • Wasn’t Fauxmanda seriously injured?  Maybe she is in a coma and he is sure she isn’t coming out of it any time soon.

  • GenXcellent

    I thought it was great that they revealed the Sensei as the killer (co-killer?) right away.  It tells me that while so much of the show is an homage to the nighttime soap formula, they’re not afraid to shake things up a little to make it interesting. 

    • Adriana_Paula

      I agree!  I was shocked at first, but I’m glad they didn’t drag it out; it’s hard to out-Dallas Dallas if you’re going that route.

  • gabbilevy

    Ashley released those photos, methinks, to make the scandal go big, knowing she would be left to handle the media, pushing her profile waaay up. 

    Am I alone in thinking the show is well on its way to making anyone who was in the Jack-Emily camp root for Daniel-Emily? Because Jack is turning out to be SUCH an idiot, he doesn’t deserve Hamptons Batman, even if his boat is named after her and they played in the sand as kids. 

    • kingderella

       yep, ashley is making herself indispensable. her actions actually make sense.

      • I actually find it hard to believe that Victoria, and even more so Conrad, would allow their party planner to be the family spokesperson. I mean, Victoria seems to trust her, but not to that point. And Conrad is one of the random men who called Ashley a social climber, and he most certainly doesn’t trust her. On top of all that, even if Conrad and Victoria are OK with it, Grandpa William Devane would be having none of it. An outsider speaking for the family? An outsider who plans parties for a living? No way.

        Yes, I know. Of all the things to fixate on….

        • TOTALLY AGREE. 
          when they showed the first clip of her talking to the press, i thought “but who died and named you grayson media chair?”

          i find it hard to believe that EITHER of them would let her be their spokesperson, esp since they both know she has ulterior motives.

          • DinahR

            Yup.  I also find it hard to believe the Grayson’s didn’t already have a family spokesperson, or at least someone from the company PR department who would have instantly assumed this role.  

          • Ha! I thought the same thing, Cate. Did she just jump in front of the camera and start talking? And, as DinahR says above, I would expect them to have a designated spokesperson. It seems to me they’d have also needed someone to speak for the family after Daniel’s hit and run.

            I cannot imagine Victoria telling Ashley “once you’re done with that phone call, can you check on breakfast? Oh, and how about talking to press for us, too.”

          • annieanne

            If Conrad Grayson is as big a Wall Street wheel as he’s portrayed, he’s got a platoon of PR types on speed dial. He wouldn’t need his ex-wife’s party planner to handle the media.

            I’m having trouble figuring out the logistics of taking those photos. It was nightime on a beach. Would a cellphone with a flash take those photos? And no one noticed the flash going off?

        • adnama79

           She kind of jumped in front of the cameras when they arrived, apparently unexpectedly, at the police department while the family was talking with the attorneys.  I’m buying it.  She leaked the photos to up the ante so that she would be more needed–in some way.  To manage the social affairs to best advantage or to take the opportunity to jump in front of the cameras. 

          The actress played it well, I thought.  “The Grayson family has no comment,” Pause.  “Except to say that…”

  • NinaBoo

    Wool-headed mouthbreather he may be, Declan isn’t the dumbest in that hamlet. He’s still a kid and could possible turn it around with some more life living. But Jack? Sometimes it physically hurts to watch him trying to think. Bless his heart…’cause there ain’t much going on in his head.

  • Do you notice that Declan has toned down the odd Long Island accent? He must read blogs.

  • That 1% line was pretty clunky but I also thought about DSK not getting bail and being sent to Rikers.

  • lalagigi

    I have a question for those who have more experience shooting people than I…does that much blood splatter outward when the bullet enters the body? 

    • DeebaCee

      Seems like a question for Dexter

    • That would depend on the trajectory of the bullet, the caliber of the gun, and the exact point the bullet hits.  And I SWEAR I’VE NEVER ACTUALLY SHOT ANYONE!  Often considered it well into the planning stages, but I’ve never ACTUALLY done it 😛

      • Adriana_Paula

        I will be sure never to cross you nonetheless.

      • You are full of surprises, my dear girl.

        • I’m not sure which part this is referring to: that I know a fair amount about the subject (I can even tell you the difference between a flintlock or a matchlock:) OR that I’ve never actually shot someone… ’cause there are days that shocks the hell out of me… 😛

          • I was referring to your gun/blood spatter knowledge. I grew up with guns in the house, but they were locked up so tight that I didn’t even know where they were. As a result, I know nothing about guns. Although with all the CSI and Law & Order I’ve watched, you’d think I would know a little bit about blood spatter.

            Come to think of it, I might not be surprised to discover that you’ve shot someone. 😉

          • adnama79

             I grew up in a family that hunts and none of us know jack squat about blood splatter from a hand gun at close range on a human.

            I’ll have to ask my FBI buddy.  😛

  • YolandaHawkins

    Jack is an idiot, therefore it would be best for Hamptons Batman to save Daniel for the ultimate takedown of Hamptons Catwoman/Victoria. 

    A month without someone going down in the name of vegence for David Clarke?!?! We will destroy you ABC Television!  Bwahaha!! 

    • adnama79

       She can’t save Daniel!  It’s perfect poetic justice.

      I think it’s save Jack or Amanda, although I’m not clear on how.

  • MissMariRose

    Daniel was sent to jail before the trial because the judge thought he was a flight risk. In criminal cases, the court will consider a defendant’s pre-trial release conditions. Usually, a court will order a defendant to post bail in a certain amount. (In less serious cases, a defendant may be released on his own recognizance but not in a murder case.) The idea behind it is that the defendant will come to court so that they will not lose that bail money.

    In Daniel’s case, the judge acknowledged that the Graysons have a shit-ton of money and a private jet, so there isn’t any amount of bail that would prevent his parents from assisting Daniel in fleeing the jurisdiction. That’s why she ordered that he be held in jail pending trial.

    • I read somewhere else that it was sloppy writing to have Daniel sent to RIkers, though. Realistically he would have been sent to a jail closer to the Hamptons – Suffolk something or other. 

      • but Rikers sounds so much SCARIER so clearly the judge means business.

      • VioletFem

        Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund and up until last year a serious contender for the French presidency, was sent to Rikers when awaiting trial facing charges of sexually assaulting a maid. The concerns were similar to that laid out by the judge in this episode.

        • CMCH

          Yes, the refusal to grant bail makes sense in Daniel’s case, but Strauss-Kahn was charged in an alleged crime committed in NYC, Rikers was where he would logically be held. Tyler was murdered and Daniel was (at that moment) a resident of Suffolk County, so that’s where he would have been charged, and would then logically be held in the local county jail. As Cate says above, Rikers has the name recognition, and presumably that’s the reason for the writing illogic. 

  • kingderella

    one of the many things i like about this show is how it has not one, but two “dumb, innocent jock” characters… both laying at our heroines feet. ok im gonna stop now before this post gets even more inappropriate. but im just sayin’, it doesn bother me at all how dumb jack and daniel are, as long as emily, nolan, victoria, and conrad (and ashley & charlotte) keep out-smarting one another.

    i really want charlottes character arc to be “from innocent lamb to smart, icy player”

    • WritingWonder

      You know, Charlotte has Emily’s genes (in part) AND Victoria’s genes.  She could be a tremendous wild card.

      • adnama79

        The pawn will promote.  But to what piece?

  • I think Ashley leaked the photos out of loyalty to Tyler?  As far as she knows Daniel killed him (and he did shoot him in the heart, he probably would have died without Sensei’s help, and she wouldn’t have known that it was definately self defence) and she doesn’t want to see him get away with it because of the Grayson’s money.

    That’s the only thing that makes sense to me; even if she did slip into the role of defacto PR woman, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to assume that that would happen.

    • DinahR

      I agree.  Only I’m not sure Daniel shot Tyler in self defense exactly.  Tyler was aggressive and crazy (I think, I need to re-watch the scene) but he didn’t have a weapon. Daniel shot him in the chest when Tyler was still out of reach, I think, also wasn’t Tyler trying to talk to Daniel… ‘let’s call Emily’, etc.  Daniel’s life wasn’t really in danger at that point.  But Tyler was definitely pushing Daniel’s buttons about Emily’s loyalty and purpose.  He provoked Daniel emotionally. 

    • adnama79

       Ashley is loyal to herself.  No one else and certainly not Tyler.

  • MilaXX

    I thought last episode when Sensei handed her the box that he was the one who killed Tyler. I’m just curious if Sensei has kidnapped Amanda or killed her as well.

  • LeBarron


    PREACH.  Look, I’m a Tar Heel through and through, and I love me some March Madness, but COME. ON.

  • frances rossi

    I’m so glad you mentioned the idiot putting the hoodie in the drawer. It was daytime drama level of stupidity. Plus he’s too short to my liking and Fauxmanda chose Emily over sailing off to Haiti with him. Ems should axe him.

  • Susan Crawford

    I keep asking myself what little secrets the uber-photogenic Ashley has lurking in her Croyden background. Maybe a connection to Sensei? To FauxManda? To someone who died on the doomed flight?

    I’m wondering, too, if that tender moment between Emily and Charlotte might be a portent of a VERY scary and powerful new alliance. And exactly when will Grandpa Grayson really swing into action (after being curiously absent at this critical moment in Grayson family history) and who will be caught in his grip once he gets going.

    As TLo points out, when Declan assumes the role of the protector, bro: you are in MAJAH trouble. Jack is so determined to find FauxManda that his single brain cell cannot register anything else, apparently, and something tells me that putting the bloody hoodie in his dresser drawer will look brilliant compared to what might be lurking in HIS future.

    And . . . I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL APRIL TO FIND OUT MORE??? This is insane! I am a bitter, bitter kitten, indeed.

    • adnama79

      I would *love* an Emily-Charlotte alliance, but how would that happen?  Emily can’t tell her the truth.  I would want her to, but “hey, I’m your sister and I’m out to destroy your family, including your brother,” won’t play and a watered-down version of the truth won’t play either.

      Holding her hair back when she pukes, as the after-school special pill-popping plot line seems destined to lead to, may lead to some bonding sessions with Em and Charlotte, though.  (I hope they drop that prescription pills daytime soap plot line soon, btw.)

  • I just screamed no, not til April at the tv, but your line is so much wittier, hence my undying love for you both. (Also… id you all just love Em’s blazer, trouser, white shirt combo? I turned to my roommate and said I want my life to fit with that outfit)

    • Also, I am so done with Jack. His sad puppy routine wears on me. On the other hand… Charlotte becoming a power player; I am intrigued!

    • turtleemily

       Em’s blazer, trouser, white shirt combo?

      I also noticed that her and Victoria were wearing the same color combinations (navy/white/khaki), which I was thinking Emily did on purpose.

    • mshesterp

      I loved that outfit so hard I’m pregnant with its baby. I was thrilled to see her in it for most of the episode! It seems like she rarely wears pants. The costumes for Em and Vicky are fantastic (but of course they have good models to work with).

  • VioletFem

    While it did seem rather abrupt to have Daniel be sent to jail so quickly before his trial date it was slightly reminiscent of the  Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal this past summer. DSK similarly spent a few days at Rikers awaiting trial (before being transferred  to house arrest) after being charged for sexually assaulting a maid.

  • butter nut

    a month is too long to wait! >:O

  • GTrain

    Love the writeup, esp. the part about dumb Declan.

    I thought casting Courtney Vance — who played an Asst DA on Law & Order for years — as an undefeated defense attorney was inspired.

    Ashley grates in general and I meet any scene she’s in with an eyeroll and disinterest, but Ashley holding press conferences is time for a snack, checking email, making a mental grocery list, searching flights for 4th of July weekend…

  • I love reading your deets after the episode. I literally thought my tv was broken when they said new episodes in April!!