RZP: Jeremiah was a Bullsh*tter

Posted on October 12, 2011

A whole lot of nothing happened this episode, so let’s break it down.

Jeremiah arrives at the offices of Rachel Zoe, Inc. with a box of candles and a dream, pleading with Rachel to form an entirely new division of her company just to give him something to besides make cutesy faces at the camera and expose his man cleavage at every opportunity. Rachel acts like she’s never seen candles before. Joey acts annoyed and reminds her expositionally that she has a photoshoot for Elle to style. Rachel snaps back to reality – or her version of it, anyway – and informs everyone of her disgust at having to stand next to a model in a bathing suit while pregnant.

Rodger shows up at his friend Marc’s house and immediately starts complaining about how hard Rachel is working. Marc all but rolls his eyes at him and acts like he’d rather be anywhere but with Rodger. “I don’t want to be, like, Mr. Mom,” says Rodger. “Too late,” says Marc.

Back at Rachel Zoe International Headquarters, Jeremiah is pouty because Joey gets all the cool emails about the shoot for Elle. Joey smirks and gives him advice for the shoot with Elle. The shoot for Elle is referenced in practically every sentence of the episode, so we’ll be doing a lot of command+V for this recap. Anyway, Joey’s advice regarding the shoot for Elle is to keep moving around but not to react to anything Rachel says or does. Joey leaves and Jeremiah starts packing shoes in a box, which he informs us he’ll be taking to the shoot for Elle even though Elle already provided 300 pairs for the shoot for Elle. Mandana walks in and he immediately starts whining about how he’s not being cc’d on any of the emails regarding the shoot for Elle. She says something that she probably thinks is reassuring but is anything but: “I don’t think we really know what you’re doing here.” He makes another cutesy face and squeezes his pecs together for maximum mancleavage, thereby answering Mandana’s unposed question.

It’s the day of the shoot for Elle and Team Zoe is at the Chateau Marmont, setting up before Rachel gets there. Jewelry is missing. Jeremiah panics. Then Jeremiah finds the jewelry. We fan ourselves with excitement at these scintillating scenes. Meanwhile, Rachel and Joey are in the RachelMobile on the way to the the shoot for Elle. Rachel mentions that she’s one week overdue on her pregnancy. “I’m like a snake who swallowed a basketball.”  Joey asks her about the idea behind the shoot for Elle and she rattles off some buzzwords off the top of her head: Marlene Dietrich with a strong lip, Pucci and headscarves and total hooker heels.

Rachel arrives and immediately proceeds with figuratively fellating Joey in front of Jeremiah just to make him pout and squeeze his pecs more. “You’re like, the only person I can trust with my special camera,” she tells him, handing the holy relic over to him gently. There are roughly 10,000 dresses and 40,000 pieces of jewelry for Rachel to look over. She edits them down to a few looks in 5 minutes. Then they dangle the model off the edge of a cliff while Rachel asks her to adjust her straps which she can’t do because she’s like super-pregnant.

Joey pals around with Rachel all throughout the shoot for Elle and Jeremiah pouts some more. “I’m not here to be Rachel’s friend,” he tells us, revealing just how dimwitted he is and how little he understands the game he’s supposed to be playing. “I love you so much, Joey,” says Rachel as she strokes his face. “You have no idea.” Jeremiah pouts some more. Joey straddles Rachel and talks about their “telepathic connection” while dry humping her. She tells him about the shoot the next day for the Hollywood Reporter, which will be featuring her on the cover. Apropos of nothing, he responds with “You could be pregnant with quintuplets and style, like, a whole country,” adding, “You’ve never been on the cover of a magazine for something positive.” Rachel looks over at the model, lying on the ground in a bathing suit and knee-high boots and wonders if the “story” makes any sense. With that, the shoot for Elle portion of the program comes to an end.

Later, Jeremiah goes to Marisa with his idea about how Rachel should start a new division of her company just to give him something to do. Sensing his outrageous entitlement coupled with his dimwittedness, she gives him a non-response in almost perfectly nonsensical manager-speak: “Let me talk to the team and then we’ll circle back and move forward and see where we stand.” He seems pleased with this response as she tries not to laugh in his face. Later, Jeremiah reveals to Mandana that he has absolutely no idea what a computer is.

It’s the day of the Hollywood Reporter shoot, so everyone says “Hollywood Reporter shoot” every 30 seconds. Joey is doing her makeup for her and they discuss what her look will be for the day she goes into labor. She’s thinking a Chanel duster and a red lip. We’re thinking she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t shit all over herself. She tells Joey that God have her an easy pregnancy because she worked so hard on her career. Now we’re actively hoping she shits all over herself.

Marisa discusses Jeremiah with Rodger, cleverly avoiding the words “idiot” and “useless.” Rodger has no idea what to do with him and Rachel doesn’t have time to train him right now. Rodger wonders if maybe Rachel might just want to be a mommy  full time after she has the baby. Marisa gives him a “Bitch, please” look.

Back at the Hollywood Reporter shoot, Rachel asks everyone,  “Do I look fat or do I just look pregnant?”  Everyone says she looks fat just to see what she does. They laugh into throwpillows as she runs out of the room screaming. Rodger shows up to have exactly one picture of him taken and spends the entire time whining about how uncomfortable he is. Then he turns to Rachel and starts hectoring her to come to a decision about Jeremiah. Reminder: this is the same man who constantly complains that she takes on too many things at once; that people are always interrupting her work with new demands; and that he wants to take a more active role in the company. Rachel tells him to fuck off and eats a spinach leaf to keep her energy up, wondering once again why the baby isn’t ready to be born yet.

Later, Rodger fires Jeremiah. Jeremiah pouts, gets teary-eyed, makes cutesy faces, and squeezes his pecs together. Once he’s exhausted all of his marketable job skills with no response, he leaves.

Rachel informs us that she’s super-sad about taking advantage of the Jeremiah but then quickly pivots to talking about herself. “Now I have to wrap my head around the fact that I’m going to be a mother. I’m a little freaked out. Not gonna lie”

Next week: Rachel shits all over herself.

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    • Anonymous


      And that headline brought joy to the world.


      • Anonymous

        And an earworm to my head.

        • Anonymous

          I know. It needs to get out of my head now!

    • “Outrageous entitlement coupled with his dimwittedness” pretty much covers most reality show people, doesn’t it?  Oh Jeremiah, we hardly knew ye.  Not that I really care as he was completely useless.  Shoulda learned a thing or two from bitchy queen Joey and fawned all over Rachel.  I miss Brad!  

      • Anonymous

        Me too and I never thought I would miss Brad at all. I deleted RZP from the dvr just to make a space for the Brad Show…anybody know when it premieres?

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahahaha! Your recap was so much more interesting than the actual show, not gonna lie.

      • Anonymous

        If she said “not gonna lie” or “to be honest” one more time this episode, I littrully thought my head would explode.

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Looks like I prejudged the woman, I thought for sure she’d be ‘too posh to push’ and would’ve had her caesarian booked MONTHS ago but there she is apparently waiting for nature to take its course so’s she can, as you so rightly put, shit all over herself…

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I also was CERTAIN there’d be a scheduled c-section.

        Perhaps there’s a bit of groundedness underneath all the blah blah blah. (I did think that in a previous season when some conversations with her dad were part of the tangential plot(?) lines.)

        • Or maybe she was made aware of the fact that a C-section damages one’s ab muscles worse than a vaginal delivery making a return to a flat stomach less likely and leaves an unsightly scar to boot?  Just a thought….

          • Anonymous

            Oh, but so likely a correct thought.

      • Anonymous

        No C-section for RZ: too much scarring and muscle damage.

      • Mary McClelland

        I actually think I read somewhere she did have a c-section. I’m thinking the whole “water broke let’s rush to the hospital” thing was fodder for the show.  I mean it’s happened the exact same way on every reality show; kardashians, Bethenny, Zoe… in real life so few women actually have their water break that its just too coincidental that it happens in EVERY reality show. Of all my friends with children (about 15) only one woman actually had her water break without the doctor doing it for her at the hospital!

        • Mary McClelland

          Oh and my water didn’t break either. 🙂 

        • Yeah, mine was done at the hospital with all 3 of my kids and my mother was with all 4.  In fact, with my younger two, my water was till intact at delivery. 

        • oohsparkley!

          3rd child, my water broke while standing in a restaurant.  It would have been funny to see my face…WTF? oops! You get a lot of unwanted attention.  But you are almost immune to all the indignities by that point.

    • Joseph Davidson

      I don’t know, I actually felt really bad for Jeremiah.  They basically just hired him so that he’d redecorate their house and then they fired him, but not before jerking him around as much as possible.  What kind of business are you running if you hire people without knowing what they’re going to be doing for your business?  To me, Roger comes of looking like more of an idiot that usual.

      Jeremiah is also so cute that it’s hard for me to find fault with him, even if he does shove his man decolletage in my face all the time.

      • yeah, they probably got a killer deal on redecorating by paying some assistant salary to do an interior designer’s work. I think he got screwed. 

        • L

          That was my thought, too. They saved a fortune on decorator’s fees, and they were guaranteed he’d work around the clock on their house and only their house. If that was deliberate, it was a cunning move, but I don’t think either Rachel or Roger is clever enough to come up with it.

      • Anonymous

        I felt bad about the “using” Jeremiah too BUT he got a lot some exposure out of it. 

    • Anonymous

      i really had a hard time sitting through this episode.  i just cant take joey any more.  also if i see one or should i say 2 fake kissing it will put me over the edge.  then there was stupid jeremiah.  run while you can.  the best thing about last night is TLO’s blog.

      • androidanon

        I’m so there with you, about Joey.  Seems like he tries to play the gay bff in a movie about a woman and the tribulations she goes through sans the clever one liner retorts, he-is-insufferable.  Anyone who admires KKardashian is an automatic FAIL.  

        I have to say though, about Jeremiah, despite his self-entitlement attitude and his inability to think, his man-cleavage, I find, rather hypnotic.  Don’t judge.

        Rodger is a twat, MAJOR.

    • I’m sorry, but I want to beat Rodger with a giant stick.  First he’s all insistent they should have a baby.  Now all he can do is talk about how he doesn’t want to be the one to take care of it!  Yeah, dumbfuck, I’m sure she’ll want to leave her high-profile position in an extremely competitive field that she loves and is fantastic at to stay home and change diapers so you can feel better about your manhood, you selfish child! 

      • I don’t remember him ever saying he didn’t want to take care of it. 

        • “I don’t want to be Mr. Mom”  “Maybe she’ll want to concentrate on being on a mother…”  Maybe she’s NEVER given you any reason to believe she would feel that way, you halfwit! 

          Hey, if she has the baby and does decide she wants to devote herself completely to taking care of it, more power to her.  But Rodger deciding at this late date that he wants to be married to Donna Reed is crap. 

          • Anonymous

            Not to mention that their life style seems to depend on a business that rests, at its core, on HER physical presence on the job.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Jeremiah wasn’t completely useless as he did manage to pull together a huge house, beautifully, in an insanely small amount of time. I figured that was the set up for the announcement of the Rachel Zoe Home Accessories line…guessed wrong. As a manager of people, I find the way that Rodger and Rachel deal with employees problematic to say the least. They really are horrible bosses and it’s a wonder the company works at all. They have added some people who actually seem to know what they’re doing, but still, they treat people really badly. I wanted to hit Rodger while watching him mangle the firing of Jeremiah. Fact of the matter – seems like Jeremiah was a plot-point never meant to be a regular…I suppose he should’ve known that. And now I’m embarrassed by how much time I’ve taken to actually think about this show and post this comment. GAH!

      • Anonymous

        Not just horrible bosses, but horrible people altogether. Ro(d)ger is utterly useless and his appearances on the show reek of desperation. Wretched, nasty people. I bet they think Jeremiah shouldn’t dare try to work in the fashion industry now that he worked for them for a few months.

        And I sincerely doubt that he had such a short time to put their house together. There is no way that EVERY job is just sprng on them with one day notice. 

      • Anonymous

        Rach and Rodger’s lack of savvy in hiring/directing/managing people reminds me of the Kell on Earth (Kelly Cutrone) show from last year–hey, let’s hire the cutie to make the office look hip.  Oh, he can’t use a computer/phone/drinking fountain?  No worries, he’s just another fashion accessory anyway.  Until I get tired of him or he screws up ’cause he has no skills.  Quel surprise.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Jeremiah, you are no Brad and Joey totally upstaged you.  Seems like that was Rodger’s plan, wasn’t it?  He didn’t like Rachel’s new boytoy.  He wanted the girltoy.  Ah, the sabotage one can practice after 20 years together.  

      Rachel’s so self-absorbed and fussy (though I get it at that stage of pregnancy), but man, the girl can do her job like no one’s business.   It’s funny to see just how much Rodger absorbs from her despite his ongoing protestations of He-manness.  As if.

      Just do the Mr. Mom thing Rodger.  We all know just effin’ much you whined baby, baby, baby last season.  You’re even getting a boy–so man up and change those Pampers–or whatever high-end version RZ is using.

      Maybe Jeremiah can go service someone on Million Dollar Decorator–if the show comes back.  Much more his cup of tea.

      • Anonymous

        Ya know, I find the Mr. Mom talk ridiculous. Bottom line is that they’re going to hire help and neither one of them is going to have to do more than they want to do.

        Occasionally I get a glimpse what might be some family-related groundedness in these two, and hopefully one or the other will be interested enough in parenting to properly oversee the help and to spend enough time with the child that the kid feels loved.

        • Anonymous

          I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen them interview any nanny types.  Would RZ allowed a non-fashion-forward nanny into her realm?

          • Anonymous

            I  know I’m deluding myself, but I like to hope that they ARE grounded enough that most of the child care & child reality is going to happen off camera.

    • Anonymous

      A few other comments: how about when Rodger ‘fires’ Jeremiah – he never really says ‘We’re letting you go’  or anything – the whole scene is lot of  ‘you know’ and ‘really’ and double-talk. Secondly – when Joey is in the car with Rachel, and she thanks him for riding with her because everybody says she shouldn’t be alone in a car. Hello – what about the driver? Also – when she’s talking to Joey about giving birth – she doesn’t want Rodger to see her butt? Hasn’t that ship sailed?

      However – I did think she looked great in that 1920’s dress in the Hollywood Reporter shoot.

      • makes you wonder if they actually sleep in the same room after all….

        • Anonymous

          I actually wondered if they do sleep together since last week she said that she was going to “her room.” This was when she was in that super-cranky mood on their anniversary and the whole Page 6 story broke.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not all that uncommon for people with scads of money and more square footage than they know what to do with to have separate bedrooms. 

          • Anonymous

            What Page 6 story?  Link?

            • Anonymous

              Sorry, I don’t have a link, but in last week’s episode Rachel was upset over the Page Six article on how Demi Moore had used Brad Goreski as her stylist for the Oscar parties and Sundance. Rachel says she didn’t care, but apparently she did because it ruined her happy anniversary mood and sent her to her room in  a huge funk.

        • Anonymous

          It makes one wonder how she GOT pregnant. Have a hard time imagining her ‘in the act’. Of course, Joey would have to do her hair and makeup first – surely a red lip. And he (Joey) would have to be there to cheer her on the entire time. Wonder what she would wear for the occasion?

      • Maybe she doesn’t want him to see it while pregnant.  If she had a lot of hip spread, I could totally see that being a concern.

        No pictures exist of me pregnant after 3 kids, and if I could have arranged for a screen to float magically around me from boob to ankle for the whole 9 months so no one would see me, I would have.  Sorry, I don’t care what they say about pregnancy being natural and beautiful, it sure as hell wasn’t on me!

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure you were just gorgeous!

          • That’s very sweet, but I was about one step away from troll.  I had the morning sickness from hell, so I looked ill the whole time, I was insanely grumpy… I make fabulous people, but I’m not so great at the process:)

    • Anonymous

      Do you think Rachel Zoe really paid $110.00 for the Baby Jesus Scandals or do you think she got them for free as product placement? 

      Inquiring minds really want to know!

    • Anonymous

      Do you think Rachel Zoe really paid $110.00 for the Baby Jesus Scandals or do you think she got them for free as product placement? 

      Inquiring minds really want to know!

    • Anonymous

      “Rodger wonders if maybe Rachel might just want to be a mommy  full time after she has the baby.”

      Really?? (Obviously, I rarely watch the show anymore & this last episode escaped me).

      If he really actually said this (or the equivalent) on camera, any doubt about the dialog being completely scripted is gone. R & R have been together too long (& apparently, contentedly) for even the most delusional dad-to-be, even in the last weeks before the actual birth, to wonder thusly.

    • Seems like it was a pretty inexpensive way to get their house decorated. But I refuse to feel bad for any of the actors on these shows.

    • She’s trash.  Groooosss.

    • I am so glad I am not the only one!!!!!

    • This episode was annoying. She was whining a lot about being 9 and a half months pregnant, apparently not understanding that a pregnancy is actually 40 weeks long, and a woman is not even considered full term until she is 38 weeks pregnant. And her visible spine during the Hollywood Reporter shoot skeeved me out. I wonder how much weight she actually gained during this pregnancy. I know I shouldn’t rag on her, but I was disturbed by how focused she was on looking fat. It’s like, “You’re growing a person, lady!”

      • Yeah, but that’s not unusual.  I HATED being the size of a house while pregnant and the most I ever gained was 15 lbs — with each of the boys it was under 10.  But I’m not a good pregnant person, and I don’t bond until the baby emerges.  Until then it’s a parasite that takes my blood and my energy and in return makes me vomit while trying to crack my ribs.  (Not to mention I don’t take my anti-depressants while pregnant, so I’m not the happiest of people!)   So I get the fretting about being fat.

        Plus, it gives her something that she knows deep down is unimportant (I hope:) to worry about, rather than worrying about things like the baby’s health or all the things that could go wrong during delivery.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I was also really tired of her complaining about her pregnancy weight gain. Unfortunately, she’s not the only female out there who feels that way. I’ve known and heard of plenty of women who are just horrified over having gained baby weight while pregnant. I don’t get it.

    • MilaXX

      This show is nothing but fake. I’m just here for the pretty clothes. I don’t feel sorry for Jeremiah in the least. Yeah he was hired to do Rachel’s house, but I’m sure he was paid good bucks for that privilege, nit to mention the thing all famewhores want, the chance to be on tv. I think Rachel looks pretty with the pregnancy weight gain. Her face is a little fuller, but it looks really good on her.

    • Anonymous

      Having worked (centuries ago) as an assistant to a Super Stylist, I can tell you that it’s hard for me to breath watching this show because I am both laughing and shitting myself. Perhaps I am having a baby? No Stylist’s assistant gets “trained”. It’s not like Olympic Ice Skating. You don’t need to be “trained” to pick up crap from every showroom, pick up crap after the shoot and pick up your paycheck when you finally convince your Boss you aren’t working like a slave for free. In fact my ex-boss was such a SeeYouNextTuesday that I’d have to avoid mentioning her to get clothes. Additionally, having 3000 styling assistants on a shoot was hilarious. Nate WerkUs should have been somewhere else prepping for another job, not rolling around and sulking like some Emo kid at Bible Camp. Finally, it just seems like RZ really has no idea what she wants with her styling since she insists on having every piece of jewelry in the world on hand to choose from. Granted, Coke Whore at the Chateau is a pretty random story direction but seriously, get a grip. Particularly when it’s so obvious what she was going to pick anyway – “names, Sweetie, names!” bathing suits and big ass Diana Vreeland jewelry. If nothing else, she’s so so predictable. 

      • Anonymous

        Wow, I think your stories from your past Styling Slave days would be very interesting……maybe you can get a show on Bravo, just the little snippet in this posting was better than this episode……

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. However the only way I would be on Bravo is if it was some court ordered penance. As it is, even without cameras rolling, I still walk around muttering “I’m not here to make friends.”.

          • Anonymous

            Write your own Devil Wears Prada!  Make some money off your misery.  Name names.  Maybe you’ll get a movie or a sitcom deal out of it.  Call me.  Let’s talk. 

            • Anonymous

              LOL. “My people will call your people.”

    • Anonymous

      Joey is detestable.  Poor Jeremiah — I felt bad for him.  I don’t dislike Rodger — straight out of central casting.  Rachel is ridiculous.  Mandana makes me think of Mandrake, the Magician.  Best part of the thing:  the gorgeous white and gold 20s dress she sported for the photo shoot.  Rachel Zoe Home is an oxymoron, alas. 

    • J Dreesen

      every time i read your recaps of RZ, i do it as quickly as possible in an attempt to recreate the mad dash of crazy amounts of nothingness that happen on the actual show…and to recreate how quickly (i like to imagine) you two were scrambling on the sidelines with notepads and miniature golf pencils to capture every non-eventful moment so that non-rich, non-life-having suckers like me can listen wide-eyed whilst on the edge of our seats…you are like…like sports reporters during the great depression.  but for fashion.  or however that works.

    • You’re actually defending the bullshit/toxicity that is Joey?

    • Anonymous

      I think Joey is the worst part of the show, I never minded him in the last couple of seasons but every time he’s on the screen I roll my eyes and want him to never be shown talking again. I seriously think he is the worst part of the show this season. Can’t stand the kid. I’d take Jeremiah over Joey any day.

      • Anonymous

        When Ro(d)ger is on the screen, I think he’s most annoying. When Rachel is on, I think she’s most annoying. But Joeysarahsilverman is THE. WORST!

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone know how much money they make off all their endeavors?  The house is being rented for $20K a month so it must be substantial.  How much does a stylist make at her level?  That plus her line, the show, all the photo shoots – she must be pulling it in.  And what exactly does Rodger do?   

      • Anonymous

        Rodger’s an investment banker and president of the company.  In other words, he’s the financial/business brains behind her.

    • Anonymous

      If she’s that small on camera, I can only imagine what she looks like in real life.  I wonder if it’s been all her time around models that’s caused her to have such terrible body issues.  And look at her – continuing the cycle of abuse by piling all that super-skinny crap on the rest of us women.

    • I love your recaps of the RZP, because they keep me from having to watch it, and yet give me everything I wanted to know about what they contain, plus added snark and humor. LOVE IT. Thanks T Lo!

    • They’re all so narcissistic and use such dopey middle-school-speak for adult people who like to talk about “the company” with gravitas.  The most authentic character is that dark haired girl (Mandana?) – the one who spoke to Jeremiah when he asked about his future with “the company” / creating a home line.  She appears believable and capable and even likable.  She doesn’t play to the camera, she’s working.  Of course, none of us would be having this conversation if these characters weren’t playing to the camera; I get that.  I just had to say I notice her and find it rather “palate cleansing” when she’s featured in scenes and you can tell that she is really working, never mind the cameras.

       Rachel has two husbands:  Roger with a ‘d’, aka ‘babe’, and Joey, the fanboy who mirrors the adulation she craves.  I don’t care about Jeremiah.  He couldn’t have thought his role in “the company” was anything other than a role in the show.  Right?  I hated the way Rodger tossed off the whole ‘decorate the 7,000 sq ft house in two weeks; your future with us depends on it…. good luck’.  It’s no wonder Taylor and Brad didn’t stick around.  Why Rachel and Rodger seem surprised that those two would want to continue to work in their given careers is amazingly selfish.  I always liked them both and am glad to know they’re doing just fine after ‘oh my god, like, leaving’ or was fired, or whatever took place.  I liked watching them work – they were fun to watch and each had personality that wasn’t so CLOYING like Joey (digression:  do gay men have to hug and kiss ‘hello’ to each other when they don’t even know each other well and clearly, Joey had no intention of befriending or supporting J’s role in “the company”.  What a poseur.)

      I am looking forward to Brad’s show!  Also, last night, I happened to see Taylor on a show, some reality competition show in which she was judging, and I liked her. I hope they’re both successful.

      Rachel’s  voice absolutely grates on me and her and Rodger’s vernacular makes me wonder how anyone other than self-absorbed stars (a la K. Kardashian who didn’t stop with the phone during HER Zoe shoot) could take them seriously.  Okay, she’s intuitively talented in styling people (loved Anne Hathaway’s Oscar looks) but really?  She’s the ‘end-all’ of stylists?  I doubt it.  I laughed when I read Demi Moore has used Brad for some styling, post-Rachel.  

      I realize the show is edited for maximum buzz and Monday morning quarterbacking like we’re all doing here.  I adore your site, TLo; your writing is razor-sharp and your eye is quite exact.    Thanks for the guffaws.  I do watch the stupid show as we all do, for the foolishness as it helps pass the time while I’m folding the laundry and I enjoy fashion and all that.  I think Rachel needs to go a bit softer with the makeup.  I find ‘the lip’, when it’s a hard red, to be aging on her as well as certain of her looks.  That’s when I sort of doubt she’s really 38, but whatever.  The white with gold gown, styled in her closet with that great side-pony and golden light was much softer and more flattering for her.  When she lets her hair get all over-sprayed and witchy, she looks harsh and older.  Rachel, really.  Listen to me.  No one else is telling you.  Obviously.

      Oh and who among us really believes that Rodger could possibly believe (maybe he *wishes*) that Rachel “might just want to be a mommy” when she allows that baby to come out of her vaj?

      • Anonymous

        Wow, awesome dissection! I agree with everything you write here, very well put.

      • Christy Laub

        I think you’re right about Rodger being a bit delusional, but I have seen some of my friends who swore they were going back to work as soon as possible after having their babies do a 180 and ditch their jobs entirely for their kids. While it does seem extremely unlikely in RZ’s case, I don’t think it’s outside the realm – having a child can really be a life and consciousness-changing thing for some.

        • Anonymous

          I agree.  You can’t really know how you’re going to feel when you finally have that baby in your arms.  I think her talk about what she was going to wear into labor was the Rachel Zoe take on all of us when we’re anticipating what labor and becoming a parent is like.  It’s all speculation until it happens and none of us are the same person afterwards.

          • Frankly, her talk of labor clothing didn’t bother me.  My mother re-did her hair 4 different times when she went into labor with my oldest sister, in the vain hope that if she didn’t go to the hospital, maybe it would all just go away.  She actually told the nurse when she was about to deliver, “I changed my mind!  I don’t want to have a baby!”

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad I’m not watching this POS. It sounds like there is more whining than my 4.9 yo grandson (5 next week) and his almost 2½ yo brother put together, and believe me I have heard a lot of whining this week, helping out after their mom was thrown from a horse (she’s ok). I am grandchilded out! and the last thing I would enjoy on the teevee is more of the same, except in taller people.

    • Anonymous

      That Joey is such an unappealing person – such a phony, such a sycophant.  I liked Jeremiah because he seemed like a hard worker, at least on the house, and I think he did want to work –  unlike Pal Joey who seems like the type to skive off if the going gets tough.  I agree, though, he was a very entitled kid.  I thought that show was edited to make him look more pouty than he actually was at the shoot.

    • Jessica Rowe

      Ugh. I hated this episode. They were so mean. They hired the guy without knowing what to do with him and then fired him because they didn’t know what to do with him.  Jerks.

    • Anonymous

      I get that Rach didn’t want to wear “baby on board” giant tees or pinky flowery bows during her “massive” pregnancy.  However, the fact that all her couture looks fit during pregnancy makes me wonder:  how the heck did she wear them non-pregnant–weren’t they 3 sizes too big?  I know she’s all boho, but did her clothes really not touch her body pre-baby/baby/baby?

    • I’m trying to understand why they rent. The show is so tiresome, that’s what I wonder about as I watch.

    • that jeremiah is a really needy dog

    • yorkhayes

      Jeremiah is fine. He is dating Nate Berkus (a match made in heaven) and has started his own design company and is going to have is own TV show.