Prabal Gurung Collection for J. Crew

Posted on May 24, 2011

Designer-of-the-moment Prabal Guring unveiled his collection for J. Crew, which recreates looks from his previous collections at a J. Crew price point ($200 to $450, for the most part). Prabal? Tell us a bit about it:

“I played with volume and scale and focused on a few special pieces with a story to tell — it’s very modern, chic, and put-together, but there’s also a lived-in quality. There’s a subtext and sub-layers to the designs we chose for J.Crew. I worked closely with the J.Crew team to determine the looks that would translate well with both of our audiences. They did a stellar job producing each piece and I could not be happier with how everything turned out.”

We’ll just see about that. Ladies?

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Actually, he’s right. It really is modern, chic, and put together. It’s also one of the best downmarket translations we’ve seen in a while. Granted, J. Crew isn’t Target and a designer has a lot more leeway when the pieces are retailing for hundreds of dollars, but still. It manages to stay true to the designer’s aesthetic while giving J. Crew something slightly more chic than what they normally offer. What do the minions think? Anyone planning on doing a little shopping?

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tuxedo pants, but most of the other shirts give me a kind of “Alien-popping-through-the-chest” vibe. Plus, I feel like they would get all wrinkled and droopy. Sad flowers 🙁

  • So very fussy.  I’m not anti-ruffle or anti-bow, but I don’t think I need one that takes over the entire top half of my body.

    • Aly Light

      Yeah, really, I didn’t think TLo were that into giant, disfiguring bows either– what gives, boys?

      • I agree with both commenters here. How does the opinion suddenly change?  I thought bows like this were for teenagers or even preteens.  I don’t think I could walk around with a huge bow or ruffly flower on my chest without feeling completely ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    I love the clothes, especially that green top/tunic. The skinny striped pants are adorable. Unfortunately, still a bit out of my price range.

  • Anonymous

    These are more faithful downmarket translations than one usually sees. I think some of the tops are appealing (especially like the pink and beige tops with dark brown piping) but they are a lot harder to wear than J. Crew usually is. Those bows and ruffles are going to catch every Starbucks coffee cup drip, & will crease, and wilt.

    The pants are hard to wear in another way – you’ve got to be long legged and thin to pull off skin tight pants, especially if they stop an inch short of the ankle, but a lot of J. Crew looks best on athletic ectomorphs, so that’s not so far out of the ballpark.

  • It’s beautiful, but I can’t afford it. And those bow tops would look weird on me.

  • -deleted-

  • MilaXX

    It’s cute, but sadly I won’t be buying anything. I’m a 44DD and no way would I ever wear a ruffled top.pants are really nice though.

    • Anonymous

      uh-oh  I am a 42DD and as I sit here and read you comment, I looked straght down at the ruffle that runs all the way up from the hem around my neck and back down (along the edge off the placket).    I like it  – while I agree that some won’t work and look silly, some do work.

      • MilaXX

        Maybe it’s because I’m short, but big ruffles and bows on tops make me feel like all boob.

  • Shelly O will snap these right up.

  • aussiegal77

    Damn, love.  Wish I could indulge!  

  • Anonymous

    I thought you hated bows?

    BTW can anyone tell me when J Crew went so much more expensive.  I know it was a long time ago, but I used to shop at a J Crew (and through the catalog) when they were comparable to the Gap. I have this great super soft soft little t-shirt in navy (with a wide open neck) and I recall having som polo type shirts.  I  look at the prices now and wonder when and how that hapened. 

    • jill gregory

      I mourn for the J Crew of old. I keep fooling myself when I walk in there, thinking– oh yes, J Crew has great, stylish basics, only to be hit in the face with a while leather slip dress that costs $800. And their tshirts are now either tissue-thin or have some silly bow/flower thingy on them. Ack!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know when it happened, either. Their basics are either too basic or their  nicer stuff is far too expensive. J Crew was my go-to in the late ’80s thru the ’90s.

      • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into J.Crew, looked at a few (a very few) things, and walked out. The quality is terrible — I speak from direct experience, having bought some items and had them literally fall apart at the seams — and I can’t justify the price for something I can wear twice before either repairing or throwing out.

        I tried on a pair of pants a few weeks ago and actually laughed at the fit. Or the intended fit. I’m a normal sized person, no unusually oversized body parts, but the cuff of the pants were so tight that they got stuck on my calf and thus, I couldn’t even pull the pants up to my hips.

    • Eliza Lagerquist

      It happened sometime in the mid 2000s…so sad. I have a few of the old time jcrew pieces that I still love but I haven’t bought anything besides bridesmaid dresses in years.

  • Anonymous

    I love the skinny striped pants, and the white suit would be gorgeous without that stupid fucking bow. The bows are tragic. They should be illegal.

  • Anonymous

    Love the white suit!

  • I’m sorry were there clothes on this page?  All I can see is Ashton Kutcher’s head photoshopped onto some model’s body.  Its freaking me out so much especially because its all I can see on the main page too.

  • The last dress is kinda cute. Still out of my price range, though.

  • god, I would have to rip of all those bows first. What the hell? Does EVERY single top need a giant ruffle, flower or bow on it? Are we trying to mask the existence of boobies here, or what?

  • Anonymous

    No to the bows.


  • Anonymous

    It’s all completely lovely, but unfortunately, I could not actually pull of a single piece in this collection. They just don’t make shirts for those of us with breasts anymore. It’s really quite heartbreaking.

    • Anonymous

      You took the words out of my mouth. Those bows + my boobs = disaster. 

    • Jennifer Coleman

      yup. Those bows will not do Debbie & Denise any favors.

  • Anonymous

    It’s ok. The tops all have entirely too much frippery down the front. God forbid you should be big-busted, not that J. Crew has ever taken the big-busted woman into consideration.
    The clothes are nice. They have that clean J. Crew feel, but with a little something extra. You just have to be a beanpole if you want any hopes of pulling any of these pieces off.

  • As a collection, it does have a lovely modern look to it.  But in reality, with all the frippery?  Basically unwearable.

  • Diahna Brown

     Maybe something’s getting lost in the translation for me.  There are big bows.  And that’s great but not on me.  And the rest of it looks like nothing for me to spend hundreds of dollars on.

  • Amanda in Austin

    The only piece I would consider is the white blazer.  The rest is not for me.

  • Annie Leung

    I’ll take the suit but it’s a pass on everything else, my neck’s not long enough for a bow that high and close to my face.

  • Maghan Gilson

    Those tops will only work on someone who wears an A cup. Girls with a bigger cup size will look ridiculous (speaking from experience).

  • So his design philosophy is “take a perfectly fine garment and slap an oversized bow on it”….no thanks.  Not impressed with anything but the navy dress.  

    • Anonymous

      ha! exactly.

  • Anonymous

    I think the green satin sheath with the pussy bow is very chic.

  • mcarlson

    Not at this price point.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful clothes!  Love the silhouettes and the details.  Unfortunately, I’m on a Target budget.

  • Anonymous

    Looks exactly like everything else Jcrew has done for the past 3-ish years. Lots of floppyass bows and frippery. That said, I do buy a lot of Jcrew for my daughter, but she’s 11, skinny and flat chested. Anyone over a B-cup looks stupid with things hanging off the girls.

  • My torso is too short and my boobs are too big for most of these. I’m only 5′, so I’d become a walking set of ruffly boobs on a pair of legs.

  • I like the navy dress and the suit, but overall there are too many bows everywhere. 

  • Anonymous

    He’s severly limited his market with those tops. No girl with a chest can wear all those ruffles and bows..

  • 36I, here who occasionally wears bows. i like the pink one & the green one & especially the all white one that isnt a bow but is, instead, a sleeveless little number upon which it looks like someone slapped a plate of cool-whip covered noodles.

    the thing w/ bows ‘n’ boobs is that the item must be fitted, else one looks like one is wearing, i suppose, sort of a puffruffled washing machine–not good. not quite kesha’s box, but still.

    anyway, i wouldnt ordinarily debase myself w/ jcrew but i guess gaga is good for some things–credit where due–& her FI status is pushing even the jcrew market to add a little wackspice to their milquetoast. good job!!

    anyway, not bad–considering.

  • I would not be caught dead wearing those giant bows. I do not want to look like I belong under the Christmas tree!

  • Anonymous

    I’m tall with an average bust size, but still feel there’s too much bow frou-frou going on.

  • Anonymous

    Those tops are so ugly.

    The only thing I like from this is that pair of shorts.

  • Anonymous

    Those tops are so ugly.

    The only thing I like from this is that pair of shorts.

  • Judy_J

    Too much bow-age for my taste.  The striped skinny jeans are the only thing I’d consider buying.

  • Judy_J

    Too much bow-age for my taste.  The striped skinny jeans are the only thing I’d consider buying.

  • Erica Moon

    I think it will be difficult to pull of those tops in real life…how do you see the computer keyboard, or even your cocktail, around them?

  • Erica Moon

    I think it will be difficult to pull of those tops in real life…how do you see the computer keyboard, or even your cocktail, around them?

  •  I like frou frou. But I’m not spending that kind of money on frou frou.

  •  I like frou frou. But I’m not spending that kind of money on frou frou.

  • I want that blazer!!

  • Anyone planning on doing a little shopping?

    Not me. My days of wearing monstrous huge bows on my chest are long gone.

  • love love love love  love! Wish I had $300 to spare.

  • Alina Valero

    that white blazer is amazing and i need it. now.

  • Anonymous

    I love the navy dress, at least how it appears on the model in the last pic. in the gallery.  Ah, too bad I’m not young and slender.

  • I love this collection and I love Prabal. But it’s always weird when a long-standing brand significantly tweaks their line. This collection is fantastic, but just different enough from J.Crew’s usual stuff to make regulars go, “Oh! What happened to my store? Can I really wear that?” I suppose that can be a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell?  what’s with the bows?!?!?!?  THUMBS DOWN.  I also dislike the ribbons on the ankle of those beige pants.  How do you ever wear that?  Tie them in *another* bow???

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure all the skinny girls will love these looks….

  • Anonymous

    I actually like it a lot! I love the striped/seersucker pants in the third photo in the gallery (excuse me if they aren’t, my eyes aren’t working well today!) and really almost everything else besides the huge head-sized flower/ruffle things. I may have to just run to JCrew & check these babies out in person!

  • Michelle Falcetano


  • Still out of my price range, and too Christmasy feeling.  I’d love that green dress with the giant bow for a holiday party, but none of these looks appear friendly for those with shorter torsos.

  • Eh. The translation into the JCrew line is done well and the bow blouses are cute, but it’s all too fussy for me to buy. I hate the pants.

  • I like them from an aesthetic perspective, but those bows? No way would I wear that in real life. Would be covered in coffee in 5 minutes flat.

  • Pam Chen

    I am a frequent J. Crew shopper so for the first time I feel like I have the right/background to comment.  I am normally not a big bow girl, but that white jacket is done very well, sophisticated.  The tuxedo pants took my breath away, but the logistics of wearing those ties make that one a no.  Sure it looks good lying down, but what about when you actually have to stand up (it’s another one of those outfits that look great in the catalogs but when you finally see it in person, a big meh).  The ruffles shirt with what look like slim fitting seersucker pants is pretty awesome.  The rest have too much ruffles for my own taste, but they may do well in a wedding setting, or by somebody who can work that look with an urban twist.  I saw the Eddie Borgo cuffs and they are hot. 


  • Anonymous

    Oh you’d look like a giant present. Nope I don’t like them. Cute on a model but I don’t think they work on a normal size woman.

  • Mariah J

    Giant flattened chest bows just don’t do it for me, my bust doesn’t need to be camouflaged

  • Maria Figueroa

    They’re cute, but the gigantic bows won’t look good on anyone who isn’t flat as a plank. They’d make you look way too big on top. I love the colors, but I could never wear them.

  • Anonymous

    Umm…I’m sorry but the dresses and blouses with the huge bows reeks of Pattern Magic, page 58: the Knot Dress.

    Ladies, if you can sew you too can own these designs at a fraction of the cost.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are a little off with the photos, those seersucker pants aren’t part of his collection, they’re “minnies” which J Crew has been selling in a thousand color/fabric choices for at least a year.