Leighton Meester for Vera Wang

Posted on May 03, 2011

Oh, Leighton Meester. we are intimately aware of your struggles to dress in a manner that doesn’t make bitchy gay men like us laugh. We have charted your lows and your not-as-lows. Someday, we thought, some handsome prince of a stylist will show this girl how pretty she can be without resorting to excessive buckles or exposing her abs.

That day has come, Leighton Meester.

We don’t know who styled her for this ad campaign for Vera Wang’s new fragrance, Lovestruck, but we sure hope he or she gave her a thick binder of notes to take home with her. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen her look so pretty.

“Everyone else was in three parkas and Leighton is standing there in a strapless evening dress with a very thin fabric,” said Wang, noting that the ad was shot on a particularly frigid winter day on Mercer Street in SoHo. Naturally, this caught the attention of every tourist with an iPhone — but while Wang wasn’t wild about unauthorized visuals floating about, she did appreciate the spontaneous market research. “When I heard tourists saying, ‘ I want to look like her,’ I knew we were right on the money,” said Wang. “There’s nothing like the real client in the street, and I mean the street literally — and in windows literally.”

We hope they let you keep the dress, honey. At the very least, you better have gotten that stylist’s number.

[Photo Credit: thefashionspot.com, wwd.com]

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  • Yaara

    She looks so hot in this dress. What a great color for her.

  • She looks amazing!! Finally!! I can’t say that the top shot looks completely like her, but either way, she looks great!

  • Jrob

    She looks pretty amazing. Like a less edgy version of Eliza Dushku. I wish that, while photoshopping the hell out the wall and the balcony (it doesn’t look filthy!), they had kept the lovely dark-red color of the dress. It looks kind of fuschia in the ad–not quite as dramatic and lush. And they also could have fixed the crud under the balcony. Ick.

    • Sweeneybabe

      Yes but I think they changed the colour of the dress so it would match the bottle topper, which makes sense as it would tie it all together…

  • Anonymous

    She looks wonderful, indeed. Her ad fantasy suitor, on the other hand, is laughable, he looks so generic, he could be a cardboard cutout.

  • vee

    she looks so much better on the candids. photoshop gone terribly wrong.

  • Miss Heather

    I’ve always thought she was much more naturally pretty than most starlets, and also doesn’t seem so painfully, clavicle-exposed thin. Nice look for her. You’re right – let’s hope she takes some hair, makeup, silhouette, and everything else pointers from this experience.

  • Anonymous

    I literally think she literally looks very young and pretty.

  • Judy_J

    Yes! She looks fantastic, and no goose bumps! I admire her stamina!

  • Anonymous

    She is very pretty in these photos. I prefer the candids over the final shots.

    The photoshopping on the balcony is incomplete or overdone.

  • aussiegal77

    I love that colour on her…..heck, I love that colour on ME! It’s a gorgeous dress and she looks amazing for once. The original photos look so much better than the done-up photoshopped one.

  • Does this ad look like the cover of a bodice ripper to anyone else? I mean I agree, she looks amazing in some of those shots, but really, long haired dude with leather jacket brings roses up fire escape? Did we miss the earlier scene where he rescued her from an evil biker gang?

    • Anonymous

      Yup. I did think of one of those covers.

  • Anonymous

    Love the color of the gown and the color story of the entire ad.

  • Guest

    Great dress, but I really don’t like the hair.

  • Nancy

    She is so beautiful and she can make herself look so silly. I wonder what she gets out of that.

  • Oh wow, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Alexis

    Can you IMAGINE that somehow the blonde one from that show models for CHANEL? CAN YOU IMAGINE?

    • Monet

      Exactly. I think Blake Lively is a bit too generic for Chanel (blond, big boobed, bland) whereas Leighton Meester has a stunning face. Even though I know she doesn’t come from a sophisticated family or anything, something about her looks reads as elegant and aspirational to me.

  • MilaXX

    She should have borrowed and worn that last night. She looks lovely and fresh faced.

  • Tamara

    Beautiful. She’s such a gorgeous girl, and I love love love Gossip Girl and she is GORGEOUS all the time on the show. And then on the red carpet she just MISSES ALL THE TIME. Leighton! Just try to look as much like Blair as you can always and you will be FINE.

    • Anonymous

      I think her problem is that she’s trying to avoid being typecast as Blair, so she goes as far from that as possible. But since Blair’s whole thing is pretty, classy femininity then going away from that will pretty much never take you anywhere flattering.

  • Momzilla

    We’re seeing lots of these plum, maroon, and wine colors. They look great with a lot of skin colors: there were at least three dresses at the Met ball, then Mrs Obama at the WHCA dinner and now this ad.

  • masonandmary

    Leighton Meester, we all knew you had it in you. Keep up the good work.

    (Since this is my first comment on the new site…can I just say I am so happy you included a “like” button in the comments section?)

  • masonandmary

    Ooooh, problems logging in with Disqus….this is 3foxes. Hmmmm….going to have to figure out what’s going on with Google log-in.

  • 3foxes

    Oh Leighton Meester, finally you look perfect. We all knew you had it in you.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh. Leighton. You could’ve stopped smoking crack everytime you’re on the red carpet off GG. Either that or just copied whatever those GG stylists did for your character. Why couldn’t you??? The world would’ve been saved from that other blonde Chanel fiasco otherwise. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. She actually looks memorable here–and in a good way. Stunning. Well done, stylists!

  • Suzanne

    You guys obviously don’t watch Gossip Girl – she looks gorgeous there, and routinely outdoes Blake Lively, costuming-wise.

  • tom

    I hope she kissed Vera’s feet, kissed the stylists feet and then insisted she get a detailed video of EXACTLY who did what to her. Then maybe, just maybe, she won’t look like a hot mess the next tiime on the RC.

  • sue denim

    The silhouette is lovely, of course, but I think it’s the orchestration of color that pushes it into a whole other category. Hair, skin, make-up, fabric, and lighting have been tweaked to the nth degree, and it really shows. Photoshopping can sometimes be a force for good!

  • She always looks this good on Gossip Girl. Her stylist keeps screwing her up.

  • Anonymous

    Hey! Isn’t anyone paying attention to her HAIR!? It’s truly terrible. My Barbie had a dress like this in black in 1960. It was awesome on the Barbie; on the model… not so much.

  • KellyK

    Don’t know what you tweaked but the site loaded so much faster!

    Love the dress, she looks great. Wish I could wear that…

  • LunaKate

    I look at this and all I can think of is the end of “Pretty Woman”

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I wondered what the story in the ad was. Especially since the dress was so beautiful and her hair is so…casual? Could be that the BF returns after a night of passion – could be that her hair gay is late in getting her ready, and sent his boyfriend with flowers to keep the diva happy….

  • Shgerhard

    The dress makes the woman.

  • Glenn

    Reminiscent of Nicole’s Gucci ad.

  • I don’t like her. Not a fan.

  • kingderella

    she looks good in that dress, but the finished ad looks terribly stilted.

    also: “When I heard tourists saying, ‘ I want to look like her,’ I knew we were right on the money,”
    moronic statement of the day.

  • SMM

    Wow! She looks fantastic! The best she may ever look, I feel.

  • Anonymous

    She looks stunning here. Great ad campaign.

  • laura

    i think she looks amazing in the unphotoshopped image, in the final image she is rocking some gaga-esque cheek bones

  • Have you all seen her in Gossip Girl? The girl should take some notes from THOSE stylists, at least from how they dressed her in the earlier seasons. If you haven’t seen some of her better looks from that show, you haven’t seen what Leighton Meester can really be.

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful dress! She looks damn good.

  • Blah

    She looks like Blair. The thing with her is, she tries so hard not to look like Blair so she dresses exactly the opposite and therefore ends up looking like a hot mess a lot of times. Blair’s style is specifically styled for her and that’s what makes her look good.
    Blake dresses like Serena on red carpet too so she’s ok most of the time (because the styling was already done for her by the show).

  • I sometimes forget that she is such a pretty girl… that dress is fab

  • Gorgeous. I don’t remember being anywhere Soho on the day the ad was shot, but my exact first thought was I want to look like her.

  • Arch716

    She looks great on Gossip Girl every week, and she has yet to learn ANYTHING from being on that show for 4 YEARS. I think she is learn resistant.

  • Snowbunny

    I literally gasped and said “So Pretty!” I love it so hard.

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous in that dress. Also I love how they styled her to resemble the perfume bottle…it could have been too much but i think it really works for the ad