THE MORNING SHOW FYC Event Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 03, 2024

The cast of The Morning Show (minus Reese Witherspoon evidently) got together for the season FYC event and the vibes were distinctly casual. That means some of them looked like crap.


Karen Pittman in Area

We’re afraid we just don’t like any part of this. Even if you think the pants are cute, say “fucshia polka dot flared pants” out loud and suddenly it sounds dicey, right? A dicey as that unflattering t-shirt.


Tig Notaro

We can’t get mad at a sister keeping it lesbian-real. Happy Pride, Tig.


Billy Crudup

This is kind of awful, though. Even for a casual event, this is pretty damn sloppy.


Jon Hamm

Why does everyone look like they just woke up from a long nap in a car?


Mark Duplass

It’s fine. We’re not mad at it. The bike-riding cuff is a weensy bit precious.


Jennifer Aniston in Reformation

What’s funny about everyone else’s lackadaisical efforts is that this outfit has more personality than anything she’s worn in a decade. Unfortunately, we hate it. The dress is fine, although it feels a little dated. Those sandals are hideous. The pendant looks like a blister.


Nestor Carbonell

This is all perfectly fine. In fact, he’s probably the best-dressed of the group, but like most of them, he’s inexplicably rumpled. Did they all do a bar crawl on together on the way over?

[Photo Credit: Faye’s Vision/Cover Images]

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