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Posted on April 23, 2024


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It’s TUESDAY, dammit. Might as well spend it being swanky as hell. Join us in our swankiness, won’t you?


How Dan Stevens Became Hollywood’s Go-To Guy for, Well, Anything
The actor is currently battling himself at the box office with lead roles in both ‘Abigail’ and ‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’

It’s been less than 12 years since Dan Stevens raised a middle finger to the British aristocracy (OK, the Crawleys), quitting “Downton Abbey” as the show neared its Emmy-amassing zenith and setting sail for America with his family. As he admits, he had “absolutely no idea” what was going to happen to him.
“There was no roadmap,” the 41-year-old actor explains with frank honestly about a decision that, at the time, was considered by many to be sheer lunacy. “I left ‘Downton’ with a blank slate. It was just, ‘I think I want to do other things.’ But I didn’t know what that looked like.”


Lily Gladstone Has More Stories to Tell
“We deserve to have stories where we’re not model minorities—where we’re people who are making the best of what we have,” the actor says of her latest role, in Hulu’s Under the Bridge

Lily Gladstone wasn’t planning to tell another true-crime story so soon. Having just wrapped production on Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon—in which she starred as an oil-rich Osage woman who faces the ultimate betrayal from her white husband, who conspires to kill her loved ones to gain control of her family fortune—Gladstone was wary of the emotional toll that came with re-creating and reliving the worst years of someone’s life.
But when she received an offer to star opposite Riley Keough in the new Hulu limited series Under the Bridge, Gladstone felt there was an opportunity to reexamine the systemic issues that precipitated the brutal 1997 murder of Reena Virk, a 14-year-old Indo-Canadian girl who was the victim of bullying and ostracization, at the hands of her own peers near Victoria, British Columbia.


We’ll Find a Miracle … but for Now I Have to Learn to Live With It’
Pop legend Céline Dion is opening up about her life with Stiff Person Syndrome, saying that she still hopes “we’ll find a miracle,” but is learning “to live with it.”
In a new interview with Vogue France, the Canadian singer discussed the neurological disorder, which causes progressive muscular stiffness. Following her diagnosis in December 2022, Dion has halted her touring schedule and stayed largely out of the spotlight, though she made a surprise appearance at the Grammys in February and earned a huge standing ovation.


Lily Gladstone stars in Fancy Dance, the poignant film exploring systemic injustice for Indigenous women
It will navigate “complexities and contradictions of Indigenous women moving through a colonised world and at the mercy of a failed justice system”.

Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone’s new film Fancy Dance is out soon, and it tells an important story of sisterhood and the lives of Indigenous people.
Having filmed the movie during her breaks from Martin Scorsese’s latest mammoth project – which landed her an Oscar nom – it’s a personal one for the actor.
Earlier this month, she posted a heartfelt comment on X alongside the film’s poster. She wrote: “I have never been prouder or more excited to announce… well… just about anything!”


The Victoria Beckham x Mango collaboration collection has just launched (run!)
VB is tapping into accessibility with a major new high street collection.

If you’re anything like us, big-name designers collaborating with high street brands hits like nothing else. News of a Victoria Beckham x Mango collaboration earlier this month, therefore, almost knocked us off our seats. And having officially launched this morning, we can finally reveal every single epic look…
Two major fashion powerhouses teaming up for one accessible collection is never not great news, but when those powerhouses include one of the industry’s most beloved – but, let’s face it, expensive – designers and one of our absolute favourite high street labels we can’t help but swoon over the pairing.


29 best floral perfumes that are too good to gatekeep
Here for our floral girls.

Floral perfumes are one of the biggest fragrance categories for a reason – we’re naturally hard-wired to find them irresistible. Before there was iCloud or Netflix, there has always been flowers. So really, they’re a gift from nature – wrapped in soft petals rather than silky ribbons – and who doesn’t love a gift?

Despite their popularity, in a world where we all want to find our own individuality, flowers pose an interesting offering. Different blooms project different moods. Given the variety and species of flowers are endless, it means there are floral notes out there to suit all different aspects of our personality.


37 pretty butterfly tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink
Winging it.

Given butterflies symbolise growth, hope, freedom, femininity and more, it’s easy to see why the butterfly tattoo is so popular. The design continually resurrects itself and it’s an enduring emblem of transformation and metamorphosis – which is why it’s been an important motif in many cultures for generations.
But also, it offers up a little nostalgia, since the butterfly was everywhere in the nineties and noughties, from fashion to music. Mariah Carey dedicated a whole 1997 album to the insect (which included lyrics like “spread your wings and fly, butterfly”), teensy butterfly clips decorated our hair and jewel encrusted butterflies bedazzled our tinted sunglasses. Now, it’s become the emblem of a whole new generation as Gen Z reclaim the Y2K butterfly, which is probably why “butterfly tattoo” has over 460 million views on TikTok.


A documentary about Miriam Rivera, the world’s first trans reality TV star, will tell her incredible, tragic story
It looks at her extraordinary life, as well as the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

Miriam Rivera was a trans reality TV sensation, model and subject of media scrutiny and harassment in the noughties – whose incredible story the nation is set to learn a lot more about after a brand new documentary drops on Channel 4 later this month.
Three hour-long episodes will chart the highs, lows and downright unbelievable moments from her all-too-short life – Miriam died aged 38 back in 2019.


The Blair Witch Project Original Cast Members Request Retroactive Payment
The 1999 blockbuster made nearly $250 million in theaters and launched two sequels and an upcoming reboot.

Does the world need another take on The Blair Witch Project? The groundbreaking 1999 movie, which starred Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard, and Rai Hance (then known as Heather Donahue), was lightning in a bottle, filmed for an estimated $60,000 during a famously grueling eight-day, oft-improvised shoot. It was a box office blockbuster, with a $248-million-plus theatrical release and two sequels—three, if you count the revival horror-on-the-cheap expert Jason Blum announced a little more than a week ago. That latest news frustrated the Blair Witch originals, who released an open letter Saturday asking for belated compensation for their long-ago work.


Thebe Magugu’s Latest Heritage Collection Honours The Centuries-Old “Lobola” Tradition With South Africa’s Distinguished Luminaries
Since 2022, Thebe Magugu has annually released his Heritage capsule collection, a vibrant tribute to his South African roots. Raised in Kimberley and Johannesburg, he absorbed the diverse tapestry of African tribes and customs. Part I spotlighted South Africa’s eight prominent tribes with bohemian-inspired dresses featuring open necklines, while Part II celebrated motherhood across South African cultures. “I want to show off our culture,” Magugu shares with Vogue over Zoom from his Johannesburg studio. “The aim is to celebrate our roots, but what Heritage does is give tradition a modern sartorial spin.”


All The Celebrity Daughters Who Have Borrowed From Their Famous Mothers’ Closets Over The Years
With a new generation of celebrity offspring now coming into their own (think: Kaia Gerber, Lila Moss, Nico Parker), it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a number of daughters dipping into their mothers’ extensive wardrobes – particularly when it comes to the red carpet.
Angelina Jolie kicked off the trend back in 2021, when her children wore pieces from her closet to accompany her on the Eternals press tour. Her daughter Zahara rewore the most instantly recognisable look: a heavily-embellished Elie Saab couture gown that Jolie first wore to the Oscars in 2014.
Other enviable celebrity daughters include Apple Martin, who has access to her mother Gwyneth Paltrow’s array of red-carpet dresses – including the sheer Alexander McQueen dress that she wore at the 2002 Oscars. Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s daughter Carys sported the pink Emanuel Ungaro slip dress her mother wore at the 1999 MTV Awards to celebrate her 21st birthday.


A New Statue of Queen Elizabeth II Complete With Corgis Is Unveiled
The statue in Rutland is one of the first memorials to the late Queen to be unveiled since her death.

One of the things most synonymous with the late Queen Elizabeth was of course her love of corgis. So it is fitting that a permanent memorial to her, unveiled this weekend, depicts her with three of her famous pets.
A new statue of Queen Elizabeth II was unveiled in Rutland, England on Sunday on what would have been her 98th birthday. And to further cement her link with the corgi, several members of the Welsh Corgi League proudly brought their dogs to be part of the 400-strong crowd at the unveiling. The seven-foot bronze statue by Sculptor Hywel Pratley depicts the Queen in state robes. One corgi is at her feet and another two are on the plinth.


The 20 Best Long-Lasting Perfumes You Won’t Need to Reapply
These scents have true staying power

Aside from narrowing down a fragrance selection from a favorite brand along with your preferred bouquet of notes, one of the most important aspects of scent selection is its staying power. The best long-lasting perfumes exclusively feature ingredients that stay put, lasting well beyond its first few spritzes. These scents don’t just linger on your clothing all day but also last on the skin until they’re completely showered off.


10 Latte Recipes Both Iced and Hot Coffee Drinkers Will Love
Are you team iced or hot latte?

Flexible and forgiving, lattes are one of the most ubiquitous drinks on coffee shop menus around the world. Some versions, like the classic combination of espresso and steamed milk, are simply vehicles for a much-needed kick of caffeine; others are earthy, eye-catching, and nutty drinks made with milled teas like matcha and hojicha. And then there are the lattes that call for unexpected ingredients like rose petals, balsamic glaze, yogurt, and fig paste.
Most of our favorite latte recipes can be made both hot or iced, and work well with both plant-based and dairy milks. Read on to learn how to make 10 lattes that will transform your morning or afternoon ritual.


The 10 Most Iconic Sour Cocktails You Should Know How to Make
From Sidecars and Mojitos to Margaritas and Gimlets, here are our favorites.

In one of the earliest cocktail books on record, the 1862 The Bartender’s Guide: How to Mix Drinks, bartending pioneer and author Jerry “The Professor” Thomas documented early 19th-century cocktail recipes. The drinks were divided into small categories that included collinses, daisies, fizzes, and sours. Over the years, these cocktail branches were consolidated.
The sour is essentially a descendant of the earliest form of a cocktail, a punch, and often follows the “golden ratio” template of two parts base spirit, one part sweet, and one part sour — known to bartenders around the globe as the 2:1:1 rule.


’30s Makeup Trends Are Making a Comeback
Just look at the runways for proof.

When you think of classic Hollywood glamour, the ’50s and ’60s immediately come to mind, along with names like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall. These days, however, an unsuspected decade is rising in popularity: the ’30s. Contoured eyes, thin brows, and dark lips emphasizing the Cupid’s bow have taken over, a marked departure from the thick, bushy brows and minimal, ‘clean girl’ makeup looks of yore. Runways have predicted style trends for about as long as we’ve had them, and this year, we’ve seen a throughline with ’30s trends.


How to Get Makeup Out of Clothes: 8 Genius Hacks
Even if you consider yourself a trained pro at drawing that perfect winged cat-eye or contouring those cheekbones á la Bella Hadid, makeup mistakes are inevitable. So when you accidentally smudge that gel liner on a new dress or get liquid foundation all over a white shirt, knowing how to get makeup out of clothes the right way will ease any panic that you might’ve forever ruined a beloved piece of clothing.


Louis Vuitton Unveils ‘a Perfume Atlas’: A Journey into the Essence of Fragrance
Through prose, illustrations, and photographs, dive into the artistry of High Perfumery
A Perfume Atlas is not just a book; it is an invitation to explore a sensory fantasy through the eloquent prose of Lionel Paillès, an esteemed authority in perfumery, and the captivating illustrations of Aurore de la Morinerie. Sébastien Zanella’s photographs add a journalistic depth.
Within the pages of A Perfume Atlas, readers are granted a rare glimpse into the alchemical mastery of Belletrud. More than 200 watercolor depictions unravel the mysteries of coveted raw materials, unveiling the secrets of their cultivation, extraction, distillation, and harmonization.


ESSENCE Sexiest Men of the Moment
Who is the sexiest man walking planet earth right now and what exactly makes him sexy? It all depends on who you ask. When I posed the question to the staff at ESSENCE, what ensued was a massive team conversation, with people swooning over athletes, musicians, actors, writers and more for hours over Slack. There were mentions of the classic cuties we speak of on a first-name basis: Idris, Denzel, Shemar, Larenz. Then there were the popular hotties of the present: Kofi Siriboe, Michael B. Jordan, Serge Ibaka, and Lance Gross. And there were also newbies named: May/June 2023 cover star Jalen Hurts, Skyh Black, Regé-Jean Page, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and more. But ultimately, only 15 men could make the list.


Our appliances are more efficient than ever. Why doesn’t it feel like it?
You actually can use less energy and have more convenience in your home.

Of all the things that get people worked up, it is a bit surprising at first glance that home appliances and fixtures can get people so heated.
But it makes sense: These are the devices and products we encounter every day. They make a direct impact on our lives, saving us time and effort when they work well — and causing grief and frustration when they don’t. And when the government gets involved, suddenly laundry day has political stakes.


A Guide of American Museums to Visit This Year
Siblings, parents and grandparents are collaborators and muses in a variety of upcoming shows around the country that highlight family traditions and bonds.

The value of family in the lives and work of artists is being showcased at museums across the United States this spring.
In Texas, art by the de la Torre brothers and the Haas brothers highlights familial collaboration. In Baltimore, an exhibition of works by Joyce J. Scott is paired with an exhibition of her mother’s work, and in Florida, sculptures made by Rose B. Simpson are shown alongside those made by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Elsewhere, family members serve as muses for artists, keeping traditions alive while transforming them with contemporary appeal. Here is a selection.


Welcome to Scam World
Digital life is cluttered with bogus text messages, spam calls and phishing attempts. You can try to block, encrypt and unsubscribe your way out of it, but you may not succeed.

Should you click the link? Pick up that call? Pursue that job opportunity? Is the person who texted you “hey” just now from a number you don’t recognize someone you actually know?
Welcome to Scam World, the seedy layer just beneath the world we live in every day. It’s cluttered with these bogus text messages, spam calls and phishing attempts.
In Scam World, any engagement with a stranger is a risk.


Lots of Italy, on Many Collectible Plates
Buon Ricordo plates were introduced 60 years ago at restaurants in Italy. The hand-painted ceramics can now be found at design trade shows and fancy décor stores.

For his 73rd birthday in April, Felice Macchi had lunch at La Bettola Del Gusto, a restaurant in Pompeii, Italy, with a focus on seafood.
He ordered the house specialty: spaghettoni, a thicker spaghetti, in a fermented anchovy sauce with black truffles and butter made with milk from water buffalo native to the Mediterranean region. The meal came on a ceramic plate with a whimsical hand-painted design depicting the spaghettoni dish and a smoking volcano, a nod to nearby Mount Vesuvius.
Mr. Macchi finished his meal — he said it was “excellent” — but did not leave the restaurant empty-handed. Instead of leftovers, he took home the plate his pasta was served on.


Prince Louis Stars in 6th Birthday Portrait Taken by Kate Middleton amid Her Cancer Treatment
The image comes one month after Princess Kate’s Mother’s Day photo with her children was criticized for being edited

Kate Middleton and Prince William are celebrating their son Prince Louis’ sixth birthday with a royal tradition.
The Prince and Princess of Wales’ youngest child starred in a new portrait in honor of his birthday on April 23.
The photo was taken by Princess Kate in Windsor in the last few days, PEOPLE understands. It came with a simple message from the proud parents: “Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis! Thank you for all the kind wishes today.”


9 Things You Might Regret Tossing Out the Next Time You Tidy Up
Think twice before sending these items to the trash or donation pile.

If you’ve recently undergone some deep cleaning, or you’re thinking about embarking on an organizational project, you might be wondering what things you really need to keep. Now, some things are always going to be worth tossing—anything broken that can’t be repaired, for example—but for other items, the line between keep or toss isn’t so clear cut. Below, we spoke with organizing experts to learn which items you shouldn’t throw away, either because of their sentimental value or their importance for future planning.


10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Now
These ideas will help you ease into a more beneficial way of eating.

Health food isn’t what it used to be—it’s much better. And recipe developer and friend of Martha, Jess Damuck, wants to prove it. The lauded author of Salad Freak is back with another sensational cookbook, full of fun, approachable, and colorful recipes appropriate for a Tuesday night or impressing a table full of eager diners at a dinner party. Health Nut: A Feel-Good Cookbook takes the positive vibes of 1970s California and updates them with a 2020s cool girl Los Angeles spin. We spoke to Damuck to learn how this healthy food expert suggests eating more wholesomely this year.

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