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PinPerruche Bar and Restaurant – Paris, France

Who’s up for a little bit of ooh-la-la today? Can you think of a better possible way to spend a MONDAY than lounging around on a rooftop while being bathed in Parisian sunlight? The answer is no. You cannot. it’s settled, then. Have a seat.


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert sequel is happening — complete with its original stars, director says
Stephan Elliott revealed that Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, and Terence Stamp — who played the original film’s fabulous trio of drag queens — are all “onboard.”

Mitzi Del Bra, Felicia Jollygoodfellow, and Bernadette Bassenger are hitting the road once again!
Director Stephan Elliott says a sequel to his Oscar-winning 1994 film, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, is on the way — and its original stars Hugo Weaving, Terence Stamp, and Guy Pearce are all “onboard” to reprise their roles. Elliott — who will serve as writer, director, and producer on the project — told The Guardian Australia that the movie’s script is already completed but that negotiations with production companies and financiers are still underway.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2024 Inductees: Cher, Jimmy Buffett, Mary J. Blige, Dave Matthews, Peter Frampton, Foreigner and More
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has revealed the names of 16 artists or other musical figures who will be inducted in 2024. It’s a diverse list that stretches from R&B/rock pioneer Big Mama Thornton to pop superstars Cher and Dionne Warwick, and from ’70s-rooted rockers like Peter Frampton, Foreigner and Ozzy Osbourne to ’90s icons the Dave Matthews Band, Mary J. Blige and A Tribe Called Quest.


The original It girl, America’s first sex symbol and now Taylor Swift’s inspiration: the dazzling story of Clara Bow
Popstar Taylor Swift has just released her new album The Tortured Poets Department, with one track dedicated to the 1920s film star

A regular in The Tatler pages, Clara Bow was the epitome of an It Girl – and now, nearly 60 years after her death, she is causing a media sensation once again.
Taylor Swift has paid tribute to Bow on her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, with a track dedicated to the American flapper and gushing lyrics about her ‘remarkable’ looks. No one was more famous than the actress in Hollywood in the ’20s, with her star burning bright as she starred in a number of hit silent films. Her downfall would be just as quick: aged 25, she was essentially disowned by Paramount after a string of sex scandals and court appearances. She retired and moved to a ranch in Nevada, where she would die a recluse at the age of 60.


Taylor Swift Just Responded To Reviews Of ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ In The Best Possible Way
Taylor Swift’s eleventh studio album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, has received almost unilaterally positive praise – but some critics have been less than impressed.

Not all critics have shared positive notes of Swift’s latest creation though. The New York Times called TTPD an ‘uneven LP’, while Paste Magazine posted a scathing review of the record under an anonymous byline, citing safety concerns as the reason for not revealing the author’s identity. Writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, in an editor’s note, the publication stated, ‘There is no byline on this review due to how, in 2019 when Paste reviewed Lover, the writer was sent threats of violence from readers who disagree with the work.’ The review notes that the album’s ‘title track features some of Swift’s worst lyricism to date.’


47 best wedding guest hairstyles so you can show up and show out
Gotta represent for the friends and fam.

Wedding guest hairstyles can be a tricky one. You don’t want to steal the spotlight from the bride, but also, you want to show up and show out for your friends on their big day.
If you’re unsure of what direction to go in, there’s a few factors that can play into what style you go with. For starters, do you have a read on what the vibe is for the day? Is it boho? Is it classic? Is it romantic, beachy, OTT or understated? If you really want to represent, ask the bride (or groom) what the mood is, that way you can lean into the wedding aesthetic with a co-ordinated look.


These witchy perfumes will put a love spell on you, according to a tarot reader
Mysticism is booming among millennials and Gen Z, with many leaning on crystals, tarot and astrology for their spiritual hit. So it’s telling that witchy perfumes are also enjoying a moment in the fragrance spotlight, with the search term amassing over 4 million views.
Don’t worry, witchy perfumes don’t smell of frog’s legs, nor are they blended in a bubbling cauldron. Instead they smell like a puff of aromatic smoke or off-beat herbs that sound like they’ve come straight out of a spell book.


The 7 pieces of clothing you should never wear to the airport
Here’s what not to wear if you want to breeze through customs.

While we hate to admit it, we spend an inordinate amount of time planning or holiday outfits before going abroad – and this includes our all important airport outfit.
Gone are the days where we dress to the nines in the hope of snagging ourselves an upgrade (which, let’s be honest, never happens). Now airport outfits are all about being cute and comfortable, yet there’s another thing you need to consider when picking out what to wear: how practical is it for security? ‘Cos no one likes getting held up at security when they could be tucking into a pre-flight meal or a cheeky cocktail.


55 best true crime documentaries on Netflix
These will dominate your WhatsApp group chats.

True crime documentaries on Netflix come with the kind of real-life drama so gripping that for that hour or so, you forget everything else in life. It’s for this reason that we can’t. Get. Enough. And we’re not the only ones.
We never get tired of discovering how disturbingly screwed up the human race is – the fact that real-life people have committed some of these crimes is truly disturbing but, in some weird way, compelling. I mean, take, for example, Charles Cullen, a former ICU nurse who killed patients while working in various hospitals and nursing homes before being caught. The investigation that led to his arrest is told in Capturing the Killer Nurse. Then there’s also the story of prominent South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh who was found guilty of killing his wife and son. Keeping it family-theme, Lori Vallow, who is accused of killing her own children in the documentary Sins Of Our Mother is also another shocking watch.


Bohemian Rhapsodies: Timothée, Leo, Selena, and the Boom in Musician Biopics
Why movies on everyone from Bob Dylan to Amy Winehouse to Air Supply—yes, Air Supply!—are suddenly headed to the screen.

Hardly a week has gone by this year without the announcement of a new biopic focused on a musician. Some already have major stars attached—Timothée Chalamet as Bob Dylan, Selena Gomez playing Linda Ronstadt, Jeremy Allen White taking on Bruce Springsteen, Colman Domingo as Nat King Cole. If Frank Sinatra’s family approves, we may even get Leonardo DiCaprio as Ol’ Blue Eyes and Jennifer Lawrence as his second wife, Ava Gardner. And there are still more projects rolling our way, including movies in the works about Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even ’80s wimp-rockers Air Supply. Just last month, the white whale was landed, with the news that Sam Mendes will be directing a four-part feature series about the Beatles, scheduled for release in 2027. Yes, that’s a movie for each of them.


Why is Tamara de Lempicka Everywhere Right Now?
An exhibition at Sotheby’s, a Broadway musical, and a major West Coast museum retrospective? How Tamara de Lempicka became this year’s it-girl.

“Tamara de Lempicka was sort a Warhol before Warhol,” Nick Deimel, a senior specialist at Sotheby’s New York tells T&C. It’s a bold statement. Namely, because the late artist’s prominence peaked in the early 20th century, way before Warhol’s exponential rise in America. But still, Deimel is onto something.”She was an expert at not only hiding her identity from the public,” he says, “but controlling it and rendering it as she saw necessary.”


Are Croissant Trends Getting Out of Control?
Look what the Cronut hath wrought.

Since 2013 the croissant has been under siege.
It all began with Dominique Ansel’s cult creation, the Cronut, which fused the crescent-shaped pastry with a good ol’ fashioned doughnut. And the buttery slope got slippier from there.
Equal parts breakfast and dessert, the Cronut was invented by the pastry legend as a way to rethink laminated dough. It took Ansel over two months to perfect the recipe, which had him frying a doughnut-shaped round of buttery, croissant-like dough, filling it with cream or jam, before topping the whole thing off with icing. The result was, quite literally, an overnight success — within days of its release, the line was more than a hundred people deep.


Yogurt Lasts for Way Longer Than You Think, According to a Yogurt Sommelier
Plus: 4 pro tips for storing and tasting yogurt.

Kristie Kliegl could accurately be described as the Liam Neeson of the yogurt world. She has a … very particular set of skills acquired over a very long career. But rather than making her a nightmare to people, those skills make her an enormous asset — especially if you love to dig into a cup of Chobani every day.
You see, Kliegl is the director of food safety and quality at Chobani. It’s a less-than-glamorous title that is sort of unbefitting for someone with her talents. So, instead, her friends and colleagues refer to her as a “yogurt sommelier.”


Meet the “Mwani Mamas,” a Group of Zanzibari Women Changing Their Lives Through Seaweed Farming
It’s low tide on a seaweed-filled beach in Zanzibar, and Pili Pandu is ankle-deep in the crystalline water, tying a piece of eucheuma spinosum seaweed onto a nylon rope. The wind is picking up and the strong morning sun is beating down, but despite the challenging weather conditions, she is undeterred. A woman on a mission.
Pandu is one of nine women known affectionately as the “Mwani Mamas.” They spend their days harvesting seaweed and using it to make beauty products for the sustainable luxury skincare company Mwani (the Swahili word for seaweed). In Zanzibar, the Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa, seaweed has always been known as the “miracle of the ocean” for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. But for Pandu and the other Mwani Mamas, it has also become something else entirely: a bridge to a better life.


The Best Hotels in Lisbon, From Cozy Apartments to Renovated Palaces
When looking to book the best hotels in Lisbon, you’re met with a myriad of enticing—albeit unconventional—options. While you’ll certainly find your crop of classic stays, it’s not a city brimming with traditional hotels. The best places to stay in Portugal’s capital provide a more immersive plunge into the culture of the old city, including self-serviced apartments designed to feel like a home away from home, former 18th-century buildings renovated by famous Portuguese architects offering on-site communal dining, and a family home-turned-hotel where the family acts as your host.


Why You Can’t Get a Restaurant Reservation
How bots, mercenaries, and table scalpers have turned the restaurant reservation system inside out.

The origin of the restaurant reservation is murkier than the origin of the restaurant. As Rebecca L. Spang writes in “The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture,” in the eighteenth century, dining out in Paris or London meant going to a tavern where dinner was served at a common table, until the food ran out—first come, first served. In the U.S., reservations began to be more common sometime after the turn of the century, when it became popular to dine out for special occasions: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Election Night.


25 Weed Songs: Highest Hits in Hot 100 History
Stoner songs that blazed their way up the chart.

For part-time potheads, 4/20 is a holiday that comes but once a year. But for the steadfast stoner, you can celebrate 4:20 every day (twice a day is possible, but inadvisable).
Regardless of how deep your love for the leaf runs, everyone knows that marijuana and music are peas in a pod. We’ve previously rounded up 25 toking tunes, an editorial playlist that encompasses Cypress Hill, Afroman, Miley Cyrus, Bob Dylan, Peter Tosh, Wiz Khalifa and, of course, Snoop Dogg.


Why couples are choosing cohabitation over marriage
First comes love, then comes … moving in together.

After about two years of dating, Matt Garville, 38, made some space in his closet for his girlfriend, Aloria Rucker, 31. At the time, Rucker was living with a roommate in Brooklyn but spending most nights with Garville at his roommate-less apartment in Hoboken, he says, so the move made sense. The couple agreed they were in the relationship for the long haul, with marriage on the horizon. But first, a necessary step: cohabitation.
“It’s kind of like an interview process,” Garville says. “You’re both kind of interviewing each other. You learn their quirks and how clean they are and how they decorate a room. It’s the final compatibility test. If you pass the roommate test, it’s all systems go from there.”


Grace Kelly’s wedding dress had a fascinating history with ties to her Hollywood career
Prince Rainier of Monaco’s wedding to his Hollywood bride 68 years ago was the stuff of fairytales. Here, a look back at Grace Kelly’s wedding dress

When it comes to the most celebrated bridal gowns of the 20th century, Grace Kelly’s wedding dress for her nuptials to Prince Rainier of Monaco certainly tops the list.
The dress reflected that of a Hollywood actress marrying into the Monégasque royal family, one that went on to inspire the wedding dress choices of thousands of women after her including Kate Middleton, whose 2011 Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown bore a close resemblance.


For Sale: A Rare Klimt Portrait, Valued at $32 Million. But of Whom?
The painting’s re-emergence after decades has come with a swirl of questions about its subject, one of three related teenage girls.

On Wednesday, an auction house in Europe will put a painting by Gustav Klimt up for sale, with a preauction estimate of at least 30 million euros (about $32 million).
Whoever buys it will obtain a painting by an artist whose major works rarely come up for sale, but also a portrait whose subject, provenance and current ownership are either unknown, not public or the subject of debate.


The hallucinogenic cinema of Japan: 7 cult films to watch now
We take a trip through some of the country’s most surreal movie classics, from Akira Kurosawa’s jaw-dropping masterpiece Dreams, to Satoshi Kon’s logic-defying sci-fi Paprika

Eccentricity has been a mainstay of Japanese visual media for generations. Everything from the Roman Porno sex films sub-genre to the wild, colourful fantasies of Studio Ghibli have conjured fascination in the West. But the country that gave us giant, nuclear-powered dinosaurs and “pocket monsters” who live in tiny balls (a present-day counterpart to the hundreds of supernatural yōkai creatures described in Shinto folklore) has also consistently demonstrated a propensity for surreal storytelling as a component of forward-thinking cinema, with many such works going on to achieve cult fandom overseas.


How to Dry Fresh Herbs to Use in Your Cooking All Year Long
Don’t let your herb garden bounty go to waste—dry your herbs to extend their life.

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to add flavor and color to all different types of meals. While fresh herbs are often the go-to, especially for those with herb gardens, dried herbs offer a wealth of benefits that can make them an even better choice, depending on what you’re cooking. Dried herbs are typically stronger, more cost-effective, and last longer than fresh herbs. If you’re wondering what to do with an abundance of herbs leftover in your garden, you may want to consider drying them to preserve their aroma and flavor long after the herb-growing season has passed.


8 Types of Radishes That Add Beautiful Color and Peppery Flavor to Salads (and More)
We spoke to culinary experts to learn about different types of radishes and their favorite uses for each.

Few members of the vegetable family are as classic as a round red radish with its snowy interior and satisfying crunch. But wait a minute; are all radishes bright red? What about that tie-dye-esque watermelon radish on your salad at that fancy restaurant the other night? And what about that deep purple radish you picked up at the farmer’s market? As it turns out, the world of radishes is one filled with an array of shapes, colors, and flavors. Ahead, we spoke to experts for a run-down on how to use radishes and their favorite types of radishes that you, too, can add to your culinary arsenal.


I’ve Lived in Hawaii Nearly All My Life — and These Are the Most Underrated Destinations in the Aloha State
From one of the only green-sand beaches in the world to the southernmost point in the U.S., these are the top places to visit in Hawaii, according to a local.

Hawaii has beckoned tourists away from their daily routines to experience paradise for years. Nearly 10 million people made the trek to the archipelago last year, a destination with a population of around 1.5 million. The Hawaiian islands offer accessible natural beauty throughout the year — from the mountains (known as mauka) to the sea (called makai). Think sun-drenched beaches with warm water, waterfalls hidden in rain forests, and sand in hues of white, black, and red. Perhaps what makes Hawaii so special to visitors is the spirit of aloha — a warm hospitality not found anywhere else — and a rich cultural heritage dating back centuries.

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