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Posted on April 18, 2024


PinLe Meurice Alain Ducasse Restaurant – Paris, France

Let’s be grandiose little empresses today, darlings! It’s THURSDAY and the LOunge is practically dripping grandeur. Spread out and make some imperious noise today. Haughtiness is your birthright. Claim it.


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Set to Become Stage Musical, With Direction by Jon M. Chu
The popular film and book series is being developed into a stage adaptation, which is aiming for Broadway.

A musical stage adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians is under development, with Jon M. Chu set to direct.
The musical, which is being developed by Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures and Kevin Kwan, features a book by Leah Nanko Winkler, music by Helen Park and lyrics by Amanda Green and Tat Tong. The production is aiming for Broadway, with a pre-Broadway engagement to be announced shortly.
This would mark the Great White Way debut for Chu, who directed the film version of Crazy Rich Asians and In the Heights, as well as the upcoming two-part film adaptation of Wicked.


The Best Musicals Of All Time, According To Vogue
People say that you’re either into musical movies, or you’re not – but perhaps those in the latter group have simply never seen the very best examples from the genre. Ever since Hollywood’s first musical film was released nearly a century ago, in 1927 (The Jazz Singer), they’ve captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire helped to further popularise the form in the ’30s, after which came a Golden Age of musicals during which silver-screen renditions of Broadway hits (My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Gigi) proved their box-office mettle all over again. But what makes a musical movie one of the best of all time? Among other things: a story that one generation eagerly introduces to the next, a memorable soundtrack, and a sense of magic that can’t be recaptured in a remake (unless it’s by Steven Spielberg, that is).


Why Don’t More People Repair Their Clothes?
Repairing our clothes is essential in order to increase the lifespan of our garments, and to stop them from ending up in landfill. In fact, a study by UK textiles charity WRAP found that 30 per cent of people have garments in their wardrobe that they no longer wear because they need to be fixed. Meanwhile, a separate US survey found out that the majority of people rarely or never repair their clothes.


Julia Fox’s ‘closed vagina’ outfit isn’t fashion – it’s triggering and traumatic for FGM survivors, like me
The actor recently wore a bikini with the image of a vulva being affected by female genital mutilation (FGM).

Like the rest of the internet, you’ve probably seen the images of Julia Fox this weekend, in her latest ‘shock-factor’ outfit – which featured, horrifyingly, a bikini with the image of a sealed vagina, labelled “closed”. But despite the many articles and social media posts that I was subjected to that said as much, Fox wasn’t making a fashion statement with her graphic outfit – instead she explicitly caused harm to female genital mutilation (FGM) survivors, like me. [GLAMOUR has chosen not to share the photo of Julia, so as not to contribute to this harm.]


Emma Roberts Un-Gifted a Rare Book From an Ex Once She Realized How Much It Was Worth
Other treasured relics include some (probably not haunted?) dolls and, hey, is that where our champagne went?
Emma Roberts showed off her Los Angeles home, which she called a “grown-up dollhouse,” as part of Architectural Digest’s Open Door tour series published Tuesday. Between showing off her extensive doll collection, which includes a “drunk cowgirl Barbie” (“look at her. She’s fabulous.”) and others that she “hopes that every night, they’ll come [to life] and wake me up, it would be so thrilling” and the “time-out chair” salvaged from her own childhood, Roberts held up a hardcover copy of Charles Portis’s 1966 debut novel, Norwood.
“This is a book I actually gave as a gift to my ex,” she said. “When we broke up I saw how much it was worth and I kept it.”


The best vitamins for hair growth (according to trichologists who actually know)
Because hair needs a balanced diet too.

If you’re looking to swot up on the best vitamins for hair growth, we’ve got you. It’s no secret that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we apply onto them, especially when it comes to a 360 beauty regime. We know we should be eating a balanced diet full of protein, good fats and leafy greens, but sometimes life gets in the way.
The truth is, there’s only so much that topical beauty products that are applied onto the skin can do, and this is at its most evident when it comes to growing our hair.


The best things to do in London, from gigs to exhibitions, hen parties to day dates
Time to make the most of the capital.

London: it’s unbeatable, isn’t it?
London has sprawling parks, the historical significance of the city’s most stunning architecture and a whole lot of entertainment to keep you partying and socialising until the early hours. Bliss.
As the city that never fails to captivate and offers a kaleidoscope of exciting activities and events that cater to every taste, in London you will find something to suit everyone, from adrenaline-pumping adventures to cultural escapades. London has rightly gained the reputation as an unrivalled destination.


When Did It Become Socially Acceptable To Vocally Dislike Kids?
As is often the case with internet storms, it all started with a fairly innocuous tweet. At 5:33pm on Sunday, @hifromkyle shared a picture outside his local pub, simply captioned, “Found my new local.” So far, so meh. But it’s the four words on the chalkboard he’s posing next to, thumbs aloft, that riled some corners of the internet: “Dog Friendly – Child Free.” In the 36 hours that followed, the tweet racked up 57 million views, 15K retweets and 2.7K comments, with users divided over whether they were in wholehearted agreement or absolutely appalled at the sentiment. “This gives me the ick,” wrote one. “The parents who are triggered by this are the reason why it needs to be real,” read another on the opposite side of the argument.


As a seasoned runner, I can’t even begin to tell you everything that’s wrong with the Nike US Olympic kit
Once again, women are being set up for failure in sport. Here’s where it all went wrong

Sportswear giant Nike released their official Olympic kit for Team USA. Anyone else eagerly awaiting July for the chance to see top-of-their-game athletes perform on the world stage? Because, same. Yet sadly, my heart dropped when I saw the kit.
You see, among Nike’s designs are their respective track and field kits – the men’s, a racing vest and knee-length cycling shorts, and the women’s? A high-cut unitard which has left thousands across the globe questioning who designed it.
Athletes, editors, and more have taken to social media to criticise the women’s design, with many established track and field pros personally chipping in to share their disdain.


Prince Harry Offers Rare Peek Into His and Meghan Markle’s Montecito Home
Here’s what’s on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bookshelves.

Prince Harry’s Travalyst organization, a sustainable travel initiative he founded in 2019, kicked off a two-day summit in the South of France today.
The Duke of Sussex joined virtually from his home in California. “Travel and tourism relies on destinations, held together by communities, without which we have nowhere to travel to,” Prince Harry said during a panel conversation. “Communities are the beating heart of travel, and we must do better by the people who are the custodians of the places we visit.”


You’re About to Make the Best Fried Chicken of Your Life
Super-Crispy Pan-Fried Chicken
Lightly seasoned and deliciously crisp, this pan-fried chicken is sure to be a mealtime hit.
Instead of deep-frying in a vat of oil, food writer Angie Mosier prefers to pan-fry chicken, which makes it delightfully crunchy and moist without requiring quite so much oil. “For a covered-dish dinner, there’s nothing better than a tray of drumsticks, which are easy to eat standing up,” she says.


Chefs on ‘The Bear,’ ‘Top Chef,’ and ‘Is It Cake?’ All Wear the Same Apron—Here’s Why
It’s all about the pockets.

I love watching cooking shows, and luckily, the options are more diverse (and more plentiful) than ever. From scripted series like The Bear to competition reality TV, it’s safe to say that America’s fascination with professional chefs is at an all-time high. Of course, I watch these shows for the cutthroat drama and intrigue, but they also provide a great opportunity to learn expert tips and techniques through osmosis.
After hours of binge-watching, I noticed something. The chefs on my TV not only make cooking look easy, but they look great while doing it. That’s no coincidence.


How to Get Doe Eyes in 5 Easy Steps
From cat to puppy, animal-inspired looks are a makeup mainstay—and doe eyes are the ideal option for those after a similarly wide-eyed aesthetic. “Doe eyes are the ultimate Bambi, dolly, round eyes,” says makeup artist Jo Baker. “When you think of the opposite, it would be predatory feline, sharp and focused — a synched and elongated style of makeup. Doe eyes are that innocent round shape that feels more like pretty prey.”


‘There’s A Misconception That I’ve Given Up on Tidying as a Mother’: Marie Kondo Sets the Record Straight
When Marie Kondo revealed to the world last January that she had “kind of given up” on tidying now that she’s a mother of three, the quotes went viral—and understandably so. For a cleaning guru, whose book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and subsequent Netflix shows have given rise to a decluttering empire, the confession was pretty divisive. Some were left perplexed and even outraged by the admission, while others were frankly relieved. After all, if Marie Kondo couldn’t even live up to her own shipshape expectations, then surely the rest of us could be forgiven for our messiness?


A24’s New AI-Generated ‘Civil War’ Ads Generate Controversy
New marketing art shows epic ‘Civil War’ battle scenes. There’s just one problem.

A24 has released a series of epic new posters touting its acclaimed film Civil War.
There’s just one problem. Well, perhaps more than one. Or none, depending on your point of view. We’ll explain.
The five images (below) tease postapocalyptic scenes in major United States cities that have been torn apart by conflict. The Sphere is blackened wreck amid a smoldering Las Vegas. There is a floating gun unit in a lake outside Los Angeles. There are troops on patrol in San Francisco. A Miami street lays in ruins. There are tour boats full of refugees on the Chicago River. All scenes suggesting war-torn destruction in iconic locations.


Henry Cavill James Bond Trailer Gets 2.3M Views Despite Being an AI Fake
Co-starring Margot Robbie is a nice touch.

Henry Cavill fans can finally see the British actor as James Bond — sorta.
A fake Bond movie trailer “starring” the former Witcher star has been racking up millions of views on YouTube despite being a total fake.
The “Bond 26” trailer introduces Cavill as the new Bond using a mix of footage from other movies and artificial intelligence. The trailer also ambitiously casts Margot Robbie as a Bond girl.
So far, the wannabe trailer has generated 2.3 million viewers, presumably driven by a mix of fans enjoying it as a “what-if” effort, along with some being fooled by it.


36 Hours in Munich
Munich is giving Berlin, its longtime cultural rival, a run for its money. Shedding its reputation as the conservative Bavarian capital, Munich is emerging as a younger, laid-back hub that’s balancing tradition and innovation in unusual ways. Look to the Schlachthofviertel, a rapidly evolving cultural district centered around an active slaughterhouse (yes, really) that’s sprung to life with nightclubs and bars (including one in a decommissioned ship) and a beautiful new home for the Volkstheater, one of the city’s main playhouses. Head to the Isarphilharmonie, an ultra-modern new concert hall, to hear some of Munich’s top musical ensembles, including the splendid Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, which turns 75 this year. And if you’re visiting in the summer, don’t miss the Munich Opera Festival, which is nearing its 150th birthday.


Let Young People Live With Strangers
For many adults, the first and last time they willingly submit to living with a total stranger is their freshman year of college. And now is the time of year when many kids, just accepted into college, decide they won’t do it. […]
Too many students today miss out on that experience altogether. Though in recent years some schools have pulled back from the practice, many have adopted systems that give students far more control over the process.


How to Eat Less Meat (Without Missing It)
These simple tips will help you incorporate more vegetables and plant-based ingredients into your meals.

The popularity of a plant-based lifestyle is on the rise, and for good reason. The benefits are too many to count. Reducing meat intake is guaranteed to boost the health of our bodies—and the planet we inhabit. In addition, phasing out meat (and even dairy and eggs) is a huge win for animals. Luckily, it has never been easier to eat less meat. Plant-based foods, from healthy fruits and vegetables to plant-based meat alternatives, are more accessible than ever. You’ll notice them on the shelves at the supermarket and on the menus at your favorite restaurants.


12 Ways to Use Your Rice Cooker for More Than Just Rice
Despite its name, this countertop appliance is an efficient way to cook a many other foods.

A rice cooker is designed for cooking rice, hence its name. It makes cooking white rice so easy that we often overlook the potential of this countertop appliance for other tasks. Rice cookers are essentially smaller, less powerful pressure cookers. Their steam mechanisms work almost the same way so they can be used for plenty more than just rice. Another bonus, using a rice cooker is often quicker than cooking something on the stovetop.


This Beach in Europe Has the Bluest Water in the World, According to Research
It’s almost too blue.

There are plenty of studies out there touting just how important it is for humans to spend around water. It makes us calmer, more creative, and all around better people. But why spend time around any old water source when you can spend the day next to the bluest water in the world?
To help people find the bluest waters, CV Villas collected unfiltered Google map images of 200 beaches around the globe, then analyzed them to show their RGB color code and cross-referenced that with the color code of the certified bluest shade of blue, YInMn Blue, which was discovered by scientists at Oregon State University in 2009.

[Photo Credit: dorchestercollection.com]

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