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PinEl Limón Restaurant – Seville, Spain

Shh. It’s TUESDAY and that always sucks. Let’s enjoy some quiet elegance today, shall we? Haha, just kidding. In the immortal words of our great philosopher J Lo, let’s get loud. If you want! All options are open to you. As for us, we’ve got some pre-Oscars content in the pipeline, including a podcast. Sit tight and order something fruity in our honor.

40 Actors Who Should Have Oscar Nominations by Now: Hugh Grant, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya and More
An Academy Awards voter’s mission of sifting through a field of over 300 movies is more daunting than many awards enthusiasts assume. And when it comes to performances, that task becomes even more expansive.
From Hollywood stalwarts like Jeff Daniels and Donald Sutherland to crowd favorites such as Zendaya and Oscar Isaac, numerous esteemed actors are still eagerly awaiting their names to be called on Oscar nomination morning. Variety has compiled a ranking of the top 40 living actors who have yet to receive their first Oscar nod.


Life Is a Cabaret! The Shimmering Kander and Ebb Classic Heads Back to Broadway Starring Eddie Redmayne
Over three decades later, I’ve seen more stage productions of Cabaret than any other show, including a revival starring the original Emcee, Joel Grey; I’ve seen the Bob Fosse film version over 50 times. I’ve pretty much always got one of Fred Ebb’s sardonic lyrics jangling around in my head. Today, it’s “You’ll never turn the vinegar to jam, mein Herr,” and I couldn’t agree more.
Youthful exposure to Cabaret also turned out to be a life-changing event for the star of the new production opening this month on Broadway, Eddie Redmayne. “Weirdly, when I was 15, it was the first thing that made me believe in this whole process,” he says. Redmayne was a student at Eton when he first played the Emcee; he had never seen Cabaret when he was cast. On this late-autumn evening, Redmayne is speaking to me from Budapest, where he is shooting a TV series. “It reaffirmed my love for the theater,” he says of his first experience. “It made me believe that this profession, were I ever to have the opportunity to pursue it, was something that I wanted to do.”


As France enshrines abortion as a constitutional right, here’s how the rest of the world fares
In a promising step forward for women’s empowerment, France has officially become the first country in the world to include the “guaranteed freedom” to abortion in their constitution. “We’re sending a message to all women: your body belongs to you and no one can decide for you,” said Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to the French parliament before the history-making vote.


Heidi Klum on age shaming, marriage and mentoring her model daughter, Leni
“I don’t understand people who criticise others for being the way they are.”

Heidi Klum has been in the public eye for three decades. One thing that all her critics and fans can agree on is her incredible success: hardly anyone from Germany has achieved as much abroad as she has. Back in 1992, Heidi won a modelling competition on German TV show Gottschalk Late Night. By 1997, she made her debut at the Victoria’s Secret show in the USA – going on to become the brand’s figurehead for almost 13 years. In 1998, she made it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Her cover sold over 20 million copies.
At the time, Heidi’s natural smile and fun-loving personality were her signatures. She was ‘curvier’ than other models of the time, and was an early advocate of female empowerment – and these days she’s even more open and honest, from her sexuality to discussing her relationships.


18 of the most iconic Oscar speeches of all time
Winners are given a max of 90 seconds to thank their close ones and throw in a punchy and memorable line (of course, many go over their time limit – but the Academy’s orchestra team have been notoriously known for stepping in to get things moving). Many choose that time to make a real impact and send political messages, cryptic jabs at the academy and its lack of diversity or hot-button cultural conversations such as climate change and gender equality.


Where was Dune filmed? Filming locations for Arrakis and beyond revealed
Although Villeneuve’s direction and Greig Fraser’s cinematography play a big part in creating this evocative, breathtaking backdrop for the events of the second Dune film, the movie owes a lot to its otherworldly locations, too.
So where was Dune filmed? Let’s take a look at some of the real-life filming locations that helped Villeneuve bring Arrakis to life.


You Can Actually Rent Anatomy of a Fall’s Murder Chalet on Airbnb
The ideal (Wi-Fi-free!) destination for your next mystery-themed dinner party, daytime wine tasting, or unconventional honeymoon.

The lodging has actually been listed for the last four years by superhost Pascaline, whose property boasts a superb 4.97 rating and served as the spot for Anatomy of a Fall’s production back in the winter of 2022. As she previously told a French publication: “They were looking for a house that was partly isolated, partly undergoing work, and with a front high enough that a character could kill themself by falling.” […]
The rentable space, which can host up to four guests and is located “close to resorts and hiking trails,” is a duplex apartment that includes two bedrooms and one bathroom, per the listing. Perhaps the biggest selling point—or detriment, depending on one’s needs? There is no Wi-Fi.


How Joan Rivers Turned Red-Carpet Arrivals Into High-Camp Carpet-Bombing
In an excerpt from The Naughty Nineties, the author revisits the comedian’s first Oscar-night broadcast—30 years ago.

On the night of the 66th Academy Awards—March 21, 1994—Vanity Fair hosted its first-ever Oscar Party. That date, however, is notable for another milestone: it was the evening, three decades ago, when comedian Joan Rivers became America’s connoisseur of celebrity style—or lack thereof.
Previously, film fans had tuned into the Oscars telecast out of a fascination with actors, filmmakers, and their craft; to get swept up in the spectacle; and to thrill to the thunder of a great horse race. Come the early ’90s, though, that horse had gone to pasture. Moviegoers, for the most part, were less taken with screen performances than with the drama of stars’ private lives. They’d become less concerned with critical reviews than with which film won each week at the box office. To many Oscar-night viewers, all that began to matter was the clothes.


The Sinister World Behind The Baked Cookies And Prairie Dresses Of #Tradwife
The sourdough loaf-filled lives of #tradwives of Instagram might look quaint, but Gillian Orr explores why such performative domesticity is anything but cosy.

While I don’t judge anyone for cooking for their families or being a stay-at-home mother (feminism is obviously about choice), tradwives’ performative domesticity and unrealistic portrayals of motherhood can frustrate mums like me. Why are they always showing themselves baking and not cleaning the loo? Who is actually looking after the kids while they film themselves collecting flowers and eggs from their land? These women are almost certainly very wealthy and have a lot of help (the internet had a bit of a ‘gotcha’ moment when it was uncovered that Neeleman’s husband’s father is the co-founder of JetBlue Airways). Making a grilled cheese from scratch, as Smith recently did (she even made the mozzarella), isn’t really about caring for your family, rather it’s conspicuous leisure.


Maestro and the Art of Oscar Bait
Why do we often end up turning against artists who chase Academy Awards?

It might sound ridiculous to accuse a film of “wanting” Oscars. Since the very first Academy Awards in 1929—at a time when Washington politicians were vilifying Hollywood as immoral and subversive—filmmakers and actors have coveted the trophies as markers of legitimacy. But there’s something alienating to audiences about a film, or a filmmaker, that seems to be trying too hard. Indeed, so far, Maestro hasn’t resonated with award-season voters; it came home empty-handed at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice awards. What does it say about us, as viewers, that we often end up turning against these films?


24 Best Food and Drink Books of Spring 2024, According to Food & Wine Editors
These new releases have our editors excited for spring produce and backyard dinner parties.

It’s that time of year when we find ourselves itching for the farmer’s market to light up once again with fresh flowers and produce, as well as for the return of patio happy hours and outdoor dining. This spring, we’re taking cues on how to make vegetables sing from 2017 F&W Best New Chefs Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson, diving deep into the world of pickling and vegan soul food, but also perfecting our Martini game by taking a tip or two from the pros at London’s Connaught Bar. Read on to learn more about the 24 new food and drink books our editors are most excited about adding to their shelves this spring — we apologize in advance for how crowded your bookshelves are about to be.


Here Are the Most Popular Snacks in America, Per State
Are you Team Cheetos or Team Doritos?

Instagram recently served me some very targeted ads, including a tote bag that read “Always Carry Snacks” in colorful all-caps letters and a smaller pouch labeled “Emergency Snacks.” If I had to sum my personal philosophy up in three words, “Always Carry Snacks” might be what I’d go with — and we’re talking about having readily available snacks at all times, not just on today’s very real holiday, National Snack Day.
If you’re also a semi-pro snacker, then you undoubtedly have your faves that you stuff into your work bag, your desk drawers, your pockets, your gym bag… well, you get the idea. But the kind of snacks you’re reaching for might depend on where you live.


On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jewish Culture Is in the Costumes, Too
“There’s very specific things within cultural Judaism that everyone can get on board with,” Noah Rinsky, one half of the brand Old Jewish Men, says. Among Rinsky’s list: black and white cookies, complaining, and, of course, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Susan Korn, designer of the downtown jewelry and accessories brand Susan Alexandra, agrees. “There’s an every-man quality about it that is so understood en masse, but seeing yourself and your culture onscreen is a special feeling,” she says.
For Jewish designers, having their work featured on Curb—which premiered in 2000 and is now airing its 12th and final season—is like being anointed God’s chosen people all over again. If God was a curmudgeonly, 76-year-old man with wire-rimmed glasses, that is.


7 Expert Tips for Cooking Chicken
In the third installment of her YouTube series, the cookbook author and chef Sohla El-Waylly will teach you how to master the basics of the bird.

For beginners and experienced cooks alike, preparing chicken can come with a lot of questions (and nerves!). Am I going to get salmonella? How do I butcher a whole bird? Am I doomed to an eternity of dry breast meat? In the third installment of her YouTube series, Cooking 101, the chef and cookbook author Sohla El-Waylly will help you master the basics of the bird, then set you up with a handful of recipes that highlight white and dark meat.


Go Behind the Scenes of All 10 Best Picture Oscar Nominees
In these videos, directors walked us through pivotal scenes from their Academy Award-nominated films.

How do you go about crafting the perfect dream ballet? What is the most dynamic way to open your movie? How do you build a dance sequence centered around a character who has never danced before?
These were some of the questions that faced the directors of the 10 best picture nominees for the 2024 Academy Awards, which air on Sunday. Below, you’ll hear from first-time feature directors (Celine Song and Cord Jefferson), the most seasoned of veterans (Martin Scorsese) and many others about what it took to get a scene just right.


Riding the Sandworms: ‘Dune 2’ Action Scenes Took 44 Days to Shoot and Used Road Runner Cartoons for Inspiration
“Desert power.” That’s how Denis Villeneuve teases what’s to come at the end of 2021’s “Dune,” as Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atriedes looks out across the desert in awe as he sees a Fremen person riding a sandworm.
And Villeneuve does not disappoint. The director goes full white-knuckle thrill ride in its sequel, orchestrating a glorious sandworm riding sequence that took 44 days to shoot. It was the most complex thing Villeneuve had ever attempted to do. It needed to feel edgy, dangerous, exciting and real.


‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 4 Casts Kumail Nanjiani
Kumail Nanjiani has joined “Only Murders in the Building” Season 4 at Hulu, Variety has learned exclusively.
Nanjiani will appear in a recurring role that is mostly being kept under wraps, though an individual with knowledge of the situation says his character will be integral to this season’s investigation.


How to Clean Your Garage and Get the Most Out of This Space
These tips will help you create—and maintain—order in the garage.

Garages may be the designated home for our cars, but they can all too easily become a dumping ground for old clothes, empty paint cans, gardening equipment, and other items. Dedicating time to cleaning out your garage will help you find a home for these miscellaneous items—and donating or tossing the things you no longer have use for will free up room for better organization. To help get you started, we asked experts to share their top tips for cleaning up this often-ignored space.


6 Common Kitchen Organizing Problems and the Easiest Ways to Solve Them
Whether it’s a mess of pot lids or unruly food storage containers, we get to the bottom of these kitchen-organizing conundrums.

It happens to the best of us. Despite efforts to keep a tidy kitchen and pantry, there are organizational headaches we just can’t figure out. It could be an overflowing cabinet full of kitchen towels or the dreaded, cluttered junk drawer. We know that these conundrums can be conquered, yet solutions have proven evasive.
But fear not—we spoke with an organizing expert to help us untangle our most common kitchen organizing headaches with practical, easy solutions to keep your kitchen functional.

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