SHARPER London Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 08, 2023

Who’s in the mood for looking at pretty people in chic outfits? Given that your reading this, we bet it’s you! The stars of Apple TV’s upcoming thriller Sharper hit the London premiere red carpet in some surprisingly stylish looks.


And they clearly coordinated – or they’re all currently in mourning, although we think it’s safe to say it’s the former option rather than the latter. We think black on the red carpet can be pretty dull, but we’re impressed by how much they all kept things interesting and how different all of the looks are; uniquely well-suited to each wearer.


Sebastian Stan in Prada

The Prada logo looks dumb and we don’t love the hair, but the coat and the suit are absolutely gorgeous. Our dislike of turtlenecks is well-documented at this point, as is our stance that very few men can really pull off the double-breasted jacket well, but he’s working both elements beautifully.


Briana Middleton in Tarik Ediz

Flawlessly gorgeous. No notes. Love the hair and the somewhat delicate earrings. A dress like this doesn’t need much more than the right wearer.



Julianne Moore in Valentino

Miss Julianne loves herself a black-and-white outfit; so much so that we half wonder if she was the ringleader here and got everyone on board with her style preferences. This is surprising plain and simple, compared to her usual fare. It’s chic and dramatic, but we can’t say we love the … what do you call the thing that attaches the cape? Cape tie? Cape sash? Whatever it’s called, we think it comes off a little craftsy. Given how simple the rest of the design is, we’d have liked for the one detail that stands out to be a little less wimpy looking.


Justice Smith in Saint Laurent

Sir, you had us until we got to the shoes. Love the full cut of the suit and how well it works on him. We just think he needed a belt and possibly a pair of platforms or creepers.



[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/ Images – Video Credit: Apple TV/YouTube]

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