Rita Ora Out and About in NYC

Posted on February 01, 2023

Rita Ora was seen dashing around New York City for a thing. We don’t know. It was probably important and career-related. Why else would you dress like this in New York in January?


That’s a press day ensemble if ever we saw one. We picked this to spotlight because as cray as it is, we kinda think the whole thing works. Our only real critique is that the textile is too lightweight for January in New York, but once you commit to the crop top and the thigh-high slit, we suppose questions of climate appropriateness have been discarded. We  might nitpick things a weensy bit further and note that the leather finishes should probably match. But we really love that jacket and it’s hard to get mad at a killer pair of platform boots on the streets of New York. Surprisingly, this all works, so long as you don’t consider the practical aspects of fashion. Part of the fun of celebrity fashion coverage is how little considerations of practicality wind up mattering. It’s all about the image.



[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com/Cover Images]

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