HIS DARK MATERIALS Star James McAvoy for British GQ Hype Magazine

Posted on December 01, 2022

James McAvoy covers the latest issue of British GQ Hype magazine photographed by Elliot James Kennedy and styled by Nathan Henry.





He speaks about his work now with a level of detachment, about doing things not for the pay, nor the gravitas, not even for fulfilment, but for fun. “I’m getting long in the tooth,” he says, gesturing toward his 27-year career. “I love doing it, but I don’t love the daily grind of the film and telly business. Even if it’s a good script, I certainly can’t rationalise going to work at five or six in the morning and staying out till eight o’clock at night. If my character hasn’t got an interesting part in telling that story it’s quite soul destroying. More and more I’m looking for interesting experiences.”

Thinking back to what he told me about opting out of the awards schmoozing, I wonder if there was a point at which he decided, early on in his career, that he wasn’t going to go in for the fakery that likely pervades the industry, and stay true to himself – as cheesy at that sounds. “I was always more stridently like that [at the beginning of my career],” he says. “I don’t have to strive to be like that anymore. I was maybe making more grand gestures of ‘being myself’, which in itself probably isn’t being yourself. But I was always very concerned about getting carried away with myself.”



[Photo Credit: Elliot James Kennedy for British GQ Hype Magazine]

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