Front Row: LOUIS VUITTON Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 05, 2022

Let’s! Judge! Fashion! People!



Alicia Vikander

The top is ugly and the bottom are cargo pants, which is a synonym for “ugly.”



Ana de Armas

Actually, this is pretty cute. And her hair looks great. Why did it look so bad on the Blonde promo tour?



Cynthia Erivo

We have to admit, she’s pulling it off. We’re not sure anyone else coult.



Gemma Chan

That dress is too tricky for its own good. Those look like Barbie boots.



Jaden Smith

You’re gonna hate us for saying this, but… we love it. It’s something only he could make work, but we dig the sort of high-fashion Dune feel of it.



Jennifer Connelly

This, on the other hand, hurts our eyes.



Joe Jonas

The jacket’s a little interesting, but everything below it is dull.



Jurnee Smollett

Again, we’re kinda feeling this sci-fi thing going on in some of these looks. It’s not practical, and it feels considerably more like a costume than fashion, but it’s not boring.



Kaitlyn Dever

Easily the most interesting thing we’ve ever seen her wear. The funny part is that it’s one of the least interesting looks here. Still, that blue looks great on her.



Léa Seydoux

That top looks too much like Christmas tinsel, but we like the pants quite a bit.



Milly Alcock

This is great. We love how different she looks from the other attendees. Could’ve done without the bag, ironically.



Nathalie Emmanuel

Enh. The overall style and shape look great on her, but we’re not fans of wearing people on your clothing. The boots are fabulous.



Phoebe Dynevor

It’s giving ABBA, which is never truly a bad thing, although we think the various textiles fail to coordinate and she’s not really the gal for this style.




Ruth Negga

We like the look, but once again, it would be better without the bag, which is kind of a damning thing to say about a Louis Vuitton ensemble.



Samara Weaving

It’s a little Barbarella and that suits her just fine.



Sophie Turner

We really like the huge jacket, but we don’t like anything else she’s wearing. The shape of those pants looks awful with it.






[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton]

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