BROS Star Luke Macfarlane Layers Up for Fall for MEN’S HEALTH Magazine

Posted on October 07, 2022

Unpredictable temps mean dressing for fall is trickier than ever. Luckily, today’s best clothes are versatile, easy to throw on (and off), and great looking. In a fashion feature for the upcoming November issue of Men’s Health, BROS’ breakout rom-com star Luke Macfarlane shows us how to layer fall’s best wardrobe additions and opens up about his breakout rom-com role in Bros, his personal style, and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t an actor.





Of the film, which  features a mostly LGBTQ+ cast and is the first gay romantic comedy made by a major studio: “[Universal Pictures] is sticking its neck out. It wasn’t that long ago that a lot of the stuff we get up to in the movie was against the law in many states.”

On whether working on an R-rated rom-com was different than his starring roles in Hallmark Movie Channel flicks:  “The kisses are a little bit longer, but it’s the same idea: Two people that we wanna see together get together. R-rated just means you gotta do a few extra pushups before the scene.”

On his audition for the role:  “That audition was right out of a movie. I stepped into a tiny room, and it was filled with all of the most powerful people that make big decisions in Hollywood, including Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller, and Billy Eichner, who also wrote the screenplay. I connected with Billy pretty quickly. I find him really fun.”

On how he’d describe his character, Aaron: “I think Aaron, in a lot of ways, is probably somebody that carefully follows some of the style suggestions from Men’s Health. He cares about his appearance, he cares about his nutrition, and working out. But I think the more we get to know Aaron, the more we reveal there’s this whole other side of him that he’s been afraid to show to the world. I feel like as Luke, I can say that it’s through his vulnerabilities that he’s finally able to express himself, which makes him a really interesting guy. That was a fun journey to go on as an actor.”

On the parts of Aaron’s journey he related to most, and the parts that were different: “Sadly I’m not a chocolatier. I don’t know a lot about chocolate making, so that was new to me. I am a hockey fan though, and it was a thing that Aaron was into hockey. So that part came before I got the role. My interest in Garth Brooks was something that was added to the script. I think Billy found that so incredibly amusing that I think Garth Brooks is the greatest. I just think he is amazing, and Billy was like, ‘Garth Brooks?!’ Billy is always talking about Mariah Carey. She’s somebody who’s very important to him, and he was surprised I didn’t know much about Mariah Carey, but that I knew so much about Garth Brooks.”



[Photo Credit: Aaron Richter for Men’s Health Magazine]

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