Venice Film Festival 2022: Tilda Swinton at THE ETERNAL DAUGHTER Photo Call and Premiere

Posted on September 07, 2022

Pope Tilda has returned to our pages and this time, the Pontiff is sporting lemon-yellow hair highlights, although we might have to admit resisting the urge to roll our eyes just this one time.




Look, our love for Her Holiness is still unabated and she remains one of our favorite red carpet presences, but we feel compelled to note that she said at the press conference accompanying this photo call, “It’s my honor to wear half of the Ukrainian flag.” Okay. Look, we have not the slightest objection to any star on a red carpet or other public event showing support to a group of people or country during an ongoing conflict or crisis, but “I’m wearing half of their flag” is a really weird way to go about it. Given that there’s just about nothing in either of these looks that truly evoke the Ukrainian flag – not even the shades of blue and yellow – we are having just a little trouble believing her on this one. It would be like someone wearing a baby blue and pink outfit and claiming they were wearing “half the American flag.” Actually, in this case, it would be like wearing baby blue and pink and then have the entire lower half be some other much more dominant color that has nothing to do with the symbol you claim to be wearing. Part of what makes the Ukrainian flag stand out among so many other nation’s flags is the lack of red or white, after all. We realize that flag pins or ribbons on the red carpet might seem like cliches at this point, but symbols are really effective precisely because everyone accepts and understands them instantly. You don’t need to point to them and explain them.

Having said all that, we actually love the yellow highlights and we mostly love this super-cazh look, although we can’t say we love the idea of shiny pumps with slouchy track pants. Slap on a pair of trendy Birkenstocks and call it a day, if comfort is your guiding style principle. Fortunately, we can return to bowing down for her red carpet look.




Flawless. No notes. The Pontiff remains the Pontiff, right down to her stunning Papal rings.



Style Credits:
First Look: Loewe Ensemble
Second Look: Custom Haider Ackermann Sequin Long-sleeve Gown


[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/IPA/ Images, DDP/ Images, Aurore Marechal/ABACA/ Images, KIKA Press/Cover Images]

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